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Lindsay -- Valentine's Day with Samantha Ronson

2/14/2011 7:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will spend her Valentine's Day eating with a special friend ... Samantha Ronson ... but sources close to the actress tell us the plans are strictly platonic.


We're told Lindsay and Samantha will join a small group of friends for an intimate dinner party in Brentwood -- in honor of LiLo's entertainment manager's birthday.

One person from LiLo's inner circle tells us, "At the moment Lindsay and Samantha are just friends ... nothing more ... nothing less."



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liloho and that skank butch les are tight, no denying it..

1292 days ago


Look, Sam and LL haven't been strictly platonic for the last two years, much to Sam's publicly expressed dismay when LL's name is brought up. They have been secretly hooking up and never stopped; they are keeping it quiet because Sam's family hates LL and frankly, Sam doesn't want the world knowing she's still banging LL. That's why they lived in the same apt building, that's why LL moved next to Sam, and that's why they were photographed at a party together a couple of weeks ago. Sam doesn't want people to know and the two get off on deceiving the public.

1292 days ago


This is from the New York Post from today

Sam's low blow to Lilo


Samantha Ronson has forgotten all about her troubled ex Lindsay Lohan. When Buzz caught up with Ronson, who deejayed at her sister Charlotte’s fashion show on Saturday night, she had no advice for Lohan, now facing jail time for allegedly swiping a necklace. “I don’t know who that is, I’m sorry,” Ronson said. But she did reveal that little planning goes into the soundtrack for the show, which attracted boldface beauties like Kim Kardashian and Olivia Munn. “I got here and went straight to the deejay booth to figure out the music. [Charlotte] didn’t really give me that much to go on . . . She gave me an idea of what she was inspired by, and I just kind of winged it and was lucky enough it made sense.”

This story on TMZ is all bullsht coming from the Lying Lohans

Lindsay got bashed twice in 24 hours 1 by Samantha and the other was by the Grammys last night when they said

Lindsay Lohan was just seen living the Staples Center with a statue bulge in her jacket


1292 days ago


Well Lindsay has no self esteem if she puts up with a GF who won't acknowledge her in public or to their family.


1292 days ago

melissa manzolillo    

sourches inside said sam has also been drug dealer to the stars for years!

1292 days ago


@ Sam. Lindsay Lohan is an addict.. A talented and beautiful one in my opinion but all the same an addict. Any personal relationship with someone who struggles with addiction would certainly be dramatic maybe even psycho as you call it.
Lindsay has had substance abuse issues from way back when she was with wilmer walderma. He left her over this. Ronson did the same at one point but seems to still be around either as a lover or friend.
I love lindsay and root for her but people need to stop blaming people around her when she is the one who gets into trouble all the time. The only one's that can be held accountable other then lindsay herself is the people who brought her up. Aka michael and dina lohan. But it's up to lindsay to turn this around.

1292 days ago


must be a slow news day tmz. hoping these two drive off a cliff together, or, OD in the bathroom ontop of each other

1292 days ago



I am in no way blaming Sam for Lindsay's problems. I absolutely remember Wilmer and Harry Morton saying she was too fast, e.g. living to crazily for them. I agree with you in that sense. The deamons are Lindsay's own. I just wouldn't take a friend just out of rehab to a party and drink in front of her...that speaks volumes to me.

Anywho, I don't hate SamRo. Don't know her at all but she looks awfully thin, rarely natural. Her occupation is not one that lends itself to clean living. I don't care what Sam does.

Perhaps I should have said that LL displays poor judgement re exposing herself to someone whose life and work are major parties...and deep down LL is jealous and feeling as though she is missing out IMO and that will always tug at her with Sam in her life.

Anyway, LL is nuts with major, major problems of which kleptomania is the smallest. Hopefully she takes the time away if she ever gets off the probation, reoffending train she's on, and gets out of LA and also stays away from NY/Dad and Dina.

Personally, I am not hopeful. Don't think she has it in her and she wants to lead that 'rock star' lifestyle without having the chops.

1292 days ago


Always came across Lohan liked Ronson more than Ronson liked Lohan.

Ronson was already and still is an established DJ. Ronson didnt move close to Lohan.

1292 days ago


Lohan and Ronson is nothing new. Lohan is maybe having a little too much publicity on her felony theft charge.

Posted at 3:47 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by janet

Yeah, next time she'll rob a bank. Helicopters chasing her, and every station will interrupt their program to give a special report. Then when they apprehend her all the cameras will be on her. Of course she'll have her hair done the day before

1292 days ago


The homophobic sexual references on this site make me want to vomit. Remember, you are talking about human beings. I don't want to read your disgraceful remarks.

Posted at 3:45 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by susan

Cool.. the door's over there ------------------>

1292 days ago


We are on the same team. I own parts of nightclubs in NY Vegas and in LA (small ones in LA money pits that suck and are my worst investment ever), but those are real #s. DJ's in Vegas are pulling 50-100k at the big places a night. Those are real numbers unfortunately. Sam Ro crushes it.

1292 days ago


114- Holly LMFAO that was good

Susan is Ali

Guess you told her....LOL!

1292 days ago


114 Holly LMFAO!!! That was a good one

Susan is Ali and you told her!!

1292 days ago


That Ronson woman is a real skank.

1292 days ago
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