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'Teen Mom' Gary -- The King ... of Indiana

2/11/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William and Kate Middleton ... and Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood from "Teen Mom" -- both are royal couples. Just slightly different sized kingdoms ... and waistlines.

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Hey Harvey! Lighten up!That lard bucket is not representative of folks born in Indiana. How about John Mellencamp, David Letterman,Michael Epps, Greg Kinnear, Michael Jackson, Shelley Long, Kurt Vonnegut, Florence Henderson, Steve McQueen, Jim Davis, Colonel Harland Sanders, Wilbur Wright, Viveca A. Fox, Adam Lambert, Carole Lombard, James Rebhorn and many, many more! Come do a show from Indy and then and only then talk about it.

1316 days ago


Sorry Indianana, but you get to keep these two.

1316 days ago

Str8 Up Sk8 Shop    

This turd is in NO way a "king". Being from Indiana,plus I us to live in Anderson.I can 100% guarantee there are "better looking" and "better" men in Indiana,and in Anderson. These "celebs" are in NO way a represintation of the good people of this state. They shouldn't even be ON television,unless they cure cancer!! We watch TMZ every night,great show!!

1316 days ago


I'm from Indiana and am not proud of these people, Rick Fox went to my High School so he is alot better then these losers.

1316 days ago


YES! He is a big fat slob! Nasty! And Amber, she is as crazy as they come. She needs to be locked up for hitting him.....and her baby, I feel sorry for her.

1316 days ago


Why do they keep on seeing that fat balding slob. The fact that something that disgusting can get a woman pregnant shows how worthless both of these people are.

1316 days ago


Anderson isn't as bad as they made it sound. It is no luxury but Amber and Gary have been a disgrace to Anderson.

1316 days ago

Click & train--don't beat dogs into submission    

That guy has a pointed head. I've never seen one before--ya think she damaged his head when she beat him?

1316 days ago


OMG!!How could anyone ever compare this white trash, mentally ill couple to Prince Willaim and Kate. Stop reporting everytime these 2 FART (as I sure they do shamelessly along with many other disgusting things) and MAYBE JUST MAYBE they will get some help. If u are going to follow Teen Mom's what not show the good things others are doing?? Or is that NEWS??? They need the child taken away and give to stangers with VERY VERY little contact to give her a chance at life.

1316 days ago


Some good observations about his slanted forehead and his pointed head...very funny.

He always looks like he JUST rolled out of bed, sloppily dressed with a bloated face and swollen eyes...gross!

1316 days ago


I am an old man, but I am glad I lived long enough to see that America has the time to follow these two cartoon characters around and watch their pathetic life unfold before our very eyes. It's not actually "unfolding," it is well scripted and designed to shock. These people are well paid to do this. Could it be, that in order to feel better about your own pathetic life you need to watch these characters who, no doubt, behave worse than most people you know? Or do they reflect the values and behavior of youth today? Is this considered "Normal" by today's standards?

1316 days ago


who CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1316 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ #8.Both of them are GROSS.

1316 days ago


Please, before making a blanket statement, (Mandi), take a look at the trash in your own back yard. Speaking as a resident of Anderson, Indiana, I can assure you that having these two on the front of every sleazy magazine and tabloid, is not one of our prouder moments. To call them the King and Queen is far from the truth. They are the laughing stock of the town and not representative of the mojority of the residents of Anderson, IN. The sad truth is that they have a little girl that will have to deal with her parents ignorance for the rest of her life.

1316 days ago


In the second picture of those two holding hands, is that a price tag hanging out of the left sleeve of Amber's jacket? LOL!! Probably planning on taking it back to the store for a refund, since she "doesn't make that much"!!! LOL!

1316 days ago
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