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O.J. Laughs Off False Prison Beatdown Report

2/16/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not only is it completely untrue that O.J. Simpson got his ass handed to him in a bloody prison fight recently -- we're told it's SO untrue that when the Juice finally got wind of it ... he couldn't stop laughing.

Sources at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada tell TMZ, reports of Simpson being beaten to a "bloody pulp" during a prison yard fight were so ridiculous, guards pulled O.J. from his cell ... just to tell him about the crazy rumors.

Simpson found the mass confusion incredibly entertaining -- in fact, we're told he "laughed his ass off" at reports of the racially-motivated prison attack.

For the record -- an official rep for the prison tells us, there have been "no incidents regarding O.J. in any shape or form." Finally, a clean slate.

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Too bad he wasn't beaten to a bloody pulp -- being beaten to death is what he deserves. Someday.............hopefully!!

1345 days ago


Karma is a motherf*cker.

1345 days ago


What a bummer! I was so excited to hear the news that he got beat up. For all you simple-minded people on here defending him, I was in LA and went to school with the wife of a cop who was in the room at Parker Center when OJ confessed. That's why his first lawyer quit. Also, it was overheard when he was talking to his old witch of a mother on the cell phone during the famous chase down the 405, he said "Momma, she made me do it" to which she replied "Son, plead insanity." Not only were his lawyers shocked he got off, but the judge went to chambers and cried, he was in such shock.

1345 days ago


I doubt OJ is going to get his ass kicked.
People have said he was, pound for pound, the strongest person they have ever met. Which is why he could virtually decapitate a person with only a knife.

1345 days ago


Team OJ! They railroaded him just like they railroaded the Martinsville Seven, the largest mass execution for rape in U.S. history! 60 yrs ago to date, in Richmond VA, they executed 7 black men for the rape of one white woman! Never in the history of VA had a white man EVER been executed for the rape of ANY woman, black or white, yet they killed 7 black men, 6 of which were under age 20! Bet you never heard this American history story, have you white man! Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

1345 days ago


I'll make it simple TMZ: Why is this O.J.-******* given a post here?

1345 days ago


I said, "*******."

1345 days ago

Jeff Becker    


1345 days ago


I think these false/fake stories are great--only wish it were true Reminds me of Inglourious Basterds where they kill Hitler. Very satisfying ending to a mass-murdering maniac.

Let's hope that it happens for real some day. Although I think it would be hard for some skinhead to beat up the Juice. He's a big guy, and obviously pretty violent.

1345 days ago


N.O. Lady you are absolutely right. Times are changing and when you are the minority, you will be pulling the race card for all things imagined. Your kind have always pulled even when you were in the majority.

1345 days ago


OJ's a king in there.

1345 days ago

billy cema    

OJ's dad died of Aids. He was a flamboyant queen up in the Hunters Point area of San Francisco.
Recently, a story came out that he was enjoying the attention of transgender prisoners, who made him feel like a king!

We will probably see the ending to this sick person within our lifetime.
But hey, it won't be the end. He will have to meet with Nicole Simpson and Ron Goodman in the next life. They will point the finger at him in front of the heavenly court.

1345 days ago


#14 You Obviously do'nt know all the facts either.When he tried to get some phone records he claimed would help him with his search to find the killer a Judge denied his Request.If you are going to put someone down for what they said make sure you know what you are talking about.

1345 days ago


The Aryan Brotherhood needs to save face asap.

1345 days ago


I wouldn't want to see any senior citizen beaten up, except this one. Since he is somewhat of a famous personality I am sure his jailers keep a close eye on Old Orenthal. This is a gentle care prison anyway, and not maximum security.

1345 days ago
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