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Wants Closer Contact

with Chris Brown

2/11/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna wants Chris Brown to be able to get close to her again without risking getting thrown in jail -- a major shift in their relationship two years after Brown's conviction for beating her. 

E! first reported Rihanna was interested in changing the restraining order. Her attorney, Donald Etra, tells TMZ, "Rihanna does not object" to reducing the order to a "do not annoy" -- meaning the exes could have contact as long as Chris doesn't harass or molest Rihanna.

Chris initially asked for the reduction ... but the court needed to know how Rihanna felt before ruling.

The order has not been changed yet -- so there won't be a Grammy night reunion this weekend -- but Rihanna's change of heart hints there could be one in the near future.

So we gotta ask ...



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Zoe your a racist ****rag! Go **** yourself mmmmkkkkk???

1350 days ago


Zoe are you one of those left over nasty ghetto rats from way back when all this started, bad mouthing Rhianna and saying how it was all her fault just because you want up on Chris's ****? Dumbass he will abuse your vd card carrying ass just as fast as he did her! He dont care if your black or white!

1350 days ago

spelled cyndi with one eye    

guaranteed they'll be back together. and because she will say/insist, "he has changed", she'll end up with a bullet to her head.
woman can be so stupid.
she made her bed, let her lie dead in it then.

1350 days ago


Yea, we all remember seeing her picture of her face bruised up but does anybody ever remember seeing his mugshot? I know I didn't see it. I don't condone hitting a woman and never have put my hands on one, but as a woman... if you are man enough to hit a man then you are man enough to get hit back. Who knows what she did to him. She even stopped short of admitting on the interview that she provoked it some kind of way.

1350 days ago


im sorry but if these two want to see each other and still love each other let them be! and leave them both alone!!!!!!! i can so tell they still care for each other and im sure chris learned his lesson and wont lay hands on her again

1350 days ago


I never seen a bunch of unhappy ppl in my time. God the only one can judge, an if ur a child of God u want.Let me tell u one thing if u trust ur mate,and sincere about it,U can have a healthy relationship.He deserve a chance u idiots,

1350 days ago


I can't believe that after 2 years, people on here are still holding grudges on Chris. It really makes me mad and sad that people are so judgmental when THIS INCIDENT WAS NONE OF Y'ALL OR ANYONE'S BUSINESS! Don't y'all have better things to do then worry bout someone's personal lives? Shame on TMZ, the rest of the media, and y'all for making an embarrassing incident even worse. This story should have not gotten out and it's not right to call Chris a woman beater when he never hit a women before this incident and hasn't ever since! If you guys were educated and unbiased you would know that woman beaters continue to get into trouble with the law and continue to beat women. He hasn’t gotten drunk, done drugs, or gotten arrested prior or after the incident. I really don’t understand you guys. Why worry about something that’s done and over with. Who are y’all, but poor fools who continue to bash someone on the internet. How would you like it if you got judged by millions of people because of the mistakes you made and fired from your jobs because of what you did in your personal life? Rihanna’s over it, her family’s over it, why are y’all, who don’t know her, still on it? I refuse to judge someone based on a private incident because that’s none of my business and I have other things to worry about.

BTW, why feel sorry for Rihanna when you don't know what she did in the car or in the relationship to him. Of course because she's a female, people will think she's innocent. Plus, she used this pitful story to sell her Rated R albums which is very sick and shameful. You have real "domestic abuse victims" but declined to be the spokesperson for domestic abuse?

1350 days ago


i think everyone needs to shut the **** up and leave them alone damn this **** happen 2 years ago they going on with there life and ya acting crazy

1350 days ago


She must truly be a battered woman - they typically return to their abusers repeatedly until they wise up, the guy goes to jail, or she dies. Super sad. He'll just kick the crap out of her again.

1350 days ago


she is just one of thoes girls that love a man that beats them. i kicked alot of girls asses and 90% of them always come back. then when they find out about each other they fight over me. its great

1350 days ago


ok everybody is making all these lame comments about Chris Brown and Rihanna,but did you all forget about white Charlie Sheen went to jail for beating a former girlfriend but his show is ranked #1. So before you talk about them look in your own race first.

1350 days ago


didnt nobody go this far with whitney and bobby or ike and tina and they made a movie im sure rhinna has seen madea burn his ass wit some hot grits if he does it again everybody makes mistakes and you cant help who you love so hop off they d*ck and let them be if they wanna be together let them if you were in her situation you would have been back the same damn day.....

1350 days ago


How does having a restraining order lifted equal you want to be back together with him? Where are the dummy bloggers connecting those dots.
They both have lost a ish load of money over the incident and now maybe she wants to move on. She forgave him and doesnt want to punish him for the rest of his life and that makes her a bad person some how?
America and its bigotry so Charlie Sheen who acts a damn fool all the time for over 15 years gets a pass still gets to work while Cb has to suffer forever? I dont condone what chris did but I do believe he served his time and payed for it now lets move on.

1349 days ago


no she dumb is hell because aint no way and hell ima lift the oder for him he should of thought of that before he beat her ass.. but she must like getting her beat she keep contact with him... she so smart she dumb as hell all that damn money she makes and she chaseing a boy whos not yet a man... better yet shes a kid her self her parents should be ashame black woman dont let there man beat on them anymore we do the BEATING DUUHHHHH.. RIHANNA YOUR THE DUMBEST RICHEST B**** I KNOW LET HIM LEARN HIS LESSON OR WAS THAT ALL FOR SHOW

1349 days ago


I'm thinking, Chris asked for a lift of the order so he will be able to attend events that Rihanna will be attending also without being in violation of the restraining order. The awards are coming up and the summer events. He can only be so many yards and feet of her. If they are both back stage or on the red carpet (per shows) during photo shoot he will be in violation.

1349 days ago
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