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'Men' Creator HITS BACK At Charlie Sheen

2/15/2011 1:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has fired back at Charlie Sheen -- making light of the actor's history with drugs, booze and porn stars during last night's show ... and then stating, "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I’m gonna be really pissed.”


Lorre posted a message in a 2-second slate that ran at the end of last night's "Men" episode -- here's the message in it's entirety:


It's not the first time Lorre has used the slate to weigh in on the Charlie situation -- a few weeks ago, he ran a message that read:

 "Do not attempt to replicate what you saw in tonight's episode of Two and a Half Men ... Please keep in mind that we employ a highly-paid Hollywood professional who has years of experience with putting his life at risk. And sadly no, I'm not talking about our stunt man."


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Perfect defense: Charlie Sheen should claim he is a method actor and was doing research for his Two and 1/2 Men character. Then he should be able to write of all those expenses (hookers, drugs, etc) on his taxes, right??!!

1283 days ago


Sorry Chuck, all roads lead to the cemetary anyway! "Eat right, exercise... die anyway!"

And remember, "Only the good die young!"

1276 days ago


Funny Show,but it's time to cut charlie loose and if the people in hollywood have any back bone they will not hire him for anything.

1276 days ago

Byron Green    

Hey Lorre how will u be pissed ??? you will be dead
and my usual response to all the negative charlie poster losers all of you. eat s-h-i-t and die .
Charlie lives go Charlie go
Its in the grapevine Charlie's new sitcom Charlie's Ho's its gonna be a bigger hit thn 2 1/2 men

1276 days ago

KC Williamson.     

I hope you guys make up. There is so much stress in the American workforce, I, for one, need this show to bring some comic relief at the end of the day. I love this show--actors who can act and writers who can write;the chemistry cannot be replaced!! Much love and many prayers for all involved!!

1275 days ago


Chuck, How about killing off Charlie in a drunk driving accident? He wasn't drunk for a change, someone else was. Or use the accident from The World According to Garp. Go on with the show with Alan, Jake and Berta.

1275 days ago


I absolutly love charlie sheen, he is everything you aholes are not BRAVE

1275 days ago


Now I've really seen it all. I hope all you that comment keep your words because this happens in your work place as well. So you mean to tell me that "the Man" is right? Whether it's Charlie or any other actor?

1274 days ago


That was unprofessional and unfair to air a statement like that on national TV about one of the actors. I dont blame Charlie Sheen for firing back. As an actress, I dont want my personal bizness blabbed all over, especially not by someone I work with. As long as he makes it to work and does his job, that is what matters. I hope Charlie gets the help he needs and is able to continue to work in Hollywood without his reputation being too tarnished by this unfortunate chain of events.

1274 days ago


Two and a half men was the best comedy show on TV the last 10 years. This show was the only reason I even watch CBS. So what if he's had a couple drinks and had a few different women. The drugs I can understand, don't care for that part Charlie. But he's still Charlie Sheen and will always be a fan..just wish you had a bigger part in Wall Street II. Bye Bye CBS, guess I have to wait for the Masters till i turn on your channel again.

1274 days ago


I watch men every night and when it is off one channel I search other channels for more, to me that is one of the best show on tv which makes you searching for more. is that show based on Charlie's real life because it is all about the drinking, women and so forth. If Charlie, hub, Jake or berta is not one the show I will definitely stop watching it. Charlie keeps the show alive.
Please bring the show back.

1274 days ago


These guys are both being big babies. Charlie's an idiot and Chuck's an ass. Charlie gets all of his acting residuals every time a show runs in re-runs or syndication all over the WORLD. Chuck gets his creator residuals every time a show runs in re-runs or syndication. All the rest of the cast gets residuals for ever. The crew, who mostly gets barely more than minimum wage...the folks who made both of them look good get unemployment checks and not even enough hours to qualify for health care. Thanks a lot!! Hope you both get into your Bentleys and drive very fast and very recklessly off into the sunset. Watch out for that hairpin turn.

1274 days ago

joe m.    

Sick, Sick, Evil man, Charlie. Sick, Sick, Evil show. Good riddance! Looonng..overdue!!!

1274 days ago


Uhh oh, Charlie made a disparaging comment about Chaim. No matter how talented, no one gets away with picking on the Chosenites.

Prepare to be Gibsoned, Mr. Sheen.

1274 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a successful, arrogant, egomaniacal ACTOR who seems to be unable to separate his 'actor's persona' from his 'actual persona'. Charlie should be more concerned about God, his 'Creator' and less offended by recent acitons of his 'hollywood series/character creator'. Chuck Lorre sounds like a sane and spiritually healthy man, who is quite understandably fed up with Charlie's outlandish behaviors! I clearly understand his being 'pissed off' if Charlie outlives him. However, it's important to understand that the world is 'polluted' and carnal pleasure seems to require dancing with the DEVIL! Charlie lives life with NO SHAME and has decided to gamble with his future, as least concerning his 'spiritual life'! He seems to have decided to live life as if there is NO GOD, NO CREATOR. Charlie may not believe in heaven or hell,, but who cares; but he WILL spend eternity SOMEWHERE! That's a long time, Charlie! Heaven sounds like a much more appealing place to spend eternity than HELL! Charlie Sheen is a pathetic and lonely man who needs to seek God; and the beginning of wisdom is the 'fear of God'! Wise up Charlie!

1274 days ago
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