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Sheen to Lorre:

'I Will Outlive You'

2/15/2011 10:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just fired a joking shot back at "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre by saying, "Chuck, I will outlive you. I will piss you off " ... but added, "I miss you, man."

TMZ ran into a very refreshed-looking Charlie in L.A. -- and he seemed completely unfazed by Chuck's not-so-subtle jab at him at the end of last night's "Two and a Half Men."

Charlie also reiterated his urge to get back to work ... telling Chuck, "Get off those other shows. Get back to the one that launched those."

We're sure the "Men" crew feels the same way.


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This man is so egotistical and a lier. I don't believe anything he says. He says he will live longer than Chuck Lorre, you no he probably will!!!! Satan never dies. Give it up Charlie, your days r over as far as the public liking u, and so is Two And A Half men as long as ur on it!!!!!!!

1310 days ago

Betty Garrett    

What a sick arrogant a-- hole he is.

1309 days ago


Sorry but I must stand up for Charlie.Charlie did not blame anyone for not showing up at work.He just told what happened when he went into work that day in my opinion.I am so tired of people picking on Charlie.I'll always be around to defend him.


Charlie Fan

1309 days ago


Dear Carol,

Thanks for commenting back to me.Yes, I agree the most important is for Charlie to be around for his children.I believe he is doing better so that is good.Keep him and his family in my prayers.God bless you for replying back and you're a very sweet lady.

I am not a Mother but have a Godson so yes Children always comes first to me too.


Charlie fan

1309 days ago


Poor guy he has no clue. I guess what they say is true. First, you have to admit to yourself that you have a problem. He can't even do that yet. He won't outlive anyone with his current attitude.

1309 days ago


Charlie looks less skinny in this video and more into shape you think? Just was curious if anyone had any opinion's on that.Thanks if you want to share and have a great Friday.

Charlie Fan

1308 days ago

Hey Now    

I saw Platoon and was really good. So deep. And yes (Harlet) Charlie was 1 of the 3 major roles in the movie. Obviously I knew it was a war movie but I didn't know it would be that deep. I tend not to watch movies with all that emotion because I don't like to feel sad. I already think too much as it is.

You can't say that Charlie doesn't have any talent altho it was back when he was in his 20's or so.

It strikes me after seeing a couple of his more serious roles - that Charlie used to know how to feel. The roles in WallStreet and Platoon were pretty deep (especially Platoon) and I am not ready to believe that all of his talent evaporated.

If you watch those movies and then see Charlie today, it makes you wonder what the f happened. It's like he just decided that nothing really means anything any more. It's hard to think that he never cared at all about anything. I don't believe that.

But anyway, I was thinking I was getting ready to watch one of those Hollywood made-for-movies type thing but Platoon was very sad, deep, real.

I know he can still do stuff like that. It doesn't all go away when you leave your 20's. :) I hope he knows that. I hope he's ok - despite whatever. Sometimes you just have a gut feeling and to me it doesn't seem like he's really the horrible person many of you are saying. I know bad things have happened to him with his relationships and addictions but I know there is something there. I hope he can get that back.

I know he's in this comedy thing but I'm not talking about that. I've only seen it once but I mean some deep roles. Heck he could even play an addict who is tormented and trying to find his way back to something (in a future movie). He's really good and I hope he does not give up on himself. I know most other people have - even many in his family - but I don't know - since I am not in his family and didn't really have a negative or positive view about him before, I think I can be objective.

I really just wish he can get better and get some of that spark back. His talent is undeniable. I don't know if he displays it much today but he has something that he shouldn't give up - and I don't mean the money, drugs, or hookers. He should give all that up and latch on to that meaning or fuel or fire he knows he once had.

1306 days ago



You degraded yourself, your family, your show, your bosses, your network, your co-worker's, and the women you preyed on.


1302 days ago


In retrospect, it's pretty obvious that this bizarre article that panders to him was simply to elicit the exclusive you eventually elicited. He's a jerk, but so are you guys.

1301 days ago

Patricia Whitmore    

Charlie Sheen is certifiable. I don't watch him anymore. Sad for the other actors on "Men."

1301 days ago


He's delusional to believe he'll get work in a movie - nobody is ever going to insure that loser!!!

1301 days ago

Darwin and Jean Voet    

We were faithful Two and A Half Men watchers, hoping all along someone would step in and get Charlie the help he so obviously needs, but this has not come to pass. Would we watch 2&1/2 men if he were replaced, so that the show and all the loveable characters in it could go on? you bet we would!

The cast is great with or without Charlie, and there are lots of great young actors, who could replace him, or an older gentlemen actor who could be Alan and Charlies long lost father,and Jakes Grandfather hence a new storyline, and a new 2 1/2 man

1301 days ago


its his life , if he want to die or drink or snort or whatever he does its up to him !! the show is great and hate to see it cancelled !!

1301 days ago


Again CHUCKLES...let's let the people in on a known secret of a drug addict...and something every woman already knows.

Any man who brags about all of the "tail" he's getting? Is the guy who can't even get it up. They talk a big game, but can't get IN the game.

Think of George Clooney, Gerard Butler...THE REAL MEN OF don't hear a bunch of B.S. out of them...why? because they are ACTUALLY having all the sex YOU ONLY TALK ABOUT!
aahahahahahahahaha good luck Mr. Limpit.

1300 days ago

K Myers    

Pleae forward to Mr. Lorre....

We are all fed up with Charlie Sheen. I think you should have Rose kidnap him and write the show around the Rose/Charlie hostage. Then bring in a replacement....There were two Darrens on Bewitched, that worked. They replace Valerie with Sandy Duncan, awhole new character. We can take it, we love the writing of the show. We love Jon Cryer and Angus...toss Charlie. He think's he's a God, he can do without us!

1297 days ago
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