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Charlie Sheen TRASHES 'Men' Execs on Live Radio

2/14/2011 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen blasted the people behind "Two and a Half Men" on a live radio interview today -- claiming THEY are to blame for the current stoppage in production ... because HE'S ready to work!

A raspy -sounding Charlie called in to "The Dan Patrick Show" this morning and explained he lost his voice because he tried to go back to work ... and was yelling and banging on the stage door ... but nobody was there.

Sheen explained, "[The execs] said 'You get ready and we'll get ready' ... and I got ready and went back and nobody was there ... I don't know what to tell ya."

He added, "I'm here and I'm ready. They're not. Bring it."

In fact, sources connected to the show tell TMZ the plan is for Charlie to get better -- which is why the show went on hiatus in the first place -- and then production will resume on Feb. 28. 

Check out the rest of the interview here.


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I love you, Charlie, but you got to get yourself together because this is 110% your fault. Offering to pay 1/3 of the salary of the crew if the studios pick up the rest is crap. It's your fault people aren't working, and just because you can afford to pay them doesn't make your behavior right. You're an excellent actor on an excellent show. You have great kids and a family that loves you. Don't you think it would be horrible to watch them from up above, putting flowers are your grave?

1254 days ago



all he said he was ready to go back to work wow you people try to act like you are above ET and the like but you are almost the same

1254 days ago


The execs don't care nor want to go back to work because when they found out about most of Feb off they booked Holidays!!!

1254 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

the show doen't require much "acting". find a replacement for Hep C. only idiots watch that show & they won't even know he's gone.

he's "rehabed" so quickly from

is chuck even insurable?

is he worth more dead than alive?

1254 days ago


Charlie is the man, his show the bomb and for an old dude he sure rocks my socks.
Bring it !

1254 days ago


Sounds like a crackhead banging on a crack dealers door and nobody want to answer it.

1254 days ago

Jeremy P.    

This guy gets paid 2 million per episode (that's 52 million per year) to make this sitcom and he still can't pull it together. I don't know which is worse the fact that this junkie makes that much or the mass audience still makes his show so high in the ratings. What a sad society we live in where this junkie makes millions while teachers and cops have to beg for a raise.

1254 days ago


charlies is just as delusional as Sarah Palin

1254 days ago


Two words for Charlie - Tuna Can.

1254 days ago


grow up, go to rehab, take care of your kids and leave show biz alone.

1253 days ago


HOW TYPICAL OF THIS REPULSIVE PIECE OF TRASH. He and Lindsay were born from the same cloth. It is NEVER their fault, always someone else. Charlie Sheen's personal character is as small and tiny as his stature always trying to be the big shot to compensate for his lack of physical attractiveness. CBS and the sponsors of his show are equally at fault for this gigantic fiasco. What a MESS! Except for the crew, the so-called "bosses" don't give a rat's backside how their trashy show has influenced our young people. As long as THE MONEY KEEPS ROLLING IN, they have demonstrated, over and over, how little they care about the well being of our children. CONGRATULATIONS CBS and SPONSORS, you have proven to the world that MONEY is the BOTTOM LINE!!! I can only imagine the kind of LEADERSHIP you have on your own family, DESPICABLE!

1253 days ago


Charlie sheen needs to go away forever and give the rest of us who cant stand his drunkin, druggie ass a break so we dont have to look at him anymore. A sorry excuse for a human being he is!!!

1253 days ago


Charlie I love you and your show but please, the only one to blame is yourself.

1253 days ago


Dear TMZ: thank you for this awesome long interview with my ultimate fave charlie. Can you please find out who this 'girlfriend' is that he keeps mentioning? He's girlfriend this, and my girlfriend that, and me and my girlfriend went to .... Get a pic of him and the new girl (and it doesn't sound like it's one of the porn pals. Sounds like a real girlfriend. We need INFO and PICS and VIDEO!! Come on need another exclusive. Thx!

1253 days ago


I love this show but, I'm sad for Charlie. He is the heart of this show and without him it's done. I have watched every episode since the beginning and watch it is reruns every night just get my daily laugh. Great ensemble cast.

1253 days ago
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