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'Two and a Half Men' Crew Furious - Episodes Cut

2/14/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The cast and crew of "Two and a Half Men" have just taken a major hit to their bank accounts, because Warner Bros. has just axed 4 of the remaining episodes ... TMZ has learned.


Warner Bros. was supposed to produce 8 more episodes to end the season, but with Charlie Sheen out, it set production behind.

Sources connected with the show tell us ... show creator Chuck Lorre has decided he only wants to produce 4 more episodes when Charlie comes back, and the crew is pissed.

One crew member tells us, "We've been left in the dark and now we have no pay for 4 episodes and all we hear is that Chuck is saying, 'They're not my problem.'"

Sources say Charlie has told people he was willing to work weekends and beyond the scheduled wrap date to make sure all 8 episodes were produced. 

As for the schedule, we're told the show will go back into production on February 28.  The remaining 4 episodes will be shot on March 4, 11, 18 and 25.



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Well, Chuckie: SOMEONE has to make big-people decisions. Sure ain't gonna be you. But keep on not takin' any responsibility. This show will go in the dumper, 'cause it's just a peephole into this child's real life.

1347 days ago


It's the CREW that's upset, not the CAST. Enormous difference in pay there.

1347 days ago


Perhaps it isn't Charlie's responsibility for these people, but it would restore a little faith in him (at least for me) if he would volunteer to pay the balance. Personally, I would feel like a total prat if people were out of work solely because of me. He has a bazillion dollars in the bank and this wouldn't even faze him...maybe it will help see that people other than himself get hurt on account of his lack of self-control.

1347 days ago


Chuck Lorre should not take away the episodes because first all of the executives wanted to wait for Charlie this month and Charlie was thinking of the cast and wanted them not to lose any money. So the understanding was he would go back to work and no one would lose any pay. Charlie is willing and Chuck should not do this to the cast. It does not make any sense to hurt all of the people working there.

1347 days ago


I LOVE 2-1/2 Men, but Charlie is making a big mess. They ought to consider using Herb a lot more, Judith's husband, for awhile and give Charlie a little rest -- he seems to need it.

Charlie isn't the 1st Big Star to think he holds all the cards but doesn't.

I don't think we should lose the entire show for Charlie's partying.

1347 days ago


He doesn't care if he screws up his own life, why should he be expecdted to care about others his stupid behavior may effect

1347 days ago


Unlike his talented father, Charlie Esteves has no talent. We don't allow our children to be exposed to talentless fools. If he dropped dead, no one in our household would even notice.

1347 days ago


2.5 Men is such a money maker, but I'm guessing this show is on its last legs. Too much f-ing trouble. Not worth it anymore.

1347 days ago


The crew partied with him..sooo march down to the unemplo. line.

1347 days ago


Well, you know, maybe Chuck will now see that with all of his money that he can't buy the world and his antics are hurting other people. Sadly he didn't see that that he needed to shape up for his two daughters or his twin sons. ... so yea ... people are affected by addict actions. cut the crap and pull your head out of your arse buddy, the world doesn't revolve around you. jack a s s.

1347 days ago


should have signed a contract...

1347 days ago


There's no one to blame but Charlie regarding this one!!!

The cast will be just fine enduring one month without pay, but I'm sure that the general crew members will have hardship. And, when Charlie comes back, they may not be overly pleased with him . . .

1347 days ago


During the strike Letterman and Leno both paid their staff. Charlie can do the same...especially since he's the reason why they're out of work. That's what happens when you let the drunk drive the car. The car being the show, of course.

1347 days ago


Soo--these people are worried about money? They have no idea.

1347 days ago


The crew should channel that anger into finding new shows once they wrap. The ship is sinking. Jump while you can.

1347 days ago
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