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Mickey Rooney -- My Stepson's Trying to Rob Me!

2/15/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rooney's stepson has just been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the 90-year-old actor -- on grounds he "threatens, intimidates ... and harasses Mickey" ... and is trying to steal his fortune.


An L.A. judge issued the stay-away order today -- after the actor's 52-year-old stepson Christopher Aber allegedly tried to coerce Rooney into signing over his assets. Aber's wife has also been ordered to stay away from the actor.

But money ain't all Mickey's worried about -- according to his petition, "Mickey is extremely fearful that Chris will become physically threatening against Mickey and may even attempt to kidnap Mickey from his home."

In fact, Mickey asked the judge to appoint a temporary conservator to protect his assets in the wake of his stepson's alleged threats.

The judge granted his request and appointed Rooney's lawyer to serve as conservator.


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I have been asked by the Aber's to comment on their behalf. Christopher and Christina are concerned for Mickey's well being. Mark Aber has been threatening to do this for a long time. Mark feels he is entitled to money because his mon Janet is married to Mickey. Mark is a recovering drug addict and right now we are not sure if he has relapsed. The Abers also know that when they go to court the judge will find out that these statements are untrue. Mickey did not request this order and isn't really sure what he has signed. Mickey is definately being taken advantage of. The one statement that Mark said was "he is being deprived of food" does not make sense. If Mark is living there why isn't he giving him food?? Mark Aber changed his name legally to Rooney in hopes to be famous. Mark was an adult when Jan married Mickey. Mark also took Jan to psychiatric ward in L.A. the day before this story broke because he did not want her to know what was happening. Please wait to pass judjment on Christopher Aber. The truth will come out.

1349 days ago


ITCHY-BALLS is a complete moron.

All caps? Really? Welfare? Are you kidding. You must be 17 years old to have posted that verbal vomit. You clearly do not know a thing about Mickey Rooney.

Mr Rooney DERSERVES massive amounts of respect you idiot. He is a class act. He has entertained the masses for countless generations. His films stand the test of time. I have truly been blessed to have watched so many of his movies.
Thanks Mickey!

For you to bash him is making me shake my head. I hope you live as long, and have as wonderful of an outlook on life as Mr. Rooney has.

Truly shame on you, may a giant bolt of lightening hit you right on top of your brainless skull.

What a tool you are.....oh, and Mr. Rooney has a list of leading ladies that would put you to shame, but, with a 'handle' like itchy balls....I won't ask what your problem is.

We know already, I suspect it is blue balls now. Try masterbation for that issue, or some cream for them balls.

1349 days ago


I know a 90 year old woman who gave her money to a niece who promised to take care of her and take her for doctors visits and whatever she needed and wanted. Now, the niece doesn't do anything for this old women and she takes a cab to places she needs to go. She is alone and sad...

Micky is doing what he should be doing and perhaps he should take a closer look at his wife....

1349 days ago


he better watch his wife too! both ready to pounce on him, like groucho marx wife, and martha rays hubby.. and zsa zsa;s hubby.. its HIS money, he worked hard to get it and he can throw it all into the wind if he chooses to do so..bunch of your back mickey!

1349 days ago


I don't care what anyone says, Mickey is a living legend, Hollywood icon. I hope he doesn't get taken advantage of by some bottom feeding no name pissant!

1349 days ago


what a moron just treat the old guy with respect and he would make sure you are taken care of..whats so hard about that..jeezz people are dumb

1349 days ago


Sorry friends of Chris Aber but "stepsons" have no rights of inheritance end of story. Micky would be nuts to sign over all his assets to him. The judge has appointed a lawyer to serve as conservator so that solves the problem and your friends shouldn't worry now. Mark can't get to the money...... or Chris.

1349 days ago


Mickey is a total douche but I don't think the stepson should try to take his double-wide from the mobile park until the jerk is dead.

1349 days ago


Believe it or not, Mickey Rooney is a damn good actor. You might not be able to tell from the movies he did, but he was/is.

1349 days ago

janis Bunting    

Sounds like dementia.

1349 days ago


According to Mickey is worth 38 million. So he did a good thing by going to court. Some poeple are just trying to get a free ride, and it sounds like itchyballs may be one of them.

1349 days ago


Leave this one of the last of the golden era of movie veterans the hell alone. Congrats on the 90 years Mick!

1349 days ago

get real    

Which of Your wives sons. Hope not current wife.

1349 days ago


Mickey came into the cafe that I worked at and was a complete *******...can't stand him!

1349 days ago
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