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Kelsey Grammer and Kayte At City Hall For Wedding!

2/11/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh just left City Hall in New York City for a wedding, but it wasn't theirs ... TMZ has learned.

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh
Kelsey's daughter, 27-year-old Spencer (who stars in the ABC Family show "Greek"), got married to James Hesketh in a City Hall ceremony.

The photo shows Kelsey and Kayte, along with Kelsey's son Jude, at a counter at City Hall, but we're told they were not applying for a marriage license.

As TMZ first reported, Kelsey's divorce from Camille was finalized Thursday  ... freeing him up to marry Kayte Walsh.

Sources tell us Kelsey and Kayte hope to tie the knot before the end of the month.

Earlier in the day, Kelsey was out and about and even hit up a jewelry shop.




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Something is up with Kelsey. Anytime these relationships are made public like this, there is something going on. He looks ridiculous.

1359 days ago


she just wants your money why would you leave a great woman like camille? kayte you arent gonna have a good ending because you broke up a happy home. its in the bible that you dont date married men. both of you all are just horrible.

1359 days ago


That is his daughter Greer, not Spencer.

1359 days ago


not that it makes any difference, but I think that is Greer Grammer and not Spencer in the video.

1359 days ago


That is NOT Spencer Grammer in the video of the jewelry store. That would be his OTHER daughter, Greer. These people need to get their facts straight!

1359 days ago


She'll get old and wrinkley and plastic, like all his other wives, and he will dump her too, if he doesn't die first...Should make for an interesting race!

1359 days ago


Old rich men just don't learn do they? If they are that stupid then I say it deserves them right. I just hope when they do get hitched this crazy old man has a prenup in place.

1359 days ago

Joe Camel    

Kelsey was afraid to smoke in his own house due to the explosion hazard.


1359 days ago


kates no fool she's gone from air hostess to wife/millionaire and is set for life. Hollywood parties meeting stars much better than the crap life in Britain. She landed on her feet and its well worth keeping her eyes shut for 5 minutes each night while Side Show Bob whispers his sweet nothings..... the smile says it all.

1359 days ago


Can't wait till she gets old and he divorces her for a younger chick.

1359 days ago


All kaye has to do is grin and bare it with this perve for a couple of years and she gets millions.
why is he so so despret to marry. he just lost 50 mil.
His career is all but over. He well never make the kind of money hewas making befor.He could keep kaye as a girlfriend for a few mil l enaste of marrying and paying out muti millions.
The public has turned on him. Hes just weird now.

1358 days ago


He cant even give his kid a nice wedding. why is he soo hatt ot make a kid with kayte when he palys littel to no attion to his other kids.
Hersmile is like haha Im plying this old fool like fidel.
He alllways has the same fake smile on his face. he is so FAKE.
I bet he is wearign he r pantys right now.

1358 days ago

KB Cate    

Surprised in all the Camille/Kayte gossip that no one has pointed out how similiar they look. Blonde hair, brown eyes, etc.

1358 days ago


I don't know why women always have to messed around with marry man. Do you know your marraige is not reconigzied in god eyes. kayte what makes you think he going to be faithful to you.
cammille your beautiful women, don't need that trash in your life. Have fun spending his money.

1349 days ago
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