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Halle Berry

in Court

in Custody War

2/16/2011 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry has intensified ... TMZ has learned Halle just entered a Los Angeles courtroom to fight her ex.

Halle Berry Custody Battle
Lawyers for both sides have already spoken with the judge in chambers.

Halle is currently conferring with her lawyer, Neal Hersh, in the courtroom.

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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Liar liar fake-bandaid-worn-after-her-hit-&-run on fire!

1354 days ago



1354 days ago


Halle is a disgrace to colored women everywhere. Only ignorant jerks play the race card. The President is black. Oprah--the most powerful woman in entertainment-- is black. You can't use race as an excuse for anything anymore. The only person you have to blame for your failures these days is yourself.

1354 days ago


Before it's all over, she'll pull out the big gun and accuse him of sexually abusing the child. Halle represents everything wrong in family law cases, namely that the wife is usually a tnuc.

1354 days ago


The more I hear about this Gabriel Aubry the more I don't trust him.
He might only want his daughter for unmentionable reasons.
Maybe not, at least I hope not.
If Halley is only bashing him because she wants complete control of the child than she should get some kind of punishment, if they can prove she’s lying.

1354 days ago


Apparently they decided to end the custody battle and do joint.

1354 days ago


I'm sorry, but this whole drama between Halle and Gabriel is just... BORING.

1354 days ago


Aubry needs to get his rights taken care of, Halle Berry has shown her true side...not what is best for the child, it is all about Halle. The Judge needs to protect the child and father's rights also.

1354 days ago


Just goes to show you only need an innocent child to show how bigoted and ridiculous people can be, trying to define a little girl before she can even vote. If skin colour is a big issue between Halle and Gabriel, they should get professional help before they destroy their daughter with identity issues.

1354 days ago


She's such an attractive colored girl!

Posted at 10:52 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by Sugarbutt

"colored girl" I know TMZ is mainly geared towards a different ehtnicity but we are not in the 60's our PRESIDENT IS BLACK, colored is a slave term. SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN whose 1 paycheck may run circles around your salary. Guess she got colored money too huh

1354 days ago


Crazy bitch... playing the victim gets old. Why not go for a new role that will benefit your daughter...
something like,
strong single mother that goes out of her way to keep the relationship with her childs father cordial, in order to raise a healthy child.
try it halle... its easier then smearing every man youve ever been involved with.

1354 days ago


slow news day TMZ??? who cares, geez.

1354 days ago


Here's my guess: unless she can prove that Aubry did something horrific to the child, the judge is going to tell her to go take a flying leap. They see this sort of thing every single day. Sadly. The judge will probably tell them to cool it, then, at a later date, give them both joint custody. Unless, as I said, something really bad went down.

Really, they both need to cool it. For whatever reason, they were attracted to each other and had a child together. Funny for two people who both seem so preoccupied with loving their own race. But they need to accept that the other person will be involved in their daughter's life forever, til death do they part. Therefore, they both need to find ways to learn to deal with one another on the occasions when they must, and STOP ALL THE DRAMA for their daughter's sake.

I really used to like Halle Berry but now I'm beginning to wonder if she's just a big drama queen who likes to always paint men bad. And Aubry - he needs to figure out why he'd date a black woman if he has issues with the black race.

Ah, Hollywood (rolls eyes.)

1354 days ago


Halle is becoming the new Oksana. Hard to believe that every relationship gone wrong is the guy's fault, especially after seeing her go from syrupy sweet about Gabriel to scorned B*tch. My personal belief is that Halle played the race card thinking she would get the sympathy of the black community. Maybe the Dave Justice stories are more believable now.

1354 days ago

The M    

Hey sekeithia...someone could just as easily say: "SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL WHITE WOMAN" since she is of mixed most of us. She is a beautiful woman period.

1354 days ago
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