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Lindsay Prosecutor: We Believe It's a $2,500 Necklace

2/15/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan shoplifting case believes the necklace in question is worth $2,500 ... but she's open to hearing arguments from Lindsay's lawyer that the price tag is grossly inflated.


TMZ broke the story ... several jewelers claim the market value of the necklace is anywhere between $800 and $1,000.  Under California law, if the item in question is worth $950 or less, the case must be filed as a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers tells TMZ, "If Shawn (Lindsay's lawyer) presents me with credible evidence of value, we will take a look at it.  But based upon what's in front of us -- what the store owner and designer said -- the necklace is worth $2,500."

Meyers adds, ultimately "It's a battle for the jury."



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#25 - TMZ never had the necklace in their possession so how could they have gotten it appraised? It is impossible to tell whether diamonds are 'crappy' or flawless judgeing from a blurry photo only. Also WTF is diamond dust? I guess Lindsay's defense is now that since diamonds and coal are both composed of carbon she basically just took a lump of coal from someone's garden that someone had happened to write $2,500 on. Wouldn't put it past her to use that excuse.

1315 days ago


Her freckled clam best be getting ready for trial. TMZ is trying to make the DA look stupid with all of Dina Lohans moronically leaked information and its going to come back in spades. The Sea Hag Lindsay is going down hard on this one and her pathetic family is going to be right behind her shoving her down the drain.

1315 days ago


I mean, Lindsay has no sympathizers. A jury is going to love flushing the trash (lilo) down the drain and throwing the book at her. I mean, it's not like she Natalie Portman or Gwenith Paltrow that slipped up and lost her mind for an instant, this is a career criminal drug addled Lohan! Its like Leif Garrett or Dana Plato (before she put herself down of course), coming into the courtroom 15 years after Different Strokes ended pretending to still be a "STAR". I mean, the jury is just going to laugh at her in those ridiculous outfits because they know she cant afford them and they know they are looking into the eyes of a retard.

1315 days ago


I think I'm gonna go and steal $8,000 worth of clothes from Burberry. If I get busted I'll just say the clothes like sucked donkey balls man, this rubbish is for chavs with no class; anyway - I could have bought the fabric that went into these for $150 bucks from the local craft shop. Hey, I was actually doing the world a favor by stealing them!

I ain't famous (yet) but I am waaaay hotter than Sea Hag Lohan(that still counts right?). Reckon I'd skate?

1315 days ago


You are dead on. She is referred to as the Sea Hag in these parts. I think we've also determined that Dina is the whiskered Buzzard that sits on her shoulder vying for Popey's affection.

1315 days ago


Once Lindsay's tanning backfires and gives her a green tint she will make her final transformation into the Sea Hag.

Note she already has whiskers but can still afford top shelf hair removal for now. Alas, soon that will be gone and Sea Hag and her buzzard will be roaming the seas together on The Black Barnacle.

1315 days ago


who cares the klepto lesbo needs to overdose and die.

1315 days ago


I am an antique jewelry dealer by profession with a jewelry website since 1997 and I sell at antique shows, etc.
All the time my prices of jewelry bought is based not only on the scrap content of the metal or the stones but on the

ARTISTIC MERIT of the piece!!!!!!!

Lots of people buy the items and readily understand this simple concept. Others walk away but hey! it's a free country last I checked.

1315 days ago



"Lindsay Lohan has been charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace.

According to the law for celebrities in Los Angeles, 600 strikes and she's out."

-- Jay Leno

1315 days ago


Danette Meyers is suing this case to get elected as the enw District Attorney.
There should NEVER have been any charges filed in the first place.
Take this to trial and embarass her Shawn

1315 days ago


I can understand why the defense had to check out the possibility. But the prosecutor has already talked with the designer, so she already knows what the store paid for the necklace. Doesn't sound like there's any chance it could be priced under the felony limit as a result. The store also adds value because of their overhead expenses (including security and time wasted dealing with rich thieves...), payroll, insurance, etc. plus the need to make a decent profit for the owners.

My guess is that even just the price the designer sold it at will be enough for a felony. Not hard to get up to $1000 for pricing just the time and experience of the designer and materials in such a business - her compensation for her time is not based on a 9-5 job scale because sales are not as steady as wages and the designer also has business expenses, including a considerable amount of nonbillable time required for marketing, dealing with current clients, etc. If she employs people for some aspects of the job, she has to pay them and (if they are employees rather than independent contractors) payroll taxes/unemployment insurance, medical plan expenses, employer share of FICA, pension plans etc.

I have to take all that into account myself when pricing my services by the word and by the hour or by the job (I'm a freelancer). I can't get the hourly wage of the grocery store bagger because I have a lot of taxes and business expenses that come out of the check first (general rule is 1/3 for the tax man, 1/3 for business, and 1/3 for me, except the tax man takes more than that in a good year), and I also have to price it all high enough to allow for inevitable down time when there is little or no work coming in and for unexpected expenses. If I need to buy special resources for a particular job, for instance, just a couple of books can cost me a few hundred dollars.

1315 days ago


What in the Hell is wrong with California lawyers?? Do they just make up sh*t as they go along??! I mean...IS THERE ANY PLACE IN THE LAW THAT STATE IF AN ITEM IS SOLD AT ONE STORE AT HIGHER PRICE--THAT YOU CAN GO TO A LOWER END STORE AND GO BY THEIR PRICE??? That just sounds sketchy to me...Also, if someone BOUGHT that necklace...they'd have to PAY $2,500...not the "fair market value"...I'm tired of this bitch getting the law bent for her...She's a low class junkie that needs to go away and GET A LIFE!!! STOP BREAKING THE LAW DUMBASS!!!

1315 days ago


Yeah Nicole, lets go to trial!

I cant wait for the cornucopia of excuses, hey, has she blamed dad yet?

1315 days ago


Oh and BY THE WAY...I could care LESS if Lindsay Lohan jumped off a bridge!!! I only give a damn about this case because I think it's a travesty that the law plays favoritism!! It's unjust and unfair.

1315 days ago


Maybe that lesbo ho Sam Ro is a bad influence?


1315 days ago
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