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Halle Berry

in Court

in Custody War

2/16/2011 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry has intensified ... TMZ has learned Halle just entered a Los Angeles courtroom to fight her ex.

Halle Berry Custody Battle
Lawyers for both sides have already spoken with the judge in chambers.

Halle is currently conferring with her lawyer, Neal Hersh, in the courtroom.

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It seems to me Halle's jealousy for who Gabriel dates is the real issue here. And she's using the one thing that is important to him to get back at him and manipulate him for future dating choices.

She's had these SAME PROBS with ALL of the other men in her life. If she cannot control the males in her life, she's pissed. Let's hope this judge realizes some of this.

1309 days ago


what does she do with the daughter she adopted while she was married?

MsSuburbia: not only is hell berry an abuser of the justice system. i believe she abuses men. when she doesn't get her way they better watch out.

Posted at 12:18 PM on Feb 16, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara

Another one of Halle's lies, she did not adopt her ex husbands daughter and according to her father had no intention of doing so. She also publicly maligned him with no regard for his daughter, Eric Benet said she was the one to go outside of the marriage vows.

1309 days ago


You are WAY behind on this, TMZ...custody battle called off...all is well in the world of Halle.

1309 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

A Real Lawyer: Sorry, not. A "real lawyer" can't offer legal opinion like that, because it could be relied upon by others and would open up a "real lawyer" to UPL allegations.


Huh? My opinion that Halle is a nutjob will be relied upon? Your post makes no sense whatsoever, Ms. Suburbia. Maybe you should be Ms. Makesnosense?

1309 days ago


SHE IS NOT "COLLORED" RETARDS! We all have a mix in our gene line some where. She is 1/4 black going back 2 generations agao!! he (dad) is full blown white from as far back as we can trace. Your kid is majority white!!!!! Good news is she might go to collage and not have to drive a mid 90's american car for the rest of her life.

1309 days ago


God, he is BEAUTIFUL!

1309 days ago


Race should have never come up here and look who brought it up! Halle has some glaring problems and it's obvious who the stable parent is here. I think Halle is on the brink of alleging Aubrey did something terrible to his daughter and I believe it's all a lie.

Sad stuff. She has needed help for a very long time. Look at her other relationships. That's solid evidence.

1309 days ago


IF Halle Berry is DELIBERATELY and PUBLICLY, destroying Gary's reputation as a CHILD MOLESTER, without PROOF, he can SUE the TEETH right out of her MOUTH! She strikes me as someone who has a very serious emotional disorder, perhaps even, mental. According to reports, she REFUSES to recognize her daughter is both black AND white. Apparently, she detests the "whites" to the point of actually being "racist." That is as bad to the "whites" as the "N" word is to the blacks. She is FORCING a delicate issue which thousands of our citizens have died for. Her behavior strongly indicates a big, big problem, not only for her but, for our country.

1309 days ago


Sounds like the real racist is Halle. Gabriel knew, with Halle being a quarter black, that his child would have black blood in her. But, for Halle to declare her 100% black, (I don't blame Gabriel for getting upset). #1- It's not Halles choice. #2- It is what it is, and there's no changing that. Sounds like Old Halle's nutty as a fruitcake, or a very controling, mean, human being. She's certainly changed my opinion of her. I do feel sorry for that little girl, and understand now, why she's never smiling.

1309 days ago

Justine Car    

Halle is 50% black/ 50% white. Gabriel is 100% white.
So little NAHLA is 75% white/ 25% black. She is not black like Halle claims. Halle had Gabriel watch Nahyla while she made a film so she's full of beanhs. I used to admire her but she sounds 100% spoiled rotten. She doesn't want Gabriel now but she doesn't want anyone else to want him. She's disgusting.That chiuld is half his and she has alot of his good looks.

1309 days ago


Halle is a very beautiful woman and a very talented actress, but I think she has serious emotional problems. A few months ago, she called Gabriel 'a fantastic dad', and now he's a danger to his daughter, and a racist to boot? Really?
And if she thinks her new boyfriend is the real love of her life, she's in for a nasty surprise. Olivier is a middle-aged, never-married actor with a reputation as a 'love-them-and-leave-them' playboy. How long before he cheats on Halle, too? Then she'll get yet another chance to play her favorite role, the eternal victim.

1309 days ago


Interesting, FLO. I had not heard that side of the story; but it makes perfect sense. I'm not particularly interested in Halle Berry--or maybe I was, just as a beauty icon--but I am very passionate about this topic and I'm sure glad that someone as famous as HB has stepped into the role of "mascot" for psycho, abusive, BPD ex-wives/babymamas. Here's a really good site for more insight into HB's "type":

JLS and Sociopaths are Sad: I couldn't agree more. Just in case anyone's interested: As of this morning, Illinois has filed HB 160...9 which proposes a change to the family code: A parent who knowingly falsely accuses the other parent of "abuse" upon the child is barred from ANY and ALL decision-making authority for the child. Let's get it passed!

1309 days ago


"A Real Lawyer: Sorry, not. A "real lawyer" can't offer legal opinion like that, because it could be relied upon by others and would open up a "real lawyer" to UPL allegations.

---Huh? My opinion that Halle is a nutjob will be relied upon? Your post makes no sense whatsoever, Ms. Suburbia. Maybe you should be Ms. Makesnosense?" Posted at 12:36 PM on Feb 16, 2011 by A Real Lawyer

Just change your moniker and it's all good. Please don't impersonate an officer of the court just to give your entertaining perspective; otherwise, it's "legal opinion." A real lawyer would have known what I meant.

1309 days ago


haha well isn't this funny! Seems like Ms Berry has read all the negative responses towards her online and realized what a complete C__T she is and figures if she wants to save her reputation she better back down.
I'll bet he had lots of dirt on her and told her to back the F off and let him have parental rights (which he deserves) or he would make it bad for her. (which she deserves)
Glad they could work it out, but he better have this all down in writing in court because I'll bet she will continue to try to control him when it comes to his daughter.
I'm glad she got wind of how people absolutely hate her. Her PR people likely freaked because they thought people would all be Team Halle. Sorry, we can spot a wicked, vindictive, sad excuse for a Mother when we see it. She is trash!!

1309 days ago

ee cummings    

We're all genetically black. The original human being was black . We have all descended from black roots, scientifically
Malcom XY

1309 days ago
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