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Justin Bieber T-Shirts -- Too Gangsta For School

2/12/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Crips and Bloods -- Justin Bieber is so bad-ass, he can get Yonkers high school girls suspended for wearing a J.B. t-shirt, because school officials say it has "gang" written all over it.

Four teenage girls at Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, NY tell TMZ they attended a premiere for Justin Bieber's movie on Tuesday ... then wore their homemade t-shirts, emblazoned with "Bieber Krew," to school the next day (see above).

The girls say school security ordered them to remove the shirts or cover them up because they were "gang-related." The students say they were also threatened with suspension.

The principal then called a meeting with the girls, their parents and the security guards. One of the parents tells TMZ the principal told them the t-shirts were "inappropriate for school because they were gang-related" and the girls would be suspended if they wore them again.

One parent tells us, "It's ridiculous. They're good kids who love Justin Bieber."

A rep for the school tells TMZ, "Students at Roosevelt High School were not banned from wearing shirts displaying the image of Justin Bieber, nor were they accused of being in a gang."

Someone's fibbing.


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They shouldn't discriminate against gay kids.

1348 days ago


Coincidence that Bieber dedicated his movie to Howard Stern on Twitter, and these girls went to Howard's high school? hmmmm

1348 days ago


"Someone's fibbing."

The two stories don't conflict, logically.

Funny ending, TMZ, but incorrect, since both the parents seem to be telling the truth. Here's how.

1. The school can ban students from wearing t-shirts with "gangsta" stuff on it. The girls wore shirts in this category.

2. Whether these girls are in a gang, or not, is irrelevant to that policy. This prevents the real gang members from wearing their gang paraphernalia...the school can't make exceptions for Beiber.

3. Regardless, if the girls violate this school policy again after this warning, then they would likely be suspended.

So the two stories don't conflict, and thus no one is fibbing, based on your reporting. I said...funny ending but technically incorrect, TMZ.

1348 days ago


Hey #4 the school that Howard Stern went to was Roosevelt High school on Long Island, Not the one in Yonkers..Sorry!!

1348 days ago


These Bieberettes kinda look like Snooki and Jwoww...except cute.

1348 days ago


If the girls story is right, the principal must hate Bieber like most people and had a problem with it. If there's no record of the girls getting in trouble, this story shouldn't be up.

1348 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Yonkers is where all the hillbilly New Yorkers live.

1348 days ago


Schools do this BS all the time. I wore a marilyn manson shirt to school (back in the 90's when I was still in school) and he was topless on the shirt, but not naked. My school then asked me to turn the shirt inside out because the school does not condone "female nudity". Another time someone told the school cop I had drugs on me. They searched me, having me remove my bra, shoes, and socks in the principals office. My mom then had a meeting with the Principal who told us she didn't "care if we sacrificed cats at home or did drugs together" she just didn't want me to bring those drugs to school.
1) It was a guy on my shirt
2) Id never hurt a cat and my mom is a big cat-lady who also would never hurt a cat
and 3) Id NEVER do drugs with my mom.

And further more, what made her think I would even sacrifice a cat? Is that what people who do drugs do cause Im pretty sure most potheads are animal friendly and are in groups like Peta and the Humane Society. just sayin'.

1348 days ago


I used to work with Yonkers Public Schools in New York, and they have some pretty ****ing stupid employees.

Just sayin'.

1348 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

All this jive about t-shirts is really way too much. Schools should be education and kids should be learning. The girls seem to be into Justin doing an Elvis cultural mash-up and so what, let 'em be.

1348 days ago


They should be lucky not to be smacked in the heads for liking that fruit.

1348 days ago


it's school.

they're students.

they have to wear or not wear whatever the school tells them to.

1348 days ago


I can almost see how the school officials could be dumb enough to think its gang related beings as they scrawled on the shirt "Bieber Krew" but honestly for anyone to think that has anything to do with being gang related they hopefully are not reproducing since they are on the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to intelligence.

as for poster #5, with your logic you also can't wear any t-shirts that advertise any other band or tv show/movie, or well anything for that matter since your lumping a just bieber fan shirt in with gang related materials. I feel with your lack of thinking all together it would be best for society if you also didn't have any children as they would be doomed to be dumber than a bag of bricks.

1348 days ago


"Krew" is gang-speak, in no way should this become mainstream & okayed by the culture-at-large - I side with the school authorities on this one.

1348 days ago



1348 days ago
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