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Charlie Sheen

I've Got ADVICE for Lindsay Lohan!!

2/16/2011 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen believes he can HELP Lindsay Lohan ... and this morning he called in to "The Dan Patrick Show" to offer up some guidance ... seriously.

Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan


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@KristinaLA ---- so true. Either that or he needs to read from a script .... cause he can not ablib very well.

1343 days ago

Sloane Kettle..

1343 days ago


He nailed LL. She is young, immature, a full blown addict and it's all promoted by a mother she idolizes. Very unfortunate direction promoted by the WORST handlers ever.

Charlie is in control at this point-I say this point because he's in his disease and that can change quickly. He's so smart I enjoy listening to him. I love his show and I love him. He is clear on what is going on-more than anyone else in his position. I hope he continues on this path. I want the best for him because he's worth it!

1343 days ago


LOL Imagine needing advice from someone like him.....should be a wake up call for her.

1343 days ago


There is no reason CS should stop talking and communicating what is on his mind. He speaks extremely well. His thoughts are clear and he has surprisingly objective opinions about many of these subject people and issues. In fact, he articulates what those opinions are better than most posting here.

His demographic is probably the reason why lol.

1343 days ago


Ok...This confirms that Charlie is in COMPLETE denial about his own situation. He should not be offering advice to ANYONE. He should be listening to the advice of his NA, AA sponsors.
As far as him being an old school professional...please. Having his marked moved so he can lean, doesn't show professionalism, it shows a lack of it, for showing up to work in that condition in the first place. He has lived a very blessed life and clearly does not appreciate what he has. He also seems to have a disregard for the people he works with and the consequences they suffer as a result of his actions. He really needs to step out of his bubble and get a true dose of reality. Of course I'm sure the "yes men/women" around him will keep telling him exactly what he wants to hear rather than the truth. Charlie...the truth hurts sometimes, but it rarely kills you. Try it out. You might start living a better quality of life (I'm not talking financially)....and maybe start enjoying life so you don't feel the need to escape or numb yourself with drugs.
The simple things in life, really do bring you the greatest joy and they are usually free and don't cause harm to oneself or anyone else.
I wish you the very best and hope that you come out of the haze soon.

1343 days ago


He's a washed up perv!

1343 days ago


This isn't even funny anymore, anyone else find this call sad and disturbing? It's like you can hear a clock ticking in the background counting down the hours to Charlie's rock bottom or death. HELLO CBS and the Court System YOU have a chance to save this man from himself, when a person is crying out this badly that I NEED HELP!!! it's time for those around them to quit being enables and yes men. Stop telling Charlie what he wants to hear and start telling him what he needs to hear.Stop caring more about the money he's making you than him. He isn't your personal cash cow, he's a human being, right how he's a broken shell of a human being, but he's still a human being none the less. He's obviously not going to get help on his own, and it won't be long before we're speaking of Charlie Sheen in the past tense. Sad.

1343 days ago


An about-to-be-unemployed drug-addled booze-hound with severe sexual compulsions giving advice about impulse control to a former child-actress who herself is a compulsive liar and a compulsive thief. Only in Hollywood, folks. They should get together and write a book. Of course if they do get together Charlie better keep a close eye on his watch collection when Lindsay is around.

1343 days ago


lol... I can hear lindsay now.... How dare he give me advice, doesn't he know I'm a HUGE celebrity!

1343 days ago

Hey Now    

That actually made me laugh. He sounds like he's having a good time & is not even 100% serious. If talking to that one dude on the radio keeps him from drinking and drugging then maybe that's a good thing. Maybe he's finding ways to keep himself busy.

It was funny what he was saying - and its not like he didn't know people would get a chuckle out of him giving advice to Lindsay Lohan. He's not that far gone yet lol

1343 days ago


1343 days ago


He is no where near being in an position to say anything to anyone about being sober. He has a lifetime to go. If he stays clean he will need at least 18 months for his mind to start to function somewhat normally. I love the show but he needs to shut up get to meetings with other addicts and talk and learn from people in recovery. If he thinks this form of rehab will work for him he is still in a state of denial and has not accepted what he is and the new way of life he needs to follow.

1343 days ago


This guy sounds like he's high as a dozen kites... Wasn't he supposed to to be in rehab or something?

1343 days ago


Charlie is the MAN!!!!!!!

1343 days ago
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