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Frankie Muniz' Girlfriend:

He Put a Gun to His Head

2/15/2011 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Frankie Muniz put a gun to his head and punched his girlfriend during a nuclear domestic argument Friday night ... this according to the woman.

Elycia Turnbow

TMZ obtained a police report filed in Phoenix, AZ last Friday.  According to the report, Muniz and his girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow, were arguing in their home about "prior relationships."  Elycia told cops, Frankie "grabbed a gun and held it to his head, possibly with the intent of committing suicide."


Elycia says she became worried and called one of Frankie's bandmates to take him to the hospital.

Frankie tells a different story, claiming Elycia was screaming and yelling at him when he "fell and hit his head."  Muniz says that's why he went to the hospital.  Muniz denied putting a gun to his head, but did say, "I grabbed the case, but not the gun ... it isn't even loaded."

In fact ... the cops did find the gun and it was loaded.

Muniz was released a short time later, went home, and just after 10PM the same night, things exploded back at the house.  According to the police report, Elycia says, Frankie "punched her in the back of the head, and threw her into a wall while in the downstairs bedroom."

Muniz denied punching Elycia, telling cops, "I love her too much.  She is the woman I want to marry."

Muniz told cops ...  what actually happened was that he was sleeping but awakened "by Elycia yelling at him and hitting him in the face."  Muniz said he was defending himself when "Elycia fell to the ground and started to kick the bedroom door."

Cops say in the report ... there were no visible injuries.

The handgun was impounded and both Frankie and Elycia were warned they'd both go to jail if things got out of control again.



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This is a TOTAL publicity stunt! HELLO... Definitely staged. Muniz is wanting to transform from 'awkward child star' to 'bad boy'. This is to plug his new band "You Hang Up" right before they release their first single. He's the drummer. Have to admit though, they sound awesome! Anywho... can totally see that he needed a little 'tabloid' boost to get him noticed again ;) You go Frankie!

1348 days ago

No Name    

They Are Crayz ! When they began dating again! such relationships do not even want to think about what happens if married to me must leave the decision to want to get married or still in love if they must be treated seriously

1348 days ago


Hmm Malcolm's tired of being in the middle...

1347 days ago


Hope he runs outta money soon and they do a sex tape. cauz we all agree she's hot.

1347 days ago


No way should these two marry or even live together if they fight like this. So this is where Frankies been since we've last heard from him.

1346 days ago


Muniz The Midget is going bald already! Sheesh!!! Muniz's head looks like the shape of a lightbulb, and ears nearly level with his shoudler. Freaky looking guy!!!

1345 days ago

Larry H.    

I think Muniz is telling the truth..of course, he WAS the star of Big Fat Liar, so who knows?

1342 days ago


.-. Wow.

Surprising that he would get the case at all. He claimed it wasn't loaded and surprise, surprise, it was.
Now, it is possible that he actually didn't know it had any bullets. Possibly, he lied to get himself out of trouble.
It is also possible that, she is lying.

She is really pretty, gorgeous, but him hitting her and throwing he into the wall, I don't care if you don't bruise easily, she would have bruised at least lightly from that.
However, if she wa********* him, he was most likely not marked, just annoyed. Though you should never hit anyone, he may have, not as she explained but possibly from being randomly hit.
In instinct he may have tried to get whatever wa********* him, mere reflexes.

Yeah, he may look jacked up from how he looked when he was younger, but age and stress tend to make people like that. Maybe he shouldn't be stressed out from a girl like her but he is.

Domestic Violence? No offense, but she didn't look like Rhianna looked or other Domestic Violence cases that have been leaked, released or shown.

I believe he should dump her, just walk away and don't look back. He doesn't deserve that. Especially people believing what she said, just because she is the helpless damsel in distress or helpless, weak girl. They are both to blame here.
She tries charging him with Domestic Violence, probably because she wants more money. Once it goes as far as charges, he should dump her not marry her. Just my opinion.

1197 days ago


He is a washed up broke elf who is quickly going bald so why would WE even care if he did!

1069 days ago
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