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HERO Who Stopped Knife Maniac Gets UFC Praise

2/15/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The HERO who stopped a knife-wielding maniac in NYC this weekend got a surprise visit from UFC president Dana White yesterday ... after Dana learned Joseph Lozito used an MMA move to take down the bad guy.

It's an unbelievable story -- Lozito was brutally attacked and stabbed in a NYC subway train on Saturday by Maksim Gelman -- who had been targeted in a massive manhunt after allegedly murdering four people and injuring five during a 28-hour stabbing spree.

But after being stabbed in his head and his arm --Lozito managed to drop Maksim with a single leg takedown ... a move he learned from 20 years of watching the UFC.

Cops swooped in moments later and took Maksim into custody.

Lozito doesn't believe he's a hero. We beg to differ.

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Humble guy but he's a hero! Great story and despite the killings he saved more lives. Key to the City!!!

1309 days ago



"He finally ran into the "wrong", or in the case "right" New Yorker."

Actually, the "right New Yorker" was a Philly dude visiting NY.

I heard he stuck 2 fingers down his throat and puked on the punk after he took him down.

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

That is pretty awesome. Hope Donald Trump takes him out for pizza and a beer.

1309 days ago

fioo hoos    

13 is a unlucky number!.seven is GOOD luck a knife to the back of the head is not a single leg hook!.A single leg is not a take down it is a throw without control and it didn`t work so well.Those wounds could or still could kill the defences.Many better moves than a one leg hook.TV fights are fake REAL life has no holds bared or weapons banded.Knife got way to close to death zones and even made some bad wounds.Many many better moves that an`t on fake TV mans in tights move`ss

1309 days ago


FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He Truly is a HERO!!!!!

1309 days ago

ignorant non-apple user    

'We/I beg to differ' is the most over-ratted comment anyone can say. If you truely do "beg to differ" then ****ing do something! Anyone can ****ing talk you ****ing puppets!

1309 days ago


Joseph Lozito, well done. Accept the honors and the title hero, I think it you deserve them.

1309 days ago



1309 days ago


I LOVE SEEING STORIES LIKE THIS!!! Way to go, Joseph! He stopped a mass murdering serial killer with a leg sweep move he saw on TV; that's absolutely hilarious! Sounds like the stabber forgot the first rule of any confrontation: don't get into a confrontation with someone unless you know what they're capable of. He finally ran into someone he couldn't intimidate and who could take care of himself.

Regardless of what he may think, this guy's definitely a HERO. Give this guy a key to the city; he deserves it!

1309 days ago


daveys davies KINKo`s death of a clown? for donnel hump? WTF dave don`t know the arts from the farts.manho cover`ss from scarletto ribbon`ss sic mansons fryed your brain with rat dust.TV and movie man in tights an`t REAL DUDE! it`s fake as a andy cipollo`s trust fund GOLD ciff note cigar?

1309 days ago

Y do he got    

SKULLBONE stopped the knife as he tacked him it`s that simple.Headbut and tackled a one legger is not a takedown it`s called a simple trip or single leg hook and without control he got stabbed.Get some free self defence classes.get off your tass TV and movies are fake THUSLY YOUR WOUND ARE REAL.Get real training in the artzs not in showboat tunes in tights

1309 days ago


Finally we can call someone a hero who actually deserves it. He could have ran, but chose to stay and fight. I love it.Way to go dude.

1309 days ago


The knife had no skills and missed his neck target by a few inches.The guy was to big%tall to stab I`am sure his other kills were much smaller people.Same old old story guys meets someone his size and game over.If he had made this kill than there would be no hero?unless his hero still stopped him!.He almost got dead too..take some REAL self defence classes or get DOA as like everyone else.TV man in tights an`t REAL self defence it`s a scoreing system or a LOCK hold stop win by points.Real self defence sin`t on TV or in a movie

1309 days ago


FREAKING AWESOME..................

1309 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Great job, hope Dana gives him life time tickets. FYI the UFC started in 1993 about 18 years ago not 20......check your facts TMZ

1309 days ago
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