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CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

2/15/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS News reporter Lara Logan was sexually assaulted after being surrounded by a crazed mob in Tahrir Square on Friday ... moments after Hosni Mubarak officially stepped down.

Lara Logan

According to CBS, Logan and her crew were covering a story for "60 Minutes" when they were surrounded by a mob of more than 200 people and she was separated from her security team.

CBS says 39-year-old Logan "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers."

CBS continues, "[Logan] reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering."

Logan and her team had been detained by Egyptian police 8 days before the sexual assault -- and Logan had reported, "We were accused of being more than journalists, very frightening suggestions were being made. Suggestions that really could be very dangerous for us."

Story developing ...

CBS Reporter Raped


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Chris O.    

SHE'S A HOE. And she is ugly prob why she got a beat down.

1315 days ago


Lara Logan was a beautiful, shining light, surrounded by
darkness in Cairo that night.
It is disgusting, that the people, whose story, Lara was
bringing to the world's attention, were the ones that attacked
her in such a vicious, brutal fashion.
Beautiful, intelligent women really frighten some people.

Lara's personal life, is her personal business.

Lara will come back stronger than before.

God's Speed Lara!

1315 days ago


We are so lucky, in the United States - we have no rapes, gang rapes, other sexual assaults, no domestic abuse, and no other crimes against women. This great record -- all because we respect our women. You may recall some years ago - after a parade - a number of females were sexually assulted in NYC. When immediately reported to law enforcement officials - the police failed to immediately respond. The Egyption women and the military intervined and probably saved this reporters life. Those of you put this reporter in the catagory of "unfit mother",because her life was at risk, just don't understand what dedication is all about. I am a retired military member and was ready to do whatever our contury asked of me. Reporting the NEWS is also a calling - not just a money maker. Lara Logan is wounded, will recover and continue to answer the call to bring truth to the frontline - regardless of the danger. As courageous as our troops - Lara deserves a Medal -- not scorn. jcg

1315 days ago


we are not living in paradise you must know this is not paradise Earth is not a paradise

1315 days ago


we are not living in paradise you must know this is not paradise Earth is not a paradise

1315 days ago


It's my understanding she wasn't ra pe d during the ordeal. I am wondering if the prolonged indignity of having her blouse ripped off by a mob of disapproving men shouting insults on top of injury constitutes sexual battery? Don't get me wrong, I am deeply sorry the she was degraded in such a roughhanded fashion but isn't it customary in a Muslim society to beat and humiliate a woman if she goes out into public without wearing a burka? Obviously in this instance the arrogant infidel was asking for it. Isn't that also why Anderson Cooper was beaten by the Cairo mob earlier? Because he too wasn't hiding his g a y ness behind a burka.

1315 days ago


Dear Ms. Logan,
Ignore the sexist babblers. You are one brave anchorlady who made an incredible sacrifice to bring us the truth. I hope and pray for all the very best medical and religious karma to be on your side, which is our side too, during your recovery and I look forward to your work in the future. -John

1315 days ago



1315 days ago


Sounds like a PR setup to me. They didn't seem to care much when American Rachel Corrie was MURDERED in Israel by a member of the IDF.

1315 days ago

John Doe    

Hey Keith's wife! Justice Department? Seriously? I think you should be given the next middle east ASSignment. Sounds like you aren't getting any action at home. You are the joke you worthless OBAMA-ZOMBIE LIBTARD!

1315 days ago

American Badass    

After this, I suppose most if not all liberals will find any excuse they can to defend these Egyptian sub-humans. These Middle Eastern animals are supposed to be so religious, yet in their demented minds if they strap a bomb to themselves and kill innocent people, they will have 32 virgins in the afterlife. This is a religion? What morons. Solve the Middle East's problems once and for all, turn the whole region into a parking lot by nuking the entire area, the world would be a better place without their delusional bull****. Remember, these bastards flew a hijacked plane into two New York skyscrapers. The people who assaulted this woman should be found and brought to this country and dealt with using overwhelming violence. They are the enemy!!!!

1315 days ago


You are all soo wrong she is a human being like everyone else damn WTF is this world coming to if y'all don't care About reporters then stop watching the ****ING NEWS.

1315 days ago


Karma, USA is a big responsable for the horrors that Egypt were living...The rape against that barbie girl is a simbolic message given for the yankees who think they can own the entire world with their corrupt puppets

1315 days ago


thats the ****, aryan shabbos goy logan got what she had coming, hahaha. keep it up, bitch

1315 days ago

david lantic    

read this:

1315 days ago
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