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Robert Blake Kicked Out of Memorabilia Show

2/13/2011 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Blake was escorted out of a hotel by security this afternoon after he got into a disagreement with the organizers of an event he was featured at.

Blake was supposed to sign autographs at something called The Hollywood Show at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center over the weekend. Kevin Martin, co-owner of The Hollywood Show, tells us Blake was "being a diva" yesterday and complaining the line at his table was too short. Blake eventually left early.

Martin says Blake then showed up several hours late today and told the organizers of the event to make an announcement saying he would sign autographs for free. Martin says Robert became unruly yet again and was asked to leave. Martin says security escorted him out of the hotel.

But then, according to Martin, Blake began signing autographs for fans in the parking lot, which didn't sit well with the organizers -- so they had security order him off the property.

No one was murdered.

UPDATE: We got our hands on video from inside the show (see above). You can hear Blake apologize to fans for yesterday, mostly to applause, though some were still upset. The video cuts ... and Blake is telling people he's been asked to leave and security is there to escort him out. You can also see Blake trying to sign some autographs in the parking lot, but then he's asked to leave again.


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Ole Mickey Gulbatosi just isn't what he used to be....gettin accused of Murder will do that.

1347 days ago


I was there, Mr. Blake was not escorted out like that, he left on his own and only because the owner of the event was "pissy" because he probably didn't make any money off of him.

1347 days ago


I was at the event. Robert Blake was a Grade A as s. Go to the Hollywood Show's website and read their account of what happened. It's 100% accurate. Robert Blake is a murdering SOB. He really had no business being at the event anyway.

1347 days ago


I was actually there at the show and saw the whole thing. He was fine for about a half hour, but was rude to the promoters, their staff and some of the fans. When he signed my item he rolled his eyes and said can you believe this crap?

Like most of these "stars", he's a prima donna, spoiled rotten, and will die very lonely.

1347 days ago


robert left on saturday not because the line was to short,,,,idiots,,,,,,a fan had a stack of vitellos menus for robert blake to sign,,, he got pissed at that and he was in a different room outside the main hall,,,,by himself,,, he left because of that,,,,he came back sunday because he had all the photos he made up and he rather give them away than throwing them away in the trash,,,,he signed about 4 thousand dollars worth of photos for free before a mob started to get unruly and he came inside to calm them down ,,,,,thats where this film starts,,,,,robert then states,,,, im not going anywhere,,,,,then hotel security kicked him out,,,,,,,i hate the hotel for that,,,,davek

1346 days ago


I've been to the HOLLYWOOD AUTOGRAPH SHOW before (years ago). Most of the stars (would be stars, has been stars, current stars) normally charge about $30 - $40 for an autographed item.

I think the manager of the show WANTS everyone to charge a certain amount. Anyone offering FREE autographs to everyone would probably not be popular with management.

1346 days ago


Poor old RB. I feel bad for him. He's no diva - just frustrated. He wanted to make it right for his blow-up, and he couldn't even do that because of the jackwads from the hotel.

1343 days ago

Mike Newton    

Ray and Sharon Courts have a Movie Memoribilia show every year. It used to be at the Beverly Garland Howard Johnson. These stars all sign a contract that they will appear at certain times, sign autographs and pose for pictures. Many of the stars do charge now for their autographs and even sell photos. If Blake did agree to appear at the show, certainly there must have been a contract signed. How could he not know that he would have to charge for his signature. They even gave him a special room so that he would not be too much on display. The problem that it backfired on him and he wasn't getting enough attention.

1287 days ago

Sue Bedford    

What is Robert Blakes fan mail address?

1215 days ago

Carey Ellis    

What a post. It is so intrigue for us. Autograph is free, it depends of the celebrity if he/she signing it or not. Your post is interesting to read. Keep it up.

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1202 days ago


I have attended this show for many years and let me tell u the stars don't collect for charity most of them collect for themselves,Eric Roberts is awful if u don't give him money he wont talk to u Adam West is awful charges a lot is a jerk if u don't give him money he treats u rude, Some stars are ok Rita Moreno gave me the finger because I took her picture at 20ft away, I told her u cant have it all why don't u put a bag on your head hold out your hand when someone puts money on your had u pull up the bag and let them take a picture. Brovo for Robert Blake,he was charging the first day ,and had second thoughts and saw the greed in this place ,so when he was giving it away for free the other stars were not making money. Thats why they asked him to leave I was there he was great also Tippi from the movie The Birds is rude also no money stay away from her she's rude. And Bonnie was a drunk no education she was a crook for years and wanted to rip Blake off he was an old fool thinking this girl was in love with him happens all the time. I saw then in Lone Pine and wondered what the hell he was doing with her,I couldn't get her to shut up she just went on and on,wow. Blake lost everything for that trash, he should of known better but you men are all alike ***** gets u everytime.

1156 days ago

No Blake Fan    

Robert Blake was and still is at his age a big *******!

804 days ago
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