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Whoopi Goldberg PISSED Over NY Times Oscar Snub

2/14/2011 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New York Times did a piece on African-American Oscar winners this weekend ... and left Whoopi Goldberg out -- which did NOT sit well with the "View" host.



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No your dumb f*ck she got it for the movie Ghost. What movie did you get yours for?

1354 days ago

greg saenz    

I called "Somalia " they never heard of you !!!!!!

1354 days ago


Hail the NYT!
This is the first time in my life that I agree with them.

Well Whoopie, as they say in Russia, Tough @#$%ski.

1354 days ago


Well...I like Whoopi and i loved Ghost...If it was any of u people if would hurt your feelings as well...Where has all the kindness in life gone???

1354 days ago


@ Canadian fan,

The point is not to remember who the second white person was that won the academy awards.

The point is that in eighty-two years of the academy awards, there has only been thirteen black winners. That should not be too hard to remember.....

1354 days ago


All of you negative comments, I believe are speaking out of jealously. Have any of you ever won an Oscar? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Whoopie is a great actress and a great host on The View. I think it was a majorly HUGE oversight on the part of the New York Times and they should do something to make it right.

1354 days ago

mark l    

I've heard of a pat on the back, but really whoppi. SOMEBODY GOTS A BIG HEAD FOR SURE. In 20 years nobody will even know who you are. Lets try for some afther life rewards, ya think romans 10: 13

1353 days ago


Often is the time when I see a news story about Somolia I see they all have giant screen TV's playing Ghost. She unfortunately has the same ego as most of "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM" celebs who in the end make complete fools of themselves for not getting the worshipping they demand. Compare this foolishness to things that really matter and this makes her look like the whining fool she really is. Get over yourself. Its embarrassing.

1353 days ago

Rod Munch    

Really Ted Danson??....You go and date Whoopi?? Really?? lol

1353 days ago


Karen get over yourself,This ex heroin addict has a lot of nerve she deserved that Oscar as much as Halle Berry did for showing off her fake tits.

1353 days ago


The Times article did not say "these are all of the Black Academy Award recipients", they did not elude that they had included every single one. Whoopi's arrogance is showing.

1353 days ago

Mary Lee Andronaco    

Hey Whoopi, or whatever your name is, I'm so sick and tired listening to you talking about the color of your skin. I was whipped with a leather belt my whole childhood. Were you? You have no right to keep throwing up the color of your skin in the face of people that pay for TV and don't want to be reminded of what we too went through. I am a white female, I was whiped with welts on my legs when I was a child by my WHITE father. And Joy, oh yeah, you are so cool because you dis the Catholic Church. And the fact that you guys called the body and blood of Christ "crackers" is so totally offensive to me that I can't begin to describe my disgust with you. Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

1346 days ago


Keep Whoopi and Joy---don't need the other 3. Elizabeth is the worse. I've never heard her say anything that was interesting nor intelligent. Please get rid of her. Talks a lot but says nothing. Sherry is a close 2nd. Barbara is so boring. How did she become so famous???

1152 days ago
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