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Sarcastic Apology

to Lindsay

2/16/2011 10:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman is CLEARLY bent out of shape by the Lindsay Lohan debacle ... insisting he has no one to blame but himself -- which is why he just issued the most insincere apology of all time.



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Lindsay Lohan    

I see Jay Leno has some of his people on here, Dave way funnier than Jay..

1346 days ago


I remember when Dave's show was funny but that was a long time ago.

1346 days ago


I gotta admit...that top ten list above is pretty damn good as matter what ya all think, if she went on alot of people would watch!!! not a huge fan but she is a pretty big draw!!!

1346 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sitting Bull=Drunk posting
Sitting Bull=Drunk booking

1346 days ago


If Lindsay would appear on Jay Leno's show, it would show she had a real good sense of humor.

1346 days ago


Salad tosser

1346 days ago


Michael Lohan...stop pimping out your daughter you douche!

Letterman, get over yourself, we all know if you had Lindsay on the show it would be a huge coup for you, its a pity your people didn't do the proper research and you idiots believed Michael Lohan LOL!

BTW Michael Lohan is lying again, he told another site the Letterman show reached out to him lol

1346 days ago


"Dave and Jessica are just two among many, many, many people who ADMIRE Lindsay as an actress."

Hell, I admire her as an actress. That girl still manages to convince people that she's the same innocent girl she used to portray in Disney films. She was - and still is - a very good actress.

What I don't admire is her refusal to accept any responsibility for her actions and her pathological need to always lie and play the victim.

How many chances does Hollywood have to give her before she finally wises up and turns her life around? Some prison time would do her wonders.

1346 days ago


Dave sounded completely sincere to me.

1346 days ago


David Letterman is really old.

1346 days ago


everything michael lohan touches ends up affecting his daughter, he should get the fcuk outta her life and leave her alone. He is a criminal scammer pathalogical liar who should be 6ft under, everybody lies but him cough cough.

as for letterman, if your show was funny I would watch more often, you don't have a fcking clue, you let michael lohan say whats happening without checking? lindsay has a manager, did anyone on your show think about contacting the manager? lame!

1346 days ago


@sitting bull

What happened to the million dollar interview after her last jail time? Everyone was supposed to be clamoring for her first interview, and it never materialized? Why do you think that is? Perhaps because nobody cares anymore????

1346 days ago

Connor James    

Honestly, if you think about it, who cares? Most people alive in Hollywood are stuck at 13 in maturity to begin with, and that's being pubescencly kind . Unfortunately many are physically older and have cars, drugs, alcohol, and the plethora of repercussions.
Party on Paris, and boyfriend dude, what a loser. Think about it, even Trump wouldn't do something so stupid as spend mega money on a video star. Dude, you could have actually done something worthy with that money, and for someone that actually needed it. GFYS

1346 days ago


Thanks@futmz that video of Dina Says so much!!That bitch is wacked.The queen of the entourage of enablers,stagemother from hell and demented liar..

1346 days ago


@sitting bull

You do realize David Letterman was being sarcastic right? And I can guarantee you that if Lindsay Lohan was on Barbara Walters that I wouldn't watch it. I would only watch Lindsay if she was inadvertantly on something I was watching. The only thing I'd like to see Lindsay do, is take responsibility for her actions, and I don't see that happening in my lifetime.

1346 days ago
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