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Groupon Pulls Controversial Super Bowl Ad

2/11/2011 10:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The website has decided to pull its series of Super Bowl ads that promote their site ... while making light of serious world issues.

Groupon says, "We hate that we offended people, and we’re very sorry that we did ... We thought we were poking fun at ourselves, but clearly the execution was off and the joke didn’t come through."



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I think Groupon proved something it wasn't trying to prove: not that what is happening in Tibet isn't serious, but that some people take it too seriously.

1317 days ago


It was a lame commercial:(

1317 days ago


I have a twisted sense of humor, but genocide lies just outside of it. If they had backed this up with some kind of campaign, have at it. But the fact that their demographic is people who want to save money - ergo people who will buy China-made goods and support the genocide instead of voting with their dollar and buying from ethical companies - TOTAL EPIC FAIL.

1317 days ago


For the people who think the Chinese are way too sensitive.

How about changing the setting to NY and "even without the twin towers, you can still get great savings with Groupon!"

1317 days ago


anony - is there really such a thing as taking genocide too seriously?

1317 days ago


I understand the whole Tibetan issue... just don't see their joke anywhere in the commercial. Went waaaaaay over my head and I don't consider myself stupid. I guess I just don't get the "joke" in general. Maybe if they had people in the background being choked or drug off in gunny sacks... It would be in bad taste, but at least there would be some iota of humor involved. This is just boring and stupid.

1317 days ago


The commercial was not only not funny, it was utterly unconscionable. And since this is a political issue, maybe some of you reading this should turn on the TV to see what happened in Cairo today...This is IMPORTANT but totally OT: Hosni Mubarak is GONE and Egypt is FREE, their future back in the hands of the Egyptian people, after almost 3 weeks of peaceful but insistent protests. Seriously, get on a news site or (better), turn on the TV and witness history because it's a joy to share their triumph. [Hollywood can wait; sorry, Harvey.] Mubarak and his family have fled Cairo for Sharm el-Sheikh after he turned over power to the military (which in this case-in case you haven't been following things-is a GOOD thing). This story is SO much more uplifting and important than ANYTHING said about anybody or any business in Hollywood. No offense, Harvey; actually, I'm sure you agree.

1317 days ago

im 2 sexy for this post    

oh friggin brother! its not even a big deal. and this isn't even the whole commercial. see here>><<... people seriously need to pun on their big girl panties and stop being such panzy little babies. geezus!

1317 days ago


I never saw the Tibet one, but I saw one the other day with Elizabeth Hurley talking about rain forest devastation that turned into a Groupon commercial about getting your pubes waxed. I wouldn't say I was offended, I just thought, "Wtf?? Um, okay, that was tacky."

1317 days ago


bring on more groupon ads
they rock!!!!

1317 days ago

Bob Dole    

I'm going with lack of a sense of humor.

The funny thing here is that we're so narrow minded. We live in a capitalistic society and while the human rights issues in China/Tibet (there hasn't been genocide for over 50 years) are not something to laugh about, the fact of the matter is that we bring these issues to the forefront then sit back and eat fish curry talking about how good life is all while doing nothing. We're effin' hypocrites! So unless you're directly affected or out there actively trying to do something about the situation, I don't you get the option to be offended.

1317 days ago


I don't even get it; and get the whole Tibet issue.

1317 days ago


I didn't get it at first...the punchline was too subtle. So, I think, by that alone, they knew it would be offensive. Therefore, it was their intent. At any rate, I think Groupon's concept is stupid. You have to give up too much information to become part of this coupon network. So, it's not worth the effort. I'm tired of these lame-a** business models. Now they have a stupid commercial with a washed-up actor to promote their crappy company. Seems like a perfect fit.

1317 days ago


thoughtless and insensitive.

1317 days ago

Tony C    

Your kidding right? Italians have to deal with the cast of Jersey shore. lighten up it is only a commercial

1317 days ago
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