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Whoopi Goldberg PISSED Over NY Times Oscar Snub

2/14/2011 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New York Times did a piece on African-American Oscar winners this weekend ... and left Whoopi Goldberg out -- which did NOT sit well with the "View" host.



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So you won an Oscar once. You have the statue and the title for that. Now move on and quit riding the dead horse.

1315 days ago


She's absolutely right to call them out on this. But this is not sloppy journalism, it's deliberate and calculated to be a slap in her face. Shame on the NYT.

1315 days ago


"Its public information, people KNOW I won". Ok, Whoopi, 'knowing' and 'caring' are two different things. Get over yourself and move on.

1315 days ago


Tres, on comment 154. if The View was a sinking ship before Whoopi arrived, then it looks like she's going down with them...if you ask me, they seem to be drowning even faster with her on board these's as simple as the boy who cried wolf. When you rant and rave about all, it's hard to be taken seriously when it really counts. All people are hearing from Whoopi now is similar to the teacher in Charlie just becomes noise. To a certain extent, you don’t want to honour that. Look at Betty White. She is loved by all! That's a fair statement. She’s blessed to still be working in the industry…but not as a talk show host, as an actress, she’s an actress…and she has a great attitude about her. In the industry they can quickly become forgotten ,and it’s because she gets to be seen on The View every week day that people talk about her and remember her…but bad press is just that, it sucks, because clearly she has such a poor attitude which can undermine her past accomplishment. She brought the Oscar to The View, if you’re confident in yourself and your work, you don’t have to do that. It looks like a desperate time called for a desperate measure move. It was sad to watch, to see her sitting there with her Oscar in hand, and a picture with the date 1991 behind her. 1991…

1314 days ago


maybe they didnt think it was a win, win. Just like she didnt think it was rape, rape.

1314 days ago


if she paid more attention she would have realized the article was talking about 2002 to the present. plus just be the bigger person and know that you have an oscar and make that be enough.

1314 days ago


You know your right, a mistake was made but what is more scary is some of these comments that are being made are so racist that it is scary, come on people grow the f... up and wether you like it or not the damn year is 2011 and the world has progressed so why the hell don't you.

1314 days ago


I would like to say that we need more of Whoopi on television and in the movies. Sorry they didn't speak of you Whoopi, but in our hearts and soul, we know that you are a winner and that's what really counts. Over the years I've seen all of your movies and you are a a true star. To the writer that wrote, who was the second white actor to win the Oscar. Stop the hate, there are so many whites on television and in movies, they will always be a winner, but when something is almost impossible, we like to know about it, such as a black or mexican winning an award of any kind. It also put racism in the closet. Peace to all you haters and open your heart and soul for tomorrows world, not black or white, but us. When we look at good acting, it has no race or face. Its just good and we want more.

1314 days ago


can't stand her is putting it mildly.She has always thought she is someone special - she definitely is not. With her strings of lovers, what do they see in her - possible her hidden talents!!!!hope she leaves the View. Not that I watch it anyway. They cannot hear each other talk, let alone the viewers I know I tried to watch it once.

1314 days ago


By joann
I will agree with you on one point...that damn talking over each other on the VIEW is most ignoring!

1314 days ago


Whoopi got acting skills, but you can't show them if the right roles are not arriving at your door. Should she be pissed--maybe not, should she be upset and hurt--yes she should! It does not matter if the article was based on 2002, and NO it was not taken out of context she was omitted! She acted her a@@ off in "Color Purple" and she made "Ghost" so entertaining, not to mention her role in "For Colored Girls" which most of you probably have not seen.

Take Berry and Washington!Berry received an oscar for doing what she always does which is take her clothes off and having sexual encounters borderline porn...don't take a lot of talent there, but she is a beautiful woman, but beauty is not skills and maybe she's in the same boat as Whoopi with nothing of substance being sent her way. Washington on the other hand I would have to say deserved his award he showed that he had range and could step outside of the box hollywood assigned him to. In "Training Day" he showed up and delivered--although I hated his character throughout the movie.

Perhaps the bigger issue is that they should just do away with awards...hell isn't that fat paycheck "WE" movie goers pay them enough.

Like or dislike her Whoopi rubs folks the wrong way because she says what she thinks. Right or wrong she does not sit on the fence she takes a side and what I find refreshing--if she is wrong, she'll admit it. If you think about it, we are doing the very same thing "Saying what the hell we think".

1314 days ago


I read the article and it talks about Halle Berry and Denzel Washigton. Then it says "Real change seemed to have come to movies or at least the Academy, which had given statuettes to a total of SEVEN BLACK ACTORS in the previous 73 years. AFTER Mr. Washington and Ms. Berry, there would be Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker (both best actors); Morgan Freeman (best supporting actor); Jennifer Hudson and Mo’Nique (best supporting actresses)." It lists them names AFTER Halle and Denzel won, NOT before. The very first was mentioned because she was the very first. I took it for face value too and agreed that she should be mad for being left out. But if you read the article it is correct. Otherwise they forgot Sidney Poitier, Louis Gossett Jr., and Cuba Gooding Jr too. NOT just her sheesh

1314 days ago


I saw her lips moving, but all I heard was "Blah, Blah, Blah"

But seriously folks...
me thinks someone is a little too full of themselves and drowning in their own self-significance

1314 days ago


This should certainly not be the first time she should be attacking the NYT for sloppy journalism. They write whatever they want to shape people's views whether true or not. She just didn't care until it involved her.

1314 days ago


God I absolutely cannot STAND this woman...and this just proves why!!!

1314 days ago
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