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Neutering is Nuts

2/11/2011 8:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's bulldog Spartacus still has his kibbles and bits -- because lucky for him ... his owner does not want to be responsible for the coldest cut of all.  Apologies to Bob Barker.

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Oh, well, look at his wife's rack. He obviously has all sorts of values. NOT.

1358 days ago


He must not care about his dog very much. Dogs that are not neutered have a significantly greater risk of getting cancer.

1358 days ago


can we neuter ice t?

1358 days ago


No spaying/neutering is responsible, You and your gross wife are nuts.

1358 days ago


Guess he wants to contribute to the overpopulation of unwanted pets--so sad. He should visit an animal shelter; maybe he would change his mind.

1358 days ago


Ice Tea (snicker) is an idiot. That isn't news.

1358 days ago


its HIS dog and he can do whatever he wants..if his dog stays home and doesnt run around all night, how is this leading to unwanted pups?? back in the day my parents didnt do that, or anyone else for that matter,,it was considered butchery..

1358 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

yep - it is kinda barbaric but this guy is a s***bag. He, is nasty-ass wife, and any other members of the "Tea" family think about not reproducing further!

1358 days ago


...because everybody loves a dog that humps everything in sight.

1358 days ago


This man used to be on the coolest rap stars around. Now he's some boojie fool who plays the hostile black man on a very racist TV show.

1358 days ago

Hey Now    

oh yeah because NOBODY watches Law & Order SVU - whatever

That's 1 of the best shows on TV.

& I think Ice and Coco have been married almost 10 years. People on TMZ always have something nasty to say. I'm sure you all don't look any better than either one of them.

1358 days ago


More dog bites are from unneutered male dogs than from female and neutered males put together. The testosterone causes aggression. Dogs do not derive any pleasure from mating it is instinct. I think Mr. Ice-T is living vicariously through his dogs testicles - perhaps they are larger than Mr Ice-T's set. He is irresponsible. Shame TMZ that you would say the dog is "lucky", tell him that when he is euthanized because of biting or because he developed testicular cancer. There is no guarantee his dog will never get out. All dogs should be fixed until we don't have to euthanize in shelters because of space.

1358 days ago

Leigh Ann    

Another reason to HATE THIS GUY! He has NO moral compass, common sense, or sense of responsibility. Wish someone would euthanize him. Rid him from the human gene pool.

1358 days ago


oh really, get this: forget what all us d--asses say. Check with all reputable veterinarians, behaviorists, and emergency room docs. Dogs who are not fixed fight with each other more, and are responsible for the vat majority of dog bites humans get. Ice T or the man in the moon can leave balls on their dogs, sure. But WE all lives with the consequences. Our insurance goes up when more people need ER care for dog bites, homeowner insurance goes up when Mr. ice makes a claim because the Alhambra water delivery guy or florist or UPS dude gets bit at his door, or out car insurance goes up when his dog slips out and causes a car accident as it roams. These are facts. It's a basic statistical fact. Just like smoking. John Boehner has a "right" to smoke, but since he also has a right to get treated for the lung cancer he will get, he is not an island. We all pay for each others' idiotic choices. Or the dude who won't wear a helmet on his bike...we pay for his TBI care. So get with it and ditch the unneeded tea bags, Ice T.

1358 days ago


They're such freaks. I love them.

1358 days ago
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