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Lindsay to Charlie Sheen:

Thanks for the Support!!!

2/17/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she's definitely grateful for Charlie Sheen's words of support yesterday ... even though she didn't agree with his message.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she was listening when Charlie called in to the "Dan Patrick Show" yesterday and lashed out against the people trying to " vilify [Lindsay] without fact."

But Charlie's advice -- that Lindsay "work on her impulse control" -- didn't go over so well ... because Lindsay doesn't believe she has self-control problems.

Still, Lindsay is telling friends she "appreciates Charlie giving her his support."


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Home Skillet    

Would these two just ****, already?!!

1345 days ago


Well, Lohan did start it. Sheen just responded, at least Charlie is not a thief.

1345 days ago


Both Lindsay and Charlie are in a heap of DENIAL!!! And I like how Lilo thanks Charlie for his support--yet doesn't agree with his message...LoL...the IRONY!!

I don't know...Sheen may very well be a lost cause...since the longer you do drugs--and the older ya get it's harder to get off of them...And Lindsay already looks like she's aged twenty years since her drug binges and run-ins with the law...So sad...

1345 days ago


She is a very strange old hag.

1345 days ago


Lindsay doesn't believe she has done NOTHING wrong, talk about denial. I hope they throw the book at you! Do some time. Who is Charlie to give any advice, friggin DRUGGIE, DRUNK. He is one terrible father figure anyway.

1345 days ago


"Lindsay doesn't believe she has self-control problems"

Well, there it is. She's a do***ented cokehead & an alcoholic who's been rehabbed 5 times, and keeps falling off the wagon. She's a kleptomaniac who's stolen clothes, a fur coat, a rolex watch, jewelry and a necklace. She's currently facing criminal charges of grand theft, and is facing going back to jail because she can't seem to not violate the conditions of her probation. The one thing working against her is her inability to control her actions, yet, "she doesn't think she has self-control problems"? It's obvious she's learned NOTHING from rehab; she's just as delusional as ever.

I hope she just dies already; enough with the daily lindsay stupidites...

1345 days ago


as yoda would say: "irony, that is"

1345 days ago


Mean Girls was 8 years ago and Chapter 27 made a total of $56,000 at the box office - yes fifty six thousand dollars. And Labor Pains went straight to DVD. She was lucky to be in Mean Girls and Rachel McAdams was the star of that movie, not Lohan. Thats why McAdams still does movies and Lohan does nothing but be famous for being a F up. And her father post on TMZ about remembering a movie she was in 8 years ago.

1345 days ago


Not for nuthin'...but...LOOK at the pic of Lindsay featured above...She looks SICKLY and tired/haggard. She needs to stop this path of self-destruction...because her looks are really starting to suffer as a result. She needs to start thinking ahead of time at what her life will look like in 10 years time--if she continues this unhealthy lifestyle...She'll not only be totally washed up with regards to Hollywood's standards...But she may wind up like Different Strokes' Dana Plato...dead.

I can't believe that her family seemingly only wants to enable her self-destructive lifestyle...Don't they realize that they're not helping her??

1345 days ago


Maybe she could beg Corey Feldman to be in one of his movies?

1345 days ago


Lohan made $25,000 to show her fake boobs on Machette. She pissed that money away on three months rent. She rents cause she can't afford to buy her own home.

1345 days ago


@sitting bull,

Lindsay's movies are being shown on a kids/family channels because they can only show kids movies, and there are only so many kids movies to show.

Let me know when one of her movies is on HBO, Cinemax, etc.

1345 days ago


Lindsay isnt Charlies type. He may like whores, but he dosent like whorish looking women who walk Hollywood Bl

1345 days ago


Nintendo DS released the Mean Girls video game and didn't put Lohan on the cover. They put three actress on the cover including Rachel McAdams but they didn't put Lohan on the cover. What does that tell ya!

1345 days ago


I truly think that if Drew Barrymore can shed the "troubled child star" cliche then it might not be too late for Lindsay, though Drew has the advantage of being likable. If Lindsay wants people to see her movies when she makes her so called "comeback" she might want to work on that.

1345 days ago
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