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Oksana's Valentine's Day Date

2/15/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Facing criminal extortion charges over her last relationship ... it seems Oksana Grigorieva has not given up on love.

O.G. celebrated Valentine's Day at Sweet Butter Cafe in Sherman Oaks, CA with Jimmy Hoyson, her sound engineer and close friend.

Mel Gibson was famously jealous of Oksana's relationship with Jimmy during their relationship.

We're guessing Mel will happily pass the torch.


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Shuffle Demon    

Nope. Sorry. It just posted after mine and narcissist that I am, I assumed it was meant for me. Just pretend you're one of my kids and disregard everything I say. :o)


Posted at 8:34 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by

1312 days ago


Tmom....Steven's on my list
Posted at 8 :28 PM on Feb 15 , 2011 by LA me

*packing suitcase*
AHHHHHH!!! Def moving. Should be there in about 24 hrs! So...what's your address!!?? XD

Just got your email, gonna read it while watching AI.
I'll be back on by 10ish if you guys are still around! Is the POOL BAR open in winter??
Be back later!
Tmom. {o:

1312 days ago

LA me    

There is no winter in LA....The pool is always open!!

1312 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

H,,,... I wonder if Jimmy is the one who re-recorded OxSanity's voice on to the tapes.. you know cause the sound quality was so clear on her side...and he would have the equipment

1312 days ago


The following excerpt on the story of Formula One Racing's Bernie Ecclestone's marriage to Slavica, his Croatian wife, is a reminder of the bullet that lucky, lucky, lucky MG dodged. After ten years of marriage, she convinced Bernie to place his $2 BILLION worth of assets into a company solely controlled by her. She buys GBP35,000 (US$56,500.00) handbags; she forbad Bernie from ever again seeing or speaking to the child of his first marriage....maybe Bernie is alive today because he DID transfer that money, who knows?

Posted at 8:49 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by observer77

1312 days ago

LA me    

Shuffle....I betting on Oinky having it dubbed in Russia. She was sooo adamant about going there. Russia makes sense to me. After all she did say she sent the recordings to her sister there! My opinion (as much as it's worth) is that Oinky sent them to Russia, edited them there and left them in her sisters care for distribution. In my opinion...if someone had done them here in the US....beans would have been spilled. You don't spill beans in Russia unless you want your family or yourself to disappear. Just my opinion..

1312 days ago

LA me    

Tmom....Did I "trump" Herzog's (photo bomb pictorial) list?? Who's he to tell us we are no bodies!!! Fuhk him....he is a piece of schit wannabe

1312 days ago

LA me    

The Obama's were the nicest most down to earth people that I have had the pleasure to work with. And I have met a lot of them (politicians) and they are a mangy bunch! It was an honor!!

1312 days ago


223. Does Oks ever NOT look at the camera? It's like she has this Pavlovian dog thing going on. I swear she can sniff out a camera 100 feet away. Posted at 4:54 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by Maya

Probably because Oksana has notified the tabloids and paps from day 1 and set up the photo-ops/tabloid feeds herself.

1312 days ago


100 bottles of beer on the wall take one down pass it around

1312 days ago


From the Legal Eagles thread....scroll down to capitalized paragraph.....I wonder who it was who paid Listermann to set up MG with OG?

The secret of who paid Peter Listermann to set the bait (OG) in front of MG...

What else is included in the plans of Russian beauties, we decided to ask her "ideological mastermind" Peter Listerman.
Oksana gave birth to a daughter. Do you think she will call you at the christening?
Peter Listerman: "It is called. Moreover, if a boy was born, it would be called after me - Peter. "
You have to press that it was thanks to you, Oksana met with Mel ...
Peter: "It was one of the most beautiful of my special actions to promote Slavic girls in the West. It all started when I introduced Oksana on the set of Gibson's new project, "Edge of Darkness." She's a musician by training, so work for her was found. Oksana began to write music for films. In love with her all on the set - it is a very romantic girl. Finally, and Mel noticed her, they all began to spin ... "
And Oksana something How do you know?
Did you expect such a development?
Peter: "Everything went exactly according to my script ..."
Oksana abandoned content, which she proposed to Mel ... In your opinion, it is reasonable to do that?
Peter: "It comes exactly as I had taught her. She knows how to confuse the right man and keep it to yourself. On her part, this is a very literate step. Americans like strong and independent women. "
Do you think Mel would marry her?
Peter: "Oksana knew how to get not just great, but the maximum. A child of Mel Gibson - it is much steeper than the wedding ring from him.

Posted at 4:09 AM on Oct 8, 2010 by observer77

Posted at 7:17 PM on Oct 9, 2010 by observer77

Someone recently asked who was behind setting MG up with is so obvious she couldn't have arranged all of it on her own and here is Pyotr Listermann ACKNOWLEDGING an arrangement, BUT HE WON'T DIVULGE ANYTHING, as he says, IT'S A SECRET.

1312 days ago


Anybody here??

@LA me
That was an INCREDIBLY impressive list! My gosh though! How DO you keep from wrecking the frickin' car?? Lol.
My dtr was looking at some of them, she kept saying, "who's that? Who's that?".
Teenage Dream(s) with a husband?? Cool.....decent peeps? Would LOVE to meet Steven. Saw them for the "Lovin' in Elevator" tour (think that was the name of it, was awhile ago,) late 80's. Hmm....must have been 89 or very early 90, because I left in March of 90 for bootcamp. FANTASTIC. Show!! That man is an entertainer!! Hard to believe he's 62! He *still* rocks it!

1312 days ago



Lee and Team Lee,

I am no longer interested in hearing anything about TMZ or posts to the TMZ comment boards.

I have many very important things going on in my life and TMZ is NOT one of them. I have NEVER been to prison on my life, never, period.

If I tried to respond to every lie about me on TMZ I would have time for nothing else.


O.G. can send all the fake posters to TMZ all day and night, I just don’t care about it anymore.

I know who I am, I am happy with me.

To answer a few of your questions, one last time:

I have already given my Depo, that part of my life is done, over, complete.

To all the idiot haters that will jump on this asking: who, what, when, where, how ?


I was told I will be called as a State's Witness, if she is charged. Other than that, I am done with this whole mess.

I am about to finish my Book, sell the Book & Movie rights to my life story and move on with my life, looking forward, not backwards.

As for the latest posts by team O.G.;

I skimmed it, I heard all those lies before, 75% of my clients have nothing to do with "the Ivy", we used to take a few of my clients to eat at "the Ivy" allot of photos are from there, as the Paps all hung out there, "the Ivy” was also my client and I am very happy to have worked for them, they sent me business and I used to take my clients there to eat, as a thank you.

The owner of "the Ivy" also own 4 other businesses, ALL high end, dealing with very wealthy clients, these 4 still send me work and I am happy they do, you wont see me there, but my guys are still there, at all 4, all the time.

If you take clients to 10 places a day, but 75% of the Paps hang out at 1 of the 10, well guess what, 75% of your photos will be from that 1 location.

The Ivy has been open for 29 years, the Ivy is open to the street, with no buffer or big wall, so allot of Paps go there, it is an easy photo, we have been going there for 29 years, The modern aggressive Paparazzi started about 12 years ago, thus allot of photos from the last 12 years are at the Ivy.

You’re Q about E-Mails;

We (me and TBG) cut and paste allot, because we don’t have time to answer 500 plus e-mails a day from all over the world. I stopped answering my own emails myself, unless from a friend. On a busy News Media day, we can get 3000 ~or more~ e-mails in one day.

While I do not agree with hate or attacks on others, even when it supports me, I will say this;

I would like to point out, that NONE of my haters, NONE of the people that have attacked me here, have any web site like mine to verify who they really are.

They hate me, because they want to be me, they are jealous of my fame and accomplishments, they will never have a web site like mine, never have a life like mine, so they attack me.

I don’t hate them, I pity them, those sad little people hiding in the dark, to scared to come out into the light, afraid to be the alpha dog like me, they just bark from the dark, sad little puppy barks, sad little people, again I don’t hate them, I pity them, very sad.

They are cowards who hide behind the comment board, like cowards hiding in the dark.

Read my Book and watch my Movie, then judge for yourself, who I am.

I am proud to be a U.S. Veteran and very proud of my support of fellow Veterans, I Know what I have accomplished in life, I know who my real friends are, I will always support my true friends with my love and support, forever.

I am happy with my inner circle of friends

I am happy with those I trust, those that help and support me,

as I help and support our Veterans

I know who I am,

I am happy with me.

God Bless The Men, Women and Families of the

United States Armed Forces.

1312 days ago


The post above is from KH.

1312 days ago

LA me    

I would like to point out, that NONE of my haters, NONE of the people that have attacked me here, have any web site like mine to verify who they really are.

They hate me, because they want to be me, they are jealous of my fame and accomplishments, they will never have a web site like mine, never have a life like mine, so they attack me.

OMG OMG OMG!!!! What a fuhking wanker your are!!! Sucks to be you arse hole!! You have to "photo bomb" yourself into celebrity pictures! GAWD>>>and the Ivy excuse??? I have dozens more pics of myself with celebs.....AND NOT ONE of them is at the Ivy. In fact...I usually talk my clients out of going to "Pap" hang outs. For wanted to go to BOA...I suggested the one in Santa Monica even though the West H was just down the street. Guess which one you DIDN'T see on TMZ.

Spudhead....You are a posing loser!!

1311 days ago
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