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Charlie's Porn Pal Kacey Jordan Sends Text -- 'I'm Pregnant!"

2/13/2011 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen got one of those text messages from his porn star friend Kacey Jordan ... saying she's pregnant -- luckily for Charlie the message also said she doesn't think it's his.

Kacey Jordan texts she is pregnant to Charlie Sheen
TMZ obtained the text message Kacey sent Charlie yesterday afternoon (see above). After dropping the bomb -- which must've floored Charlie -- Kacey continued, "I don't believe it's yours, but I'm going to Oregon to take care of the situation."

As for why Kacey thinks Charlie is in the clear ... he used protection, but Kacey says both of them were so out of it she's not sure if it did the trick.

According to our sources, Kacey plans to terminate the pregnancy in the next few days.

We're told Kacey never heard back from Charlie. He probably hasn't picked up his jaw off the ground yet. 


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Charlie don't use Mel's attorney. Bad news.

1354 days ago


So unfair that a coked up porn star can get pregnant just like that but married, decent couples struggle for years to conceive. Unbelievable.

1354 days ago


I don't normally agree with abortion but in this case, she should get one. She's a drug abuser and a porn star. No child needs to be brought up by someone like this and will probably have serious health issues as well.

1354 days ago


damn she's ugly

1354 days ago


It's pretty pathetic when the sperm and the egg are probably mutated just like it's bestower and receiver.

1354 days ago


I say the ONLY good thing that could come out of "hooking up" w/ that train wreck of a man is a very nice payoff or child support check. Kacey, honey, if you're already doin' things for $$$ that many judge as wrong, think real hard about hitting that jackpot before u take that trip to Oregon!!!

1354 days ago


So, is TMZ paying for the abortion?

1353 days ago


If Charlie Sheen wasn't Martin Sheen's son and just some regular slob he'd be a washed up porno guy living in the valley. That being said he is a constant source of entertainment and if he wants to self destruct that's up to him just as long as he doesn't hurt anyone but himself in the process. Follow me on twitter at Sluticus

1353 days ago


I love Charlie Sheen. I'd be just like him with all the money and fame. Booze,coke and porn chicks. Hella yeah!

1353 days ago


I love how she says "i never wanted any of this attention" but she clearly does because she keeps making up storys to get in the press again, and once each story blows over she comes up with another one. She probably never even had sex with Charlie Sheen.
Get a life hooker and stop begging for attention.

1351 days ago


One word do I have for this...OOPS.

1350 days ago


Going to "take care of it"....they make me sick. They're all selfish, sick and perverted. I expect this kind of behavior from a whore like this. I used to watch Two & a Half Men but never again. People are tired of him and all these low life
women. Denise Richards was lucky to get out when she did but I feel sorry for his children.


1349 days ago


i think its high time u gave your life to jesus christ coz his the way to a better future dont abort coz yo dealing wit a human God has bleessed u wit a child pleasethink abt it

1347 days ago


Let me tell you about porn stars because I was one. I got in it for the money and fame of course. I was told I would be kept "safe" by pornographers. I was young, dumb and an alcoholic and drug addict just like Kacey Jordan. I was lied to the ENTIRE time I was in porn in 93 and 94. I was forced to do hardcore sex acts where I was slapped, hit, called names like “toilet ****” and “filthy whore” and I was forced into repulsive and illegal sex acts I never agreed to. Most of the films in porn are filmed in PRIVATE mansions on a mostly male set with very young women. What’s a 19 year old woman going to do? Call her agent and say no? In front of a group of naked men stroking themselves? No, she’s scared out of her mind and she’s going to do the scene. Read the very stories of porn stars right here to learn what REALLY goes on in porn: and
Please stop contributing to the destruction and deaths of human lives in the porn industry and help us get the truth out. Thank you so much for caring.

1327 days ago


And how does she plan to deal with her conscious later on--she killed her own child? I guess she will want to sign up for social security when she goes bonkers? Where was mer brain when she was banging someone? On vacation?

1070 days ago
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