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Halle Berry

in Court

in Custody War

2/16/2011 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry has intensified ... TMZ has learned Halle just entered a Los Angeles courtroom to fight her ex.

Halle Berry Custody Battle
Lawyers for both sides have already spoken with the judge in chambers.

Halle is currently conferring with her lawyer, Neal Hersh, in the courtroom.

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ee cummings    

Be bettah fo' da chile ifn hism daddy part of hism lif!

1310 days ago


u know whats sad on that, she used to be so loving and sweet, i felt sorry for her when she used to complain she could not find a good man,her abuse from her father and her first husband..but NOW she turned into the person she hated, she is cold and manipulitive and exploiting her daughter to get her way.

1310 days ago


@ Fallange - she didn't start the race issue, he did. He believes his daughter is white & dares anyone to call her black..Halle says she's black..The baby is bi-racial..period.

@ Saywhat - exactly how is she playing a victim? She wants want any mother would want for her child. She wants her to be safe. Nahlah's daddy suddenly hooking up with the biggest attention whore on the planet (kartrashian) would throw up a red flag for me too! It's hard enough to keep celeb babies out of the lights of the papparazzi.

1310 days ago

Davey Boy    

Please, folks. I'd be more inclined to call Obama "black" before Halle. And her child is a beautiful baby with a mixed heritage.

But Halle is like another Oksana. Sling mud around and see what sticks. Can't stand that wing-nut these days.

1310 days ago


Dude's looking for a payday. Ole girl can't pick a good dude even if he was attatched to her teta.

1310 days ago


So Halle thinks its fine to move her philandering Frenchman into the family home. but GA is not allowed to go to a basketball game unless she approves of his date.

1310 days ago

Davey Boy    


How about accepting your child for who she is without defining her as either black or white? Think about it.

And while you're at it, how about raising her in an environment that doesn't see the color of your skin to be important.

Moreover, is it too much to ask for you NOT vilify her father in the press? Is that emotionally healthy for her or is it more important for you to play the victim card?

1310 days ago


Hey Im promoting Black Power, especially for sista's. Black women Rules!! Let's go Halle...joint custody and be happy he wants to be in the child's life!!! For Michael Jakcson news go to:

1310 days ago


Cray Cray's at it again. Wish she'd be in court for one of her many hit-and-run's. We need justice here.

1310 days ago

ee cummings    

In Arkansas , we cal a woman like that a bitch!
Malcom Y

1310 days ago


Halle's disgusting behaviour of trying to remove Gabriel from Nahla's life has cost producers of her future movie(s) my movie ticket sale. Furthermore, I hope all upstanding fathers stop paying for her movies. She is a disarace to women with african-american lineage and an insult to good fathers everywhere!!

1310 days ago

keeping it real    

Racist Skank! People like you always try and through out the Race card! I'm Tired of it! Did you pick cotton? Were you a slave? NO! So stop already! You live in a million dollar home! you make millions! If he was anywhere near racist. And if you thought he was racist, why did you spread your legs to him?
4 REALZ Get over yourself. And Stop acting! And you don't even know how to do that!
Remember BAPS! Catwomen!

1310 days ago


50/50 custody! what the hell... he has the same right to see her kid!

1310 days ago

Davey Boy    

How idiotic for Halle for call Gabriel a "racist". Trust me, if Gabriel was a "racist" like she thinks, he would NEVER/EVER have gone within 10 feet of her bedroom. Much less live together.

I've met racists in my walks of life and not a single one of them would date outside their skin color. And to have sex outside their skin tone would NEVER/EVER happen.

1310 days ago

Davey Boy    

50/50 custody! what the hell... he has the same right to see her kid!

Posted at 11:28 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by RODOLFO

Exactly. Who the hell does Halle think she is?!

1310 days ago
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