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'Sister Wives' Valentine's Day -- Table for Five

2/14/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You think it's difficult to get a reservation for two on Valentine's Day? Try making one for you, your spouse, your other spouse, your third spouse, and your new spouse.

Such is the dilemma for "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown. He tells us that in the past, he's spent Valentine's Day with other polygamist families -- since most polygamists don't usually like to be too public about the whole plural marriage thing.

This year, however, is different. Brown tells TMZ since the family is "public about the lifestyle now," he's considering taking all the "Sister Wives" out to dinner together. We recommend ordering a sampler platter.

As for gifts, Brown says he usually gets cards and chocolates for each of the wives and a small chocolate Valentine for his 10 daughters. Brown says he bought Christine a necklace, but still has to shop for the other wives.

Maybe Kay Jewelers is running a buy one, get two free promotion.


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Who the hell are all of you people to stand in judgement of others lifestyle? he isn't out screwing little girls like most of the old ass men who practice this lifestyle. They are ALL consenting adults, with well adjusted, very well educated children. Someone is doing something right in the family.

As for cracking on their weight, you all must be about 13, you sound as though you are. I can see you now sitting on YOUR fat ass eating bon bon's talking crap about someone else. LMAO!!

Leave them alone, they support themselves and take care of their children together, If it is wrong, God will take care of it in their time. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

1298 days ago


How these women sleep with this nasty man is beyond me. Can you imagine what a dirty d*** this guy has? These women are surely desperate. I'm so glad I don't live in Nevada or Utah, I would die if this sick group of people moved onto my street. Those poor children, my heart breaks for them. No wonder our government is broke.....welfare programs at it's finest....

1297 days ago


The only reason you people are judging these people are because you need to sweep your own back steps...

1295 days ago


Read your bible for once... just exactly how many "wives" did those men have and just exactly how many children did they have with those "wives"??? So, what was okay to God then is NOT okay to YOU now... It is not YOUR place to judge anyone!!!!! That is God's job... leave them alone.

1295 days ago


At first I thought it was odd but after much thought I decided it would be nice to have someone if I was unable to care for my children that would step up and do the job. As for the sex part, being in an open marriage has made me open my eyes to the fact that really you can share your love with more than one person. Let the flaming begin!

1294 days ago


i feel sorry for those stupid women. they hate each other like hell and this is the only thing which keeps them so close to their husband... whatever they say and whatever they show they could kill each other in any moment.

1294 days ago


Fear of the unknown does strange things to people, as an old hippie whose seen many things
Cody and his women live in a commune and that's not illegal he's only legally married to the first one ,the other three are just frosting they work and pay there bills their kids go to school .and to compare Cody to Hef? WTF? Codys been with 4 women this week Hef had that many last night comparing the two is like lemons and peaches.

1293 days ago


Come on people! Don't you have anything better to do than dog these people for their beliefs! They aren't asking you to join them so why try to belittle them for what they believe in. I am not a polygamist but I say "To each his own" and say God Bless to each one of them for going public with what they believe in. I will continue to watch their show and enjoy everything about it. They seem to be a very loving family & treat each other with respect unlike some of you commenters on here. Keep up the good work Brown Family...I believe in you

1289 days ago


This just shows you how easy women with low selfesteem can be brain washed, and what dogs some men really are, lol, sick, just plain, old sick!

1267 days ago


Poor ignorant ugly women in need of attention. "oh look at me, I am so weird, put me on TV."

1252 days ago

Dr. Pepper    

I thought this show was gonna be about a pious taskmaster father with the wives having no rights or say in what goes on in their lives and a bunch of kids looking sad and brainwashed, like cultish. What I saw was a kind humorous dad with opinionated, beautiful women (who I could see being genuine friends with) and happy, healthy children.
I think those who judge are both ignorant and envious.

1244 days ago


Good Lord, look how much weight they have all gained.

1052 days ago
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