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Lindsay -- Valentine's Day with Samantha Ronson

2/14/2011 7:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will spend her Valentine's Day eating with a special friend ... Samantha Ronson ... but sources close to the actress tell us the plans are strictly platonic.


We're told Lindsay and Samantha will join a small group of friends for an intimate dinner party in Brentwood -- in honor of LiLo's entertainment manager's birthday.

One person from LiLo's inner circle tells us, "At the moment Lindsay and Samantha are just friends ... nothing more ... nothing less."



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Wonder if Lindsay will steal a kiss from Sam

1345 days ago


The homophobic sexual references on this site make me want to vomit. Remember, you are talking about human beings. I don't want to read your disgraceful remarks.

1345 days ago


Yo Yo my name is Sam and I luv LILO's clam
some people think I look like Charles Bronson
if ya ask my hoochie Lyndsey the last name is Ronson Ra Ra Ronson
I aint about committin muh fuggin crimes, but if I weren't datin Lyndsey I'd be eatin Leann Rhimes Ra Ra Rhimes
Listen all u ho's and what im bout to say
My name is muh fuggin Sam and I'm straight up Gay Ga Ga Gay

i wanna wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day...Day Da Da Day.....

1345 days ago

There's a problem here    

Say what you will about the relationship, but Ronson is the only person who wasn't a "yes person" and she didn't take any of Lindsay's bu11crap. Lindsay was on the straight (no pun) and narrow when she was with her, and when Lindsay pushed the envelope Ronson said adios. Ronson was her last hope. Oh well.

1345 days ago


I smell an all female orgy.

1345 days ago


Lohan and Ronson is nothing new. Lohan is maybe having a little too much publicity on her felony theft charge.

1345 days ago


Does that Shemale thing called Sam have HIV cuz it looks like it has.

1345 days ago


In a dinner in honor of a business-accociate's birthday Lindsay and Samantha are 'The hosts'. All others are 'The guests'.

And don't forget. All this big jewelry thing is to blame on Caddilac. Without the 'doggy-murder' there would have been no moving shop to Venice. True love!

1345 days ago


Hmmm . . .

Glazed Clams or Taco Surprise ? ? ?

1345 days ago


@susan I totally agree with you mike did not molest his daughters he just pimped them out..I think Dina messed with Little Lindsay thats why she is sexually confused and morally deficient.

1345 days ago


hahahahaha sam ronson a good influence? Ronson is an alcoholic, when she dj's she wants a bottle of jack daniels on the dexks with beer. Ronson posts on her twitter page all the time about either being drunk or havin a hangover. her mommy runs her life and shes been seein therapists since she was 18. she has major problems. just the other week she was at a private b'day party with lilo, lilo didn't drink but old sam did and in front of lilo, looked like ronson enjoyed gettin drunk in fron of lilo. ronson is dangerous person to have around.

1345 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

@susan I totally agree with you mike did not molest his daughters he just pimped them out..I think Dina messed with Little Lindsay thats why she is sexually confused and morally deficient.

Posted at 3:54 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by sean
Nope mikey liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1345 days ago


Well the thighs have it!!!!!!!!!!!! These two are both losers!

1345 days ago


@delmar all talk no action ,last story you claimed in one of your rants about Lindsays movies being watched on tv,how many of those stupid old projects are generating any new revenue??such as dvd sales ,rentals,netflix..none I presume.if they are being shown on tv as you claim it is because there are 100 channels to fill and they are free or dirt cheap and she is now in the news/relevant for her bad deeds.picture of her proudly displaying (not spun around backwards) the stolen necklace when photographed by papporazzi,x17 has the slideshow of her hiding it check them out for yourself.Lindsay shopping in Venice days after the heist that got the search warrant issued.

1345 days ago


LOL! For a second there, I thought it said Lindsay Lohan will spend her Valentine's Day eating a special friend. My eyes skipped over the "with" part. But if you ask me, I think there's going to be eating at the "Y" tonight.

1345 days ago
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