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Mira Sorvino's Husband Arrested for Public Intoxication

2/13/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christopher Backus, who is married to Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino, was arrested in San Diego early this morning on a charge of being drunk in public.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops were called to the Hyatt Regency Islandia in San Diego after hotel guests complained of hearing a loud argument between Backus and Sorvino over "poor time management skills."

We're told when cops arrived at the hotel, Backus was walking around with a bat and yelling at guests and security. Law enforcement tells us cops were willing to let Backus cool down in the drunk tank for a few hours, but his behavior was so outlandish, they had no choice but to bust him.

Backus was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of being drunk in public and was booked into San Diego Central Jail at 12:37 AM where he is currently still in custody.


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I wonder why this guy isn't a marriage counselor. He seems to know exactly when to discuss important issues. When he's a drunk as a hobo and can't even remember his own name. Yeah...that's the time to have a logical, thoughtful conversation. What a winner she choose.

1326 days ago


I don't believe the Hotel's provide such items...So doesn't anybody find it odd, that at 4 in the morning he actually has a bat with him?

1326 days ago


looks as if it is using the gals pretty in that pic ---- im gonna look for this chics backdrop just cause of that pretty smile - hot d-mn that dude is disturbingly pretty (also doesn't seem to no how to control its drugs or dope) though surely not in an atrractive way not that i have a problem with pretty dudes but just the same keep its effin' distance by mutual respect ----

1326 days ago

Flavio Demoraes    

when to guys like MIRA and Backus marry boths is a losers, to fix status is not good marriage.

1326 days ago


she was complaining to him about his "time management"......he must be a "minuteman".

1326 days ago

brock lesnar    

i will be dating her by next week. she will be rubbing oil on my back and feeding me grapes.

1326 days ago

Bob Obowey    

Mira Sorvine should've married Eric Lynch, years ago. He would do that to her.
Bye for now!!!!

1326 days ago

Michael Garrett    

Remember Dorothey Stratten!

1326 days ago


if he was black "you people" would be saying," those black people are so violent" but he is white, no racial comments at all. Go figure.

1326 days ago


What a jack a**...she couldn't do better then a drunk, who screams and cruises around with a bat? Really? me I know lots and lots of normal sane guys who don't get fadeded and abuse women.

1326 days ago


You stay classy San Diego

1326 days ago


I think poster #1 should not worry. He sounds like someone who could never find a woman dumb enough to marry him. You're safe lander. Nobody wants you.

1326 days ago


He married a woman 14 years older than him, he has not had anything but bit parts all his career,....and she criticizes his time management skills, no wonder he's out in the parking lot with a bat, he's trying to commit suicide-by -cop

1326 days ago


Look at all of you calling him names, claiming he's a drunk, abusive - all over an incident that you read about on TMZ - no details, not knowing the truth of what really happened, how exaggerated it is etc. Judge away without knowing a thing! These two have been married for almost 7 years, they have 3 children and manage to keep their life private in Hollywood which you know is a huge task so there has to be a lot of good there - but don't take that into consideration, no, just call him a lot of names and claim a divorce will follow. What a bunch of idiots - you are worse than him!

1326 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Will someone (TMZ or TSG) please get this police report? I'd love to see how "poor time management skills" was worth this. Just get a day-planner dude.

1326 days ago
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