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Cops: DeGeneres Intruder Hid on Kitchen Deck

2/14/2011 7:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman arrested at Ellen DeGeneres' Beverly Hills home was discovered hiding behind cushions on the kitchen deck ... this according to prosecutors.

Ellen DeGeneres Intruder

Karen Sjoden just pled not guilty to misdemeanor trespassing in an L.A. courtroom. During the hearing, prosecutors claimed she was carrying a list of celebrity names -- and a rambling letter to Hilary Clinton -- when a private security team took her into custody around 5 AM Thursday morning.

Cops say Sjoden's list consisted of 10 to 12 famous names -- along with addresses.

Prosecutors claim Karen had been spotted at Ellen's place around 3 AM that morning and was asked to leave ... but she came back.

The judge told Sjoden, "You end up in someone's backyard at 3 in the morning ... then you are asked to leave ... and you come back later with no legit purpose whatsoever and secrete yourself ... you are probably up to no good. It only takes one time to be a threat."

Karen argued that she's a private investigator who was hired to follow the comic -- and says she has a badge to prove it ... to which the judge stated, "I don't know if it's fraudulent or not."

UPDATE: Cops say Karen was carrying pages of "delusional language" ... including mentions of telepathic imaging machines, alien crystaline, the CIA and the FBI.



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She can wait in line behind LiLoHo, everybody wants to be Ellens gay mstrss on the side...

1314 days ago


What a Nimrod.
She thinks it's OK to trespass if she's a private investigator.
Here's a clue honey, YOU CAN'T, trespassing is trespassing no matter who you are. MORON!

1314 days ago


"and you come back later with no legit purpose whatsoever and secrete yourself" LMAO!!!

1314 days ago


Umm as a PI of over 20yrs (yes licenced through the police) i'd like to say her first mistake was to actually say she was a PI. Discretion sista discretion. Second of all id like to say She ain't no PI. Maybe ill tag Portia and fly from Aus to get a career in LA. We can't have our precious exports being stalked by crazies now can we.. oh wait it's hollywood. BTW HAPPY VALENTINES USA. IN AUS WE CELEBRATED BY HAVING NO FLOODS, NO FIRES JUST PEACE IN OUR SUNBURNT, FIREBURNT AND FLOODED LAND.PEACE....FOR NOW

1314 days ago


Sounds like another paranoid schizophrenic on the loose. Glad no one was hurt. Such a sad, sad illness. A co-worker of my was murdered by her boyfriend who had it.

1314 days ago


"A co-worker of my sister". Sorry, I left out sister.

1314 days ago


Sounds like a bonefide nut to me. I don't think lesbian has anything to do with this. If you read ALL of the article the woman was crazy. She just happened to pic poor Ellen out as a target.

1314 days ago


UPDATE: Cops say Karen was carrying pages of "delusional language" ... including mentions of telepathic imaging machines, alien crystaline, the CIA and the FBI.

What about her tin foil hat? Did they find that?

1314 days ago


Ellen has sensitive guards. They're supposed to rough up the intruder while they're handcuffed first and then turn them over to the police. Isn't that the Police departments do before they haul the suspects to jail.

1314 days ago


I really really don't like her and I'm not a homophobe

1314 days ago


#24 nailed it. Thank you.

This is simply sad. But, hey, anytime you can joke about someone, right? What's their ruined life at the hands of a mental illness to a few seconds of laughing at their misfortune? And double points if you can also take digs at homosexuality. How clever. The judge's comments were harsh enough, considering how obvious this is. The comments in here are...well here's hoping your charmed lives remain as such.

1314 days ago


Lol @ Comments #5 and #6

1314 days ago


The stalker is harmless she just wanted to see if Ellen had a mangina! =P

1314 days ago


John, I believe you are incorrect about arrest powers. All arrest power springs from the common law, including those of police officers.

Any citizen may arrest for a misdemeanor offense IF the misdemeanor occurred in the person's presence. That is why sometimes a citizen's arrest is required, because if the officer didn't see the misdemeanor offense, he cannot arrest the perp, but he can take custody of an arrested misdemeanor offender.

Now, felonies are different. Any person may arrest someone if the person has probable cause to suspect that the perp committed a felony.

So, actually, like anyone else, you can arrest for both misdemeanors, provided it occurs in your presence, or felonies, if you have p.c. just like any citizen.

The sole exception for these rules in Ca. is that of DUI. An officer, not a private citizen, can arrest for misdemeanor DUI if the officer has p.c. to believe someone has committed DUI even if he did not see the perp driving, for example, a perp passed out in the driver's seat, in the middle of the road who stinks of alcohol.

1314 days ago


I don't get all this Ellen hate. Does anyone see all the stuff this lady does for other people? Have you watched her show? She is so nice, and giving. I don't see what her sexual pleasure has to do with this at all. I am glad everyone was ok.

1314 days ago
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