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Lindsay to Charlie Sheen:

Thanks for the Support!!!

2/17/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she's definitely grateful for Charlie Sheen's words of support yesterday ... even though she didn't agree with his message.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she was listening when Charlie called in to the "Dan Patrick Show" yesterday and lashed out against the people trying to " vilify [Lindsay] without fact."

But Charlie's advice -- that Lindsay "work on her impulse control" -- didn't go over so well ... because Lindsay doesn't believe she has self-control problems.

Still, Lindsay is telling friends she "appreciates Charlie giving her his support."


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I love this. One victim to another. Charlie telling her that she might focus on her impulse control is like Mussolini suggesting to Hitler that he might have some anger issues.
These two both see themselves as victims. Everyone's out to get them. The addict in denial is all about this. As a 24 year recovering alcoholic, I remember this quite well. My wife was out to get me, my boss, my friends. It was all about everyone else's reaction to me, not my actions. These two with their huge celebrity and wage earning power are what AA calls "high functioning" addicts. As long as I can make a bunch of money, I can't have a problem, right? They are the toughest nuts to crack. This is why people tend to only get help when they lose a job or loved one. Denial can't cover the holes anymore.

Just remember, though. All the denial is fueled by the fact that every addict is "self convicted". They secretly no better than anyone else that they have a problem. Denial is the mirror image of itself.

1342 days ago


boy, has she aged , she looks like she is in her thirties or maybe forties, she looks hard and mean. i wouldn,t want her in any film i made. beside she can,t act , i have never seen her in a film she was good. let,s face it , she can,t act , all she knows how to do is take drugs, drink and steal. she is no actress. she can,t act , i wouldn,t go see a picture of hers. she looks all most as bad as her mother does . both of them look like hags.

1342 days ago

foxy hole    

Charlie and Linsey should make a show together
She could play his daughter

1342 days ago


See Nine recent mistakes on the movies posters on

1342 days ago


I thought it was very thoughtful of Charlie to give advice to Lindsay.He was reaching out to her and that is sweet in my opinion.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Charlie Fan

1341 days ago


The blind, leading the blind, leading the blind.

1341 days ago


I can guarantee you that Lindsay is being nice becasue she heard about the ridiculous amount of coke Charlie bought on his last binge... I'm not kidding either... I've been clean for 8 years and I kind of twitched when I heard about 30K worth of Betcha they end up hanging out at some point. I also don't think Charlie will live much longer of he doesn't clean up... drugs without financial problems is a dangerous place to be at.

1341 days ago


I now pronounce you (Lindsay and Charlie), ....SCREWED UP, and MESSED UP. You may now trash your hotel room after a night of partying.

1341 days ago


I'd love to see Charlie and LiLo "hook up". He'd show her guys know how to take care of business better that the pink team. And they could have fun together too.

1340 days ago

mike gail    

wow. i cant believe how when somebody becomes famous their lives are so scrutinized. people complain about famous people because everybody expects celebs to be perfect. well they arent. they are human also. we all make bad decisions during our life. remember dont throw stones because you live in glass houses also.

1340 days ago


Good post Mike gail like what you said.

Charlie Fan

1339 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a real creeper! His voice was so shaky on the message - he sounded like he was going through physical withdrawals.. and then to criticize a young woman with similar problems!! What a spoiled 80s brat!! Why isn't he ever caught and embarrassed with cocaine photos and slammed in media for his addictions??? IT'S SEXIST THAT WHY!!! I hope he rots in hell for all the evil things he has done to women! I hope his family knows who he really is! He needs prison time for abusing women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ARE HIS ABUSIVE ACTIONS TO WOMEN IGNORED? I WANT JUSTICE! WHERE IS US JUSTICE SYSTEM?? WHY IS IT OK TO ABUSE WOMEN IN OUR COUNTRY???

1339 days ago


No matter how we feel about Charlie or Lindsay, his advice is good advice for beginners. It's such a waste though, I really enjoy both of them as entertainers.

1337 days ago
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