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Banksy's Hollywood Graffiti Bomb -- RIPPED DOWN

2/16/2011 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A billboard company just ripped down a Sunset Blvd. sign that had been tagged by Academy Award nominee Banksy -- just a few short days after the legendary graffiti artist touched it up in the first place.


The Mickey Mouse inspired artwork -- which mysteriously appeared a few days ago -- was just taken down ... but no one at the scene will tell us why.

021611_banksy_fightWe're told employees at the gas station directly below the billboard offered to pay $10,000 for the artwork -- but the billboard company refused.

UPDATE: A physical altercation just broke out over the sign -- cops have responded to the scene.


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some of your comments are so ill informed and hysterical, especially the ones in caps, please don't stop.

for sherlock: the gunningham jamaica pics are years old, welcome to the party.

for insult throwing caps-boy: find the caps lock on your keyboard, take a few deep breaths and relax, then read a bit about the UK street art movement.

do you even realize the sweet irony when you put the word "morons" in a banksy comment? google sotheby's banksy and see what comes up.

1315 days ago



1315 days ago

Snoski Roc    

To all the haters or assumed art critics. You do not know art, and you are not an authority on whats art and whats not art. First off, art is subjective!!! You dont need to like it, in order for it to be art. This type of art has been around since the late 70's. And many of those subway painting vandals are highly collected artist today. Look up: Futura 2000, Haze (he did the font for the intro to Malcom in the Middle), Lee ( has a permanent piece in the whitney museum), Revok, who painted the Murakami billboard in L.A. durin his exhibit at MOCA ( Murakami was honored and requested the billboard for his studio, when it was taken down ). It does go on...
Second. Just because you don't like it, does not mean an art collector will not pay $10,000 or more for it. Get over it. This movement is here to stay and will adapt to any changes in the future of this game.
Hate on haters!!!

1315 days ago


Call the Cops? Call the INS!!!!!!!!

1315 days ago

Snoski Roc    

I love how everyone says he should get arrested. He did not get caught! See!!! Thats how that works my little simpletons.
Now I don't recall everyone going on about how Charlie Sheen should be arrested for having a suitcase full of blow. Once again, he was not caught.
Catch on simpletons...Cry me a river over this blight that has been brought on our city. Blight thtas worth a lot of $$$$

1315 days ago


About time you paid attention to Banksy...

1315 days ago


Academy nominated Graffiti artist. Figures Hollyweird would want to acknowledge this. Great, now more people will want to deface public property with crap.

1315 days ago


I hope they charge him with vandalism, tresspassing etc. THROW THE BOOK AT THIS MORON! There is no excuse for destroying others property. And saying you did it in the name of art just makes you an idiot! He also made it vulgar by having it grabbing the womans breasts - that isnt art - its stupidity!

1315 days ago


Something tells me this idiot Blansky's supporters are a bunch of 20 something year old males.

Im sure it was taken down because the owner of the billboard site got flack from the advertiser whose PAID ad was DESTROYED by this graffiti.

Yet another untalented wanna be artist who has to do something "shocking" for attention because he has no true talent.

Why doesnt he buy billboard sites then he can graffiti them all he wants. I guarantee you if someone did this to his house or car he wouldnt be saying Oh its art - he would be pissed and prosecuting!

1315 days ago


Check out my thoughts on the Banksy/CBS fiasco at Left Coast Letters:

1315 days ago


The owner of the actual billboard ad DID NOT WANT IT TAKEN DOWN!!!.. They wanted it left up and were flattered to have banksy tag their advert. So everyone with the smartass comments about who paid for it not wanting it that is FALSE! They wanted it left up and are PISSED that it got taken down.

1314 days ago


Norm is my *****!

I would have loved to have seen Norm kick that dude's ass across Sunset.

No one screws with Norm!

1314 days ago

Snoski Roc    

Did you people with the idiotic comments read the article. The people who payed for the ad were happy he did it! In regards to billboards in Los Angeles. You do not know the whole story. CBS, volcom and other billboard companies have illegally erected billboards all over Los Angeles. Look it up! I don't see anyone, not one single person comment on here about the billboard blight in Los Angeles.You all idiots with ignorant opinions. More than 1/2 the billboards in Los Angeles are not permitted and therefore illegal. So think about what your complaining about you sheep. Your missing the obvious...Or it's over your simpleton heads.

1314 days ago


Was the dirty Mexican stealing it??

1314 days ago

Riot Cop    

Check out the other Banksy movie here at

1310 days ago
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