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Charlie Sheen -- Morality Not My Problem

2/14/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen cannot be fired from "Two and a Half Men" for doing drugs, hiring hookers or any of his other antics ... because he doesn't have a "morals clause" in his contract, TMZ has learned.

Charlie Sheen
Sources tell TMZ ... Charlie has never had a morals clause in his contract, which would allow Warner Bros. to fire him if he engaged in improper conduct that reflected badly on the show.

Cocaine and prostitutes would probably meet the criteria for giving C.S. the boot, but sources say Charlie is telling everyone, "That's my personal life. My contract protects me. They can't fire me."

Charlie is saying he wants to go back to work next week, but we're told the show cannot fire back up that quickly.



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James R. - Los Angeles    


1257 days ago


The man can drink himself to death as far as I care... It the whole drug / prostitute thing that I care about. He is supporting drug lords and whores so yes I now have an issue with that and I also now have an issue with CBS for allowing him to continue regardless. I loved the show also but it wasn't Charlie I enjoyed watching it is his brother, the son and the maid. Charlie to me has always brought it down.

1257 days ago


I am sure both sides did not want that in the contract, that way they would have to do something about it other than cash the check. It's all about the money

1257 days ago


What's the point of having a morals clause in a contract when
you have no morals???

1257 days ago


I'd like to see the show go on without Charlie.

1257 days ago


Well, how 'bout having a 'moral clause' in how you run your life knucklehead?

His reputation is in the tank, he has zero common sense and he ia an awful father figure. Husband material? Never. He just oooozzzzeeeessss std's out of his skin by now.
The man he plays on TV is going to get away with his life style because......

He is a TV personality, not REAL LIFE. Beisdes, boy, Charlie you are really stretching them acting skills by playing yourself, how is that for an acting challenge. Lazy maybe?

Seriously, I could care less what this guy is doing, but he has kids, and a lot! Nice lot they have with him as a Daddy! As they get older they will own up to him....

1257 days ago


He's just a kewl guy, should absolutely decide for himself what he does outside his job.
He can afford it all, just let him be.
Would be horrible if the drugs should harm him more than they have so far, but he is not harming anyone else, is he?

Oh, and Hollywood and morals ? Please do not make me laugh so hard, will you ?

1257 days ago


"Crack and Crack" ARE Charlie Sheen; no one's gonna change that. Writing for Two And A Half Men has to be the easiest job in TV land - all they have to do is put his daily life into script form and, viola, there's a show!

He makes a fortune, the network makes a fortune, and everybody involved with the show benefits from his "Wish I could do that too" life.

Hey, I'd give him a great blow for a lot less than $30K :-)

1257 days ago


Keep on dreamin', Charlie. That's your toxic brain and ego talking. If they want you gone, you're gone, dude. No gazillion dollar corporation will ever tolerate a liability for long; however, as long as your antics don't cost them time and money, you can drug, drink and use hookers to your heart's desire. Your children will be so proud.

1257 days ago


Morality is not a problem for a lot of people. It's not limited to Hollywood. How about Jeff Barber in Kansas - who make oblique death threats under the name of nanatehay - or his idiot buddy Stellaa - a frustrated California bureaucrat more often know as Clio Tarazi, who claims to be Greek and Egyptian - depending on which country is in trouble.

1257 days ago


CBS wrote Charlie Sheen's role the way he lived his life, so they more or less condoned it, snickered at it. Who wants to bet that there were more then a few of them partying right along with Charlie? or asking for some of his contacts? How hypocritical some can be, when the chips start to fall, the hypocritical always run for cover first.
Get well, get into shape, play baseball and spend time with your kids sober, Charlie. CBS loves money more then you do, me thinks.

1257 days ago


does this guy have a death wish?

1257 days ago


Firing Lindsay Lohan for not being the Disney image goodness she'd been portrayed as would make some sense. Firing Charlie Sheen for this behavior would be insane, in fact, if anything firing him for NOT behaving like this would make sense.

Personally, its my suspicion that the whole incident was manufactured by his PR team in order to get some more buzz going about his show.

1257 days ago


How would his behavior hurt the show? He is basically playing himself on the show. Jeeze y'all are a bunch of knuckleheads.

1257 days ago


this guy has it made .. he's a friggin genius ... who has this in their contract ... of course Charlie

1257 days ago
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