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Nazi Goosestepping During Live Concert

2/16/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell Williams broke into a full-on goosestepping Nazi salute during a concert in Vegas this week ... and TMZ has obtained the footage.

Pharrell's people say to us, "You can't see it because his hand isn't in the picture, but Pharrell is throwing up the Star Trek sign, which is also the sign for his record label, Star Trak. To suggest that he is doing anything else is wrong and downright silly."

So we ask ...


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Just another chapter of NBB, "Negroids Behaving Badly", brought to you daily by TMZ for your enjoyment and disgust.

1308 days ago


The very little brain down in his pants just wanted some air, he had to move around a lot.

1308 days ago


People are so over-sensitive. In England, it doesn't matter weather your black, white, green or any other colour.
He is blatantly just doing a bit of a "funny walk". He is a clever and successful man, don't you think if he were going to be racist he'd be a bit more sly, or contrastingly, overt.

1308 days ago

what He said    

that is crazy it is a free country and that is a GREAT strength training leg workout...I doubt he meant it any other way.

Hey the Natzi's did the "goose step" and did the "horizontal bop" maybe the latter should be a crime as well.

I'm telling.

1308 days ago


Offensive...only because he cant dance. "L"

1308 days ago

His Prince Michael    

It's not only extremely offensive, it's pure Cowardice:
You know, I know, and he knows, that was a text-book
Nazi goose-step. If, he had not ended his little Hate-routine
with the "Sieg Heil" salute, he might have had an out.
Even the Deutche posters, are mad. Sadly, a music-form that could've been a great unifying-force, has been long been relegated to merely another vile, senseless, Cultural poison:
GOT Muppets? Either way, across America, "The Double Standard"
is finally being rejected by ALL Peoples, and undoubtedly, a public apology should be diligently sought.
Micah 7;15, is NOW. Zechariah 12;8 is NOW. Daniel 12;1 was HERE: The CHRIST KING YESHUA, be magnified!

1308 days ago

the truth    

The GooseStep was done by many armies long before the Nazi's took it over

1308 days ago


It is hard to see what he is really doing...

if he is making reference to Nazi's in anyway he should be making an apology.

There is nothing cool about trying to make what happened to thousands of helpless people cool!

He should be more careful about what "dance" moves he is stepping!!!!!

1308 days ago


The guy behind him is doing the vulcan "live ling and prosper" sign, so I don't view anything offensive here. Additionally, the goosestep was done before the Nazi party came into existance, and the last time I checked, they didn't own it. Hence, even if he were goosestepping, I wouldn't find it offensive.

1308 days ago


WOW Germans don't be offended! I'm a huge fan of pharrell, he's definitely Not racist and he's been doing that dance since 2008. He does it to his band N.E.R.D's song Spaz it's like the dance for the song! You just spa out and do what you want and act crazy. He was not doing the goose dance or whatever. You can even see him SPAZING in the N.E.R.D - Spaz music video. Look it up!!

1308 days ago

Crystal V    

@#80...THANK YOU!!!! But I bet people wont listen.

1308 days ago


I agree with some of the comments. If it were a white guy doing this it would have been very wrong, but a black guy doing it isn't bad. (as I've seen in the votes) o_O What's wrong with this picture?

1308 days ago

Lola Murden    

OMG people get the hell over yourselves Racism CLEARLY still exist because everyone wanna always tlk about if he was white black vice versa...**** we are all humans..Nazi era was decades ago...why is it still an issue. Complete ignorance..

He performing...whether he did or did not throw up a nazi sign why get offended? people grow sum thick skin n live life btw pharell is the Best...Id Nazi goosestep right with him...since thats what u guys call having fun...

1308 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

If poetic justice exists, this guy gets his arms & legs broken. POS.

1308 days ago


Lol this reverse racism crap is the only argument white people use nowadays.

Trying to throw another black dude under the bus? Watch this vid and tell me he's goosestepping.

In the red hat.

Right. He's just doing his rendition of the skank dance...on a song called "Spaz."

Go figure

1308 days ago
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