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Inspirational 'Idol' Raises $27K For Disabled Fiancee

2/16/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ever since "American Idol" hopeful Chris Medina revealed his financial struggles after a car accident left his fiancee partially paralyzed ... the couple has received thousands of dollars in donations ... TMZ has learned.

We're told the money began pouring in from caring "Idol" fans after Chris explained how the couple was barely managing to cover the exorbitant medical bills. So far, we're told the donations have hit the $27,000 mark.

But the generosity isn't all in cash -- a local air conditioning and heating company donated a $4,000 furnace to Medina after hearing his heater was on the fritz. The company -- King Heating and A/C -- even installed it free of charge.

Chris is pretty stoked -- in fact, he plans to perform at the store as payback whenever his schedule opens up post-"Idol."


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Why doesn't American Idol give them money?? After all, these people are what makes them rich. Why not pay it back... oh no wait.... that's just crazy talk!

1159 days ago


SW, is an idiot. IT WAS A SINGLE CAR ACCIDENT!!!! There was no other car... it was all Juliana. Whether she was drunk or not, I do not know, but she hit a pole. No one hit her.

SW, YOU should get your facts straight!!!!! People are so stupid, I dont even know why I comment on these things.

1159 days ago


I hope these donations do not hurt her in the long run. If anything is considered an "asset" by the government any aid she is receiving from them can be cancelled.

1159 days ago


Yay! I love a nice story. Thanks TMZ!

1158 days ago


I feel for them I really do. Doctors bills really add up. My mother had cancer for four years and her insurance only paid for half. Thanks to the doctors and the our community we raised enough to pay them so its nice to see fan helping out but the problem is from watching this season so far, Chris can't sing.

1158 days ago


Way to spin the story TMZ..Chris Medina did not receive the furnace, the his girlfriend Juliana and her family did....and btw, some of the comments on here are disgusting. No, she was not drunk driving. You can get some actual facts to base your comments on here... and here... . The costs of her therapies are not cheap...go Chris, you're a good guy!

1158 days ago


OK don't know what happened to my comment, it disappeared before I even posted!

I was commenting on all the judgmental people here - did you EVER stop to think that maybe Chris' headphones were a Christmas gift, or a birthday gift, or (GASP!) NOT EVEN HIS! No, I didn't think so.

Yes, it takes an inordinate amount of money to care for someone with a TBI (traumatic brain injury). I am sure Medicaid or whatever insurance she has doesn't begin to cover the costs of her care. As for the house being a "nice house" - did anyone stop to think that maybe Juliana's mother had that house BEFORE the accident? Again, I didn't think so.

And even if Juliana was driving drunk, of which there is no evidence to support that - how many of YOU have driven drunk, or high, or too tired to be behind the wheel. If she WAS impaired, I don't look at it as getting what she deserved - I look at it still as a horrible accident that perhaps didn't have to happen but in any case did and now she is paying the ultimate price. I say ultimate because I would rather be dead than have to live in her condition. Those of you who have NEVER done anything wrong can throw the first stone; the rest of you just STFU.

Some people are so lacking in compassion and care for their fellow man that I fear for our future as the human race. Every day it seems we inch closer and closer to being an "inhumane" race.

For all of you idiots out there focusing on the headphones, or the house, or even how Juliana's accident happened - GROW UP! I pray to GOD none of you ever experience what she and her loved ones go through on a daily basis. Seriously. Maybe not grow up, but grow a HEART. My best to Chris, Juliana and her mom.

1156 days ago


I was watching the show when i heard Chris's story it touched my heart and he is a good guy for sticking around not many people would have. Good luck with everything.

1151 days ago


First...LAWRENCE You are looking for some type of "proof" not everything is going to be an article on the internet...people from her home town know each other and talk to each other the family will NOT release the truth if they can avoid it...common sense. But FROG is right

Second SW you shouldn't talk because it was a one car accident if you are from around there you should have known sound stupid now.

1147 days ago
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