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Banksy Billboard Client -- FURIOUS Over Removal

2/17/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The company that paid for the advertisement on a Hollywood billboard tagged by infamous graffiti artist Banksy is PISSED the ad was taken down ... TMZ has learned.


A rep for The Light Group -- a management company based in Las Vegas -- tells us CBS' outdoor advertising department is responsible for peeling off the billboard ... and they tore it down without ever contacting Light Group management.  

The Light Group rep tells us, "We're extremely pissed ... It's our billboard that got tagged .. it's not their billboard ... CBS clearly has ZERO appreciation for art!!!"

The rep added some parting praise for the Academy Award nominated artist, "We were flattered Banksy tagged on our ad -- it was epic."

The Light Group was told it will be allowed to keep the work of art -- so far, no word on what it plans to do with it.



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My auntie owns a David Hockney. You'd be surprised who has great artwork in their home.

1314 days ago


Banksy is Awesome, I can see taking down the boob grab and crack pipe, but the art is worth a ton, and should be preserved. I would love a banksy on the side of my house. right where my bitch neighbor can see it.

1314 days ago


Yes for those who thought it was MBW...wrong it is Banksy, here's proof:

Also, This is what Hollywood is all about, all the Disney girls turning crack heads (Miley, Lohan, etc) and ending up on Charlie Sheens couch!

1314 days ago

what He said    

that's a hIgH opinion of art...

looks like a kid done it.

1314 days ago


spics with spray paint! CBS should have the SOB arrested for defacing something that didnt belong to him.i know many great artists but they are in galleries and arts schools.NOT running around like thugs breaking laws and making a movie about it..if thats all it takes to get a nomination for a movie i know plenty of drug dealers doing illegal stuff that would love to get famous.personally in NY i enjoy hearing about scribble kiddies getting ran over by trains while tagging or getting killed in the tunnels by the mole less criminal either way.if he is that great why doesnt he have T shirts? why isnt he commisioned for REAL art? IF he is such an artist why isnt he nationally renowned?because he is exactly what it is a criminal and no real art gallery or school would have anything to do with this spicorito trash.sure the remnants of that sloppy painting could be great toilet paper!read on the light group a bunch of white boys tryin to act black because its "cool".

1314 days ago


clueless and a racist. nice combo.

1314 days ago


disney should be suing him ANY day now for misuse of disney characters without written sure the schultz family can sue over the charlie brown thing without permission..a real artist wouldnt need to use a cartoon someone drew 60 some years ago he would be able to imagine his OWN characters.LA can chose to arrest him any day as well.nothing but a grimey skribble kiddie with NO REAL imagination.

1314 days ago


Ironically, Disney is under ABC and their enemy is CBS. Go figure, they do not want Disney to be associated with CBS! By the way, Banksy is overrated.

1314 days ago


Banksy is NOT overrated, he is an incredibly relevant and talented artist, with true meaning to his work...all the people here that don't get it need to look at what he's done, and consider the message behind it, it could do you some good.

1314 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

why on earth would an 'anarcho-punk' artist hit up on a las vegas nightclub business ad?? a little commercial, much? what a pseudoloser.

1314 days ago


"IF he is such an artist why isn't he nationally renowned?"-Have you been living under a rock? Banksy is internationally renowned street artist. His artwork sells for upwards of $500k at auctions. I don't care if graffiti is illegal or not it's important for artists like Banksy to use these methods to get their message out to an unsuspecting audience. I would rather see tagged up and defaced billboards with some truth to them than yet another dull advertisement commanding me to consume something.

1314 days ago


And Banksy is not a "spic" LMAO Ask Sotheby's if he's a "real artist" since they seem to like selling his works so much.

1314 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

the ad was way better looking without all that freeloading crap smeared all over it. such a douche.

1314 days ago


It doesn't look like Banksy's typical work whatsoever... maybe it's by someone else? Nevertheless I like it!

1314 days ago

Madonis Divine    

This is not Art, we all know it. It's just an immature drawing, use your imagination and create rather than use existing ICONS.

1314 days ago
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