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Tiger Woods

I'm Sorry for Being a SPITTER

2/14/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods has finally issued an apology for launching a big, fat loogie on the green at a major golf tournament this weekend ... admitting the saliva bomb was "inconsiderate."


It all went down at the Dubai Desert Classic -- and after the incident, golf officials announced Woods would be fined for breaching the tour code of conduct.

So far, no word on how much cash Tiger will have to cough up for the spit shot.

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Big Daddy Dave    

Everything about this "Breaking News", it's contents, and most of the comments added are rediculous. All the racist comments are childish and Tiger haters need to climb down off his back. So the man has made a mistake...he's owned up to it and is trying to move on...so let him! There isn't a single person in this world that has the right to pass judgement on anyone, regardless of their fame or life's mistake. And the "spit"? Good grief, the game is played outside and it's not like he did it vindictively. Change the rules...or, if I was Tiger, I wouldn't go back.

1256 days ago


leave him alone, all you lossers

1256 days ago

cat stone    

I don't understand. . . HE'S OUTSIDE! Is there a designated "spitting area" that he didn't know about? It's not like he pissed in the bushes.
Actually, Davey Boy, it should read: "Tiger Drops Pebbles From His Back Nine". lol!

1256 days ago


I like how a player will take off his cap on the eighteenth hole, run his hand threw his hair and then shake the hand of the other player with the same hand. Look out for lice.

1256 days ago


Sergio Garcia is well known for this - does he get the same treatment?

1256 days ago


"..Just Wasn't Thinking." Man, does THAT sound familiar from this guy.

1256 days ago


he wasn't thinking???? A-GAIN?????!!!!????!!! Does he EVER think??? GO AWAY TIGER-FOREVER!!!

1256 days ago

truth hurts    

Golf is a "gentleman's sport", so yes he was definitely wrong but some of the comments on here are ridiculous. I have witnessed folks spitting on concrete in a crowd, so at least he wasn't spitting on anyone. Men are gross!

1255 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Attention ground apes!

Spitting is banned in Singapore. First-time violators may be fined $611, while repeat offenders might get caned in public and
find their picture published in the newspapers.

1255 days ago


Bet the grass all died within a 12-yard radius of where ole Nasty spit. LOL Yuk! He has no class, no manners!! But of course we already knew that.

1255 days ago


FYI - It is aganist the law to spit in Dubai - simple mistake

1255 days ago


I used to be a fan and now I can't stand him !!! Once again he exhibits bad behaviour!! I hope the fine was substantial and dare i say he was over paid for his presence at the tournament!!!

1255 days ago


I watched this entire tourney, and it was very good, and very competitive with a lot of talented players besides just Tiger. Guy named Alvaro Quiros won, in case anyone cares about the actual point of hosting incredible events such as this. But yes, Tiger missed a putt, was mildly frustrated, and it seemed like a crude, air-headed thing to do ON THE GREEN. I thought it before the announcers even said anything. The greens were very unusual, like felt almost, and they'd been going on and on about it the whole tourney. Tiger apologized for the MINOR faux pas.
Again, sad commentary on us as society when we focus on goofy stuff like this. This was an amazing tourney, & seemed well produced for TV.

1255 days ago


Spitting should be outlawed in this country also. If you must spit, carry a bag around that you can dispose of later. People walk on the spit, carry the germs on the bottom of their shoes, spread it around. Think of a poor little baby crawling around on the floor who could get the bacteria that someone carried in from the soles of their shoes.

Eldrick Woods is arrogant and petulant and ignorant of a country's laws that he visits.

1255 days ago

N. Haddock    

I cannot believe that such a big deal is being made over Tiger Woods 'spitting' on the golf course! Fox news broadcasting even said it was so disgusting that you may not want to look at it. GIVE ME A BREAK! It happens in baseball all the time and in closeup. Now that is discusting!

1255 days ago
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