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I Gave Acid-Tripping

Home Intruder $20

2/15/2011 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moby has officially achieved new, unparalleled levels of chillness -- not only did he NOT call the cops on the guy who broke into his house tripping balls on acid, he even gave him a sweater ... and $20!!!

The DJ-turned-Good Samaritan gave the hilarious blow-by-blow last night in L.A. -- telling us, he found the intruder sitting in his living room at 7am ... high off his ass on LSD and totally disoriented.

According to Moby, "He was completely harmless ... It was too early to cook breakfast for him. So, we just gave him $20 and a sweatshirt and sent him on his way for breakfast."

As for why he didn't call the police -- Moby simply explained, "He didn't stab me."


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MightyMoron- i'm pretty sure thats improper american english (y'all are so damn dumb), i highly doubt someone outside of the United States would use such a phrase. so if you are truly an american bitching about america pretending to be somewhere else, you sir are COWARD and pathetic. /facepalm

1343 days ago


THIS IS WHAT LSD IS LIKE! THIS IS THE TRUTH! STFU, if you didn't know this! Thank me later.

1343 days ago



1343 days ago


This is old news! I heard about it 2 weeks ago.

1343 days ago


My friend did the same...same crazy chick tripping her ass off broke into their house, she was almost naked. They put a robe on her found out what she was on and waited it out with her. Never called the police...when she was able to tell them a phone number of a friend, they called her and she came and picked her up. About a week later they got a package with the robe, a hundred dollars, flowers and a thank you note from the mystery girl. Some people are just nice...go figure. Im pretty sure she wont be breaking in again and trying to go all Manson family on them in the future.

1343 days ago


Only in L.A. If someone broke into my house there's a chance he'd be leaving in a body bag.

1343 days ago


Also, in my line of work, ive had the pleasure of hanging with Moby several times over the last couple of decades here and there. He is just a true nice guy with an amazing love for people and life. Reading this doesn't surprise me at all. I think if a lot of these people making these comments about him actually ever met him, they would think of him differently. He's just a really good, good guy....wish all of the celebrities/musicians ive had to work with were as nice as he.

1343 days ago


Moby rocks. Go you!

1343 days ago


moby, you're a very angry person. i recommend you seek help, or stay off of tmz, or the internet for that matter. in all your rants you failed to address the real issue, all you did was state you hate another country for one news article. you say we're going to ****, but you sir are going to hell. i have morale standards that guide me, you do not. the value of life doesn't concern you, which tells me you're a very unloved person. i do not wish to fight you, only to say that you shouldn't be so angry, if these are fighting words to you, then i was right with my assumption that it's usually the hate mongering sociopaths who rant about americans. sad story here folks.

1343 days ago


And what is your address, kind sir?

1343 days ago


Thanks Moby that was the guy who stabbed me when he saw me walking down the street and thought I was a tofurkey sausage. I dont blame you though cause you were cool and sent him on his way thank you for unleashing that acid crazed completely harmless druggie out into the streets.

1343 days ago


Moby is one cool guy. Im sure this drugged up guy will appreciate his kindness. It's obvious the guy on LSD had no clue where he was. If he did Im quite sure he would have stolen a few pricey items while breaking and entering. If I had found a person disoriented on drugs in my home, I would have asked him what he was doing and asked him to leave. If he didnt leave then yes the cops would have been involved.

1343 days ago


If i find you at my table tonight the cops will find you on the floor when they show up and trust me there will be no hurry.

1343 days ago


Actually, finding someone asleep in a bed is quite common in college towns. The students get super drunk and tired and just want a nice warm place to sleep.

And $20 is plenty for a good breakfast.

1343 days ago


Would hate to have to make some druggie bleed all over my expensive carpets.

1343 days ago
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