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Mark Zuckerberg -- How the Rich Get Richer

2/13/2011 9:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg celebrated his company's move to brand new $230 million offices by ... chomping down on $6 tacos and a veggie soup while sitting on a floor at Facebook on Friday.

See, everybody likes an almost free lunch.


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Just because youre rich does not mean you have to eat caviar and crackers with white wine all the time, hes a normal guy.

1313 days ago


For $6 you could buy a monster chipotle burrito... that's what you guys consider almost free? Just know you dont speak for the rest of us.

1313 days ago


who cares if MARK ZUCKERBURG wants to eat a ****ing 6 dollar taco on the floor of HIS 230 MILLION DOLLAR company. hes worth 1.9 billion dollars he can what he ****ing wants to!!! Just keep giving money to public schools.

1313 days ago


Did it slip any of your reporters eyes that the awnings say "WINKEL BROTHERS" Tacos?

I have posted before on your sie when I have time. I have been a Realtor for 26 years on the Westside and we Realtors have all of the "dirt", although we should be considered celebrities best friends in the disclosure department. Two examples: You posted two years ago that Ava Mendez was being chased going to a friends home in the Hollywood Hills, that was a fact that I did correct you on. It was the home she just purchased. My neice and Nikko Mendez, her nephew dated while in private high school and he even attended her wedding. In addition, I kept bringing it to your attention that Prince Von A Hole cruises Vaseline Alley behind the Gold Coast Bar in West Hollywood. The owners of that bar are also my clients. I had an offer for a very high end client when Charlie Sheens home on Catalina was listed and his business manager would not take it and my offer for an heir to the BCBG MAX AZRIA was all cash. That home was taken off the market, raised one million dollars and still sits, one year later. You need me on your staff as I know where the skeletens are hidden.

1313 days ago

natasha anne    

I know Mark Zuckerberg is a filthy rich young man but I know of a way to make him disgustingly rich. All he has to do is ask. I swear I'm serious.

1312 days ago


lol.. i knew he had some black in him.. look he has fried chicken wings next to his hinckeys water bottle.. got to respect him..

1311 days ago


I love how TMZ makes a story out of nothing and the viewers getting their underwear all bunched up. It just makes me laugh.
The $6 tacos from the taco roach truck was most likely for a taco plate not just for one taco.

1310 days ago


Chances of Mark Zuckerberg or his people reading his comments is zero, but at least Mark has a job he loves and making money at it too unlike the majority of people who don't even like their job.

1310 days ago


"If he isn't into $ why did he try to rip off so many people with the fb thing? It's all true. They all got settlements. He could have had a lead role in Revenge Of The Nerds. He's such a geek"

I agree he's such a geek, doesn't bother me he's a geek...heck I'd do him.

1310 days ago


Do people actually beleive FB was created by this dork? it already has been proven FB is a CIA created data mining website just like Google, and on top of that, all mainstream media is controlled by government as well, its not that complicated to figure out people.

1308 days ago


You uys are pathetic, whats wrong with a rich guy flaunting his/her money??? does it make you feel better because ur useless and you havent got the capaicty in your brains to make that money!!! u guys are just haters and it p's me of when people like u (not all of u) start with the "he's a real guy because he's simple" whats wrong with buying flash cars, big houses if you have worked hard for it, if you want the same get up of your lazy a** and do something about it instead of taking the easy route and blaming the ones who make a difference!!

1262 days ago


Good for him.
TMZ -- what I _think_ I saw the other day was that NJ cut a Billion from Schools. Soon after Mark Z gave them a Billion. Am I mixing stories or was that the reason no one gives money to schools. Cover that.

1232 days ago
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