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Lara Logan -- I'm Going Back to Work

2/16/2011 12:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS reporter Lara Logan is vowing to return to work ... and she's telling friends what happened to her in Egypt will not destroy her.

CBS Reporter Lara Logan

Sources familiar with the situation tell us the details of Logan's assault are horrible -- but Lara is back with her kids and is vowing to go back to work within weeks.

One source tells us Lara has an "incredibly tough constitution" -- and she is candidly discussing what happened to her. As one friend said, "She is going to be OK."

Friends tell us Logan -- a seasoned, tough and respected foreign correspondent -- is "unbelievably strong."

CBS Reporter Raped


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71. No, "not so SUPERMAN" I just happen to have compassion for other human beings, which you clearly do not. If you don't believe the story, no one cares what you have to say? And this isn't a story about whether or not the sky is freakin blue. You obviously have no family or loved ones or you wouldn't be so damn cynical.

Posted at 8:27 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by B

You're a lemming jumping on the bandwagon. You and the others that read about this "incident" think of the worst possible scenario when the story doesn't say anything more than "assault" or "sexually assaulted". The source of the story, Lara Logan, isn't a credible person. So, my questioning to believe this story is justified!

1283 days ago


What was CBS thinking when it sent this blond hottie over to cover the hoards of Egyptian mobs in the first place? Not geniuses, that's for sure. Well, that answers why I haven't watched CBS for decades.

1283 days ago



She has a history of having affairs- while married and to married men, one resulting in a kid. Yup, pretty much guarantee it killed that guy's marriage. A sign of poor judgement/poor values.
So she was not raped. So that meant she was probably felt up. She is a horrible reporter, I think she contrived or embellished some sort of truth to hold on to her job or try to get sympathy to clear her image.
I am a woman so I do have the ability to sympathize an attack, but fabricating a story like this, given her low morals, wouldn't surprise me.

Posted at 8:47 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by Ivana Tinkle

THANK YOU! This is what I have been saying. I think she exaggerated the "incident" to gain sympathy and attention. She repeatedly lied about having affairs while reporting in Iraq up until the pregnancy came out. She's not a credible person if you want to hear the truth.

1283 days ago


A lot of foreign correspondents think they are invincible. Guess not...They travel where there is unrest to capture a story by interviewing the emotionally charged participants, then are sometimes attacked. Riot mentality. I'm sorry for the 'reporter' in question and I wish her a full recovery. But the attack, horrendous as it was, shouldn't have been such a surprise.

1283 days ago


I wonder if some of the people who are making such vile comments about this tragic situation would be saying the same things if it was THEIR mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or daughter that this happened to.

1283 days ago


for those of you joking, imagine it was your mom , sis or aunt. Sometimes idiots comment with the thought who cares "it happened to them" but these people are human. She is a mom, a wife, a daughter. And if this had happened to a family member of yours would you want idiots asking how YOUR mom, daughter, sister liked it. The whole civility of this strand is disheartening.

1283 days ago

spelled cyndi with one eye    

she was indeed sexually assaulted. for all you idiots that think tmz is the only new source:

1283 days ago


There's more to the story but no one's reporting it. Supposedly gang raped by 200 men but a group of women and 20 soldiers rescued her? Yeah right.

1283 days ago


The group MightyGay belongs to is the most despicable.

1283 days ago


"and the racists calling all Muslims animals"

Ummm, Islam is a RELIGION, not a race.

1283 days ago


Why is no one at TMZ removing the offensive comments? Does Harvey think it is appropriate to make vulgar jokes about a woman being raped?

1283 days ago


The nasty comments are just sick people...How about thinking if this was your sister,mother,grandaughter,girlfriend over there? Would you still think its funny?.how about a Egyptian Sausage penetrating your women family members...uummm not so funny now is it?..Pay back is a should pray for this young lady and her recovery and hope no harm comes to yours!

1283 days ago


Comments 1 & 2 need to be deleted.

Wishing her a speedy recovery physically & mentally.

1283 days ago


TMZ should remove offensive comments or the more mature should just boycott this trash site and leave it to the s*** once and for all.

1283 days ago

A Man    

I think its REAL funny how these guys can get on here and talk a lot of sh*t and make smart as*ed remarks about this lady and what happened. You all need to have your heads checked...maybe your mothers took you off the T*T a little too soon? Whatever your issues are, maybe you will do us all a favor and get a job, pay your taxes and shut the f*** up. Maybe you'll wind up in prison and you turn out to be someones Bitch...because that is how you are acting.

Prayers go out to this women and her family!

1283 days ago
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