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Whoopi Goldberg PISSED Over NY Times Oscar Snub

2/14/2011 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New York Times did a piece on African-American Oscar winners this weekend ... and left Whoopi Goldberg out -- which did NOT sit well with the "View" host.



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Totally RIGHT ON Whoopie...have loved you from your one-actor stuff on Broadway, tell it Girlfriend!!

1292 days ago


Everyone on this thread who said she didn't "deserve it" or it was a "token" are a bunch of ignorant, racist *******s. How dare you spit on her accomplishments! But I guess, misery loves company huh? Yes, apparently, hate on and enjoy your miserable lives. While you're trashing her, she is laughing all the way to the bank! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

1292 days ago

dave r    

your color is in the white house. welcome to the real world. no more speical treatment.

1292 days ago


Man! You know that old saying..."If you can't say anything nice..."

1292 days ago

dave r    

i agree..she should have kept her mouth shut!

1292 days ago


They should apologize. if anyone else were in her position, they would be hurt and upset too.

1292 days ago


Apparently some of the people posting here failed to notice the NY Times piece had to do with African American Oscar Winners (not just Oscar Winners in general). She has every right to be pissed off for having been excluded from that list.

"She got her award and received recognition therefore she need to be recognized everytime the word Oscar is mentioned as I feel she is implying."

When someone compiles a list of AFRICAN AMERICAN Oscar Winners (or merely mentions them), then yeah she should be recognized "everytime."

1292 days ago


Now she's black!

1292 days ago


If you actually watched the show this morning you would know that Barbara opened the discussion. Also, before the next segment started Whoopie (her real name is Caryn) admitted she was wrong about the amount of time and corrected it from 70 years to 50. She is wonderful on the View and totally deserved the Oscar for that movie. The movie itself was kind of dumb but Whoopie was great. Why do some of you people have to always be so mean and negative? You must lead really pitiful lives.

1292 days ago


Its wrong and I think Whoopi has a right to be mad about the situation. If they did a list about white that won the Oscar they wouldn't forget to put the people that won.

1292 days ago


Who is Whoopi Goldberg?

1292 days ago


Normally I'm the guy who think all the negative posters are just "haters"... but this time it really is WHoopi who needs to get over herself. OK, so NYT made an error of omission... OK, so Whoopi Goldberg isn't the first name that jumps to mind when one thinks: "Greatest African-American Actors". I think Whoopi has a higher opinion of herself than almost everyone else - even if she is a "worldwide known person".

1292 days ago


We can question a lot of people who shouldn't have recieved an Oscar. That isn't the point. How could a leading newspaper make this kind of mistake? She has a right to be upset.

1292 days ago


Your not relevant!!! Go away with that stupid show!!

1292 days ago


Although I respect her as an entertainer and enjoy her work, when you elevate yourself to the point that you are insulted and "hurt" because you are not included in an article, event, etc - it's time to do a little self examination. This article was written my two critics and it was strickly there decision, based on their inidividual opinions, and who and who not to include. Get over it Whoopie!

1292 days ago
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