Justin Bieber T-Shirts -- Too Gangsta For School

2/12/2011 4:00 PM PST

Justin Bieber T-Shirts -- Too Gangsta For School

Move over Crips and Bloods -- Justin Bieber is so bad-ass, he can get Yonkers high school girls suspended for wearing a J.B. t-shirt, because school officials say it has "gang" written all over it.

Four teenage girls at Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, NY tell TMZ they attended a premiere for Justin Bieber's movie on Tuesday ... then wore their homemade t-shirts, emblazoned with "Bieber Krew," to school the next day (see above).

The girls say school security ordered them to remove the shirts or cover them up because they were "gang-related." The students say they were also threatened with suspension.

The principal then called a meeting with the girls, their parents and the security guards. One of the parents tells TMZ the principal told them the t-shirts were "inappropriate for school because they were gang-related" and the girls would be suspended if they wore them again.

One parent tells us, "It's ridiculous. They're good kids who love Justin Bieber."

A rep for the school tells TMZ, "Students at Roosevelt High School were not banned from wearing shirts displaying the image of Justin Bieber, nor were they accused of being in a gang."

Someone's fibbing.