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Charlie Sheen -- Negative on Drug Tests

2/14/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been clean since he went off the rails two weeks ago in his 36-hour romp with porn stars -- and he has the drug test results to prove it.

Sources directly connected to Sheen tell us Charlie has passed two drug tests since he began his in-home rehab -- one taken this morning and the other last week.

Charlie has a team of addiction specialists working with him at his home, some of whom he has known for 20 years.  The lead specialist is nationally known and someone both Warner Bros. and CBS signed off on.

The two drugs test results are being forwarded on to Warner Bros., which is monitoring Charlie's progress to determine when "Two and a Half Men" can go back into production.

Sources say Charlie "feels great," is actually enjoying his newly-found and hopefully not temporary sobriety and is "itching to get back to work as soon as possible."


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Keiths Wife    

TRUST ME and please read this. I have been involved in the arrest of hundreds of meth addicts and I have one thing to say to law enforcement. From the cop up the line to the Judge, you have let this man down by letting him get by with his use of drugs. I find it hard to believe that you have failed to do your job because either of the money that exchanged hands in the process or whatecver means "his" people were able to influence the judicial process. Shame on you!

1348 days ago


Be well Oh Captain, My Captain.

1348 days ago


Good for you Charlie! Keep up the good work.

1348 days ago

deuceswild 76    


1348 days ago


drug tests proved it?? ....yeah right ..... easy to spin that for what it's worth.... how much does it cost in Hollywood today to guarantee a clean test? not fooling us.

1348 days ago

Made it Past 27    

no respect for perverts

1348 days ago


Charlie's dad, Martin, was raised Cathlic. He has 8 brothers and one sister.

That's a lot of Uncle's and Aunt's for Charlie (not even including his mom's side).

Charlie's multitude of cousins must be extremely worried and embarrassed (especially those who have remained close to their Catholic Faith....or returned to their Faith as they matured).

Charlie has five kids, two brothers, a sister, nieces/nephews.

He seems to have developed a life philosophy that wrongly dictates he's so special that he can live a self-absorbed and self-centered life.

Some people learn about life the hard way...........and, some don't learn it until it's too late....

(i.e., The unfortunate "Oh ****!" moment.....)

1348 days ago


Sure he's Clean for Drugs on his 2 tests. Anybody can buy that "Drug Cleaner" over the counter at many stores. He probably has a whole case of it - Cleaner that is.

1348 days ago


As if the piss test is the most difficult test to pass. Thank you for the addiction specialists for peeing for freedom.

1348 days ago


Reality check! No addict feels great after a few weeks of sobriety and if they say they are they are either A. lying ( like all addicts do)B. or using, yeah I bet he just feels F.I.N.E. ****ed up, insecure, neurotic, emotional. he should be cleaning toilets and in group therapy like all the other slobs. I promise you he will never stay clean otherwise, Top five in celebrity death poll

1348 days ago


LOL...They probably tell Charlie he's going to be tested at 5PM on a Wednesday and he gets someone else to piss for him and pass it off as his own.

The man is doing rehab in HIS OWN HOME and the specialists who are there with him have known him for a long time so what does that tell you.

He can do whatever he wants to and they won't question him or rat him out. Charlie ain't clean by a long shot. That's what they want us to believe.

1348 days ago


Mr. Sheen, you are very famous, have money, family and yet you are still trying to kill yourself. Have you ever thought of how many people would like to have just 1/4 of what you have? Just to get by everyday? You should just make up a will and give your kids and whoever all of your assests and then snort, inject and do whatever you want with your wasted and damaged body. Don't prolong your life anymore. Just overdose and overdose and overdose until your measly life is gone. Leave that as a legacy to your children so they can follow in your footsteps. How embarassing to have a father like you. I would rather not have had a father than have one like you. Star or not. Your no different than any other junkie out in the street, except you don't have to steal for your drugs. Your still a sleazebag. And a s***
I wouldn't recommend you to any girl. Go die somewhere where you don't get any publicity.

1347 days ago


Dear Charlie

I wanted to let you know before TMZ found out that I'm pregnant, I don't rember if it was yours or not but don't worry about a thing, I'm going to have it and then deposit it at your house in on about 9 months ( so stay clean!) so you can have it tested and I can go on vacation.

wish you well

1347 days ago


You can still make the porn family happen Charlie! We all have dreams!

1347 days ago


Could Charlie play a role as Bob Hope?

1347 days ago
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