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MJ Was On the Hunt For The Perfect Anesthesiologist

2/17/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was such a hard-core drug addict ... he actually interviewed an anesthesiologist  to follow him to London to "take care of him."

Michael Jackson Doctor

Jackson -- who had a well-documented Propofol addiction for years before his death -- tried recruiting Dr. David Adams, a Las Vegas anesthesiologist, to go on tour with him in 2009.

We've learned Dr. Adams told LAPD investigators that several months before MJ's death ... Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael met with Dr. Adams and said, "We think it would be great to have an anesthesiologist go on the [This Is It] tour."

Turns out Dr. Adams had a history with Michael ... he had put MJ under with Propofol four times in two years for various procedures.

Adams thought about it and texted Murray, "I'd like to be on board.  Let's talk about it."  But MJ and Murray never contacted him again.

Murray's defense team spokesperson Miranda Sevcik says, "Dr. Murray did not know David Adams."  But Sevcik did say the defense has subpoenaed Dr. Adams for the trial.



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Master Po

Children dont know nor understand Cir***cision.

"The description reportedly claimed that Jackson was cir***cised; the strip search revealed, to the contrary, that Jackson was actually uncir***cised, a fact confirmed in his autopsy. Despite this reported inaccuracy, Doctor Richard Strick who conducted the examination of Jackson's genitals claimed he was later told that the description "absolutely matched"

1308 days ago


No contact back because that pig wanted all the cash himself.

1308 days ago


James you are an idiot, but does not good to try to explain things to you because you are so ridiculously closed minded and ignorant. But let me try again to see if you are able to comprehend the fact that the description DID NOT MATCH. Otherwise, Michael would have been arrested. Can you explain why he was not arrested and don't give me the garbage about "paying off the family," because he SETTLED the civil case which is totally separate from the criminal case. The settlement do***ents can be found on the Internet if you can open your mind enough to actually search and read them and it clearly states and all parties signed off that the settlement was for negligence and NOT CHILD MOLESTATION. Larry Feldman, the family's lawyer, even stated that Michael Jackson did not pay this family off. He settled the claims to try to get on with his life and sadly because people like you who have no idea about anything in real life equate that to guilt. Stretch your brain a little bit if you are able to do that and answer this question. If Michael Jackson had done what he was accused of and actually had paid this family off as it is quite commonly misstated in the media, why didn't he give Evan Chandler the $20 million that Chandler asked for initially when he stated that if Michael did not pay, he would accuse him of this garbage. Michael refused saying he had done nothing wrong and sadly thought that would be enough to prove his innocence.

As for TMZ -- you guys absoulutely must be on Murray's PR payroll. Are you guys truly so hard up for stories that you are willing to drag anything up about MJ and sensationalize it? It somehow proves he's a "hard core drug addict" because he asked for an anesthesiologist to administer the propofol? It is truly sad that he felt that was the only way to get some rest; however, it also proves that he wanted someone who knew what they were doing to do it. Since none of were actually there except Murray who clearly made a fatal error in judgment and who clearly should not have been doing it in the first place -- none of us will ever know what was actually said by Michael Jackson.

1308 days ago

Master Po    

Hey want to know how he got off? Amazing isnt it? The jurors where forced.

1308 days ago

Master Po    

JM50 he drew a picture which matched EXACTLY 1 week later the family was paid off. Its already been stated that jordan didnt understand what cir***sizition was at the time. But keep buying what the MJ camp PR team feeds you moron.

1308 days ago

Master Po    

And the reason no cops? Part of the pay off what to keep away from the press and police.

1308 days ago


====Agwara said. “Dr. Murray has never observed my client administer Propofol to Michael Jackson."
Posted at 4:25 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by Susan6250====
Sounds like truth. Otherwise Murray would know how correctly to use propofol.

1308 days ago

Master Po    

And since the MJ minons like to ask questions they know are no answers to and use it as if its a point here is one for you. if MJ was being extorted why didnt he call the FBI? A simple wire tap would discredit there whole case. Why didnt the drug addict do this? Strange how it works both ways.

If you have someone calling your house and you have 55 phones which record everything not once while he was being strong armed did it occur to this to hit record? Why do that its much easier to pay him millions to shut instead of hitting the record button.

1308 days ago


stuff like this is the reason the looney MJ fans didnt want that autopsy show on tv..they couldnt bare hearing the truth about their child molesting druggie hero.

1308 days ago


james 33 you are calling mj fans mindless that we say this is a lie??? you dont know on the other end that it is the truth you were not there either !!!!unless you have a reliable source of your facts its no difference we all fans/non fans read the same tabloid trash.... SO WHAT IS YOUR POINT???sue from tampa

1308 days ago


James I again have to address your comment in which you state that Dr. Strick (who was there when the photos were taken) was LATER TOLD that the description matched. So he was told -- not that he observed it to be true and not that he emphatically knew it to be true, but that he was told it was true. Well you were told that Dr. Strick was told that there was a match so oh my goodness -- that must mean it was an exact match. It couldn't possibly be that Tom Sneddon told Dr. Strick it was a match because -- go figure -- Tom Sneddon wanted it to be a match. Once again, if it was a match, why oh why was Michael Jackson not arrested? I'm not talking that the boy didn't want to testify -- I'm asking why was Michael Jackson not arrested if the boy's description did in fact match? He would have been arrested and charged as he was in 2005. In 2005 all they had to go on was the boy's accusation and they ran with it. Nevermind that they changed the time line all around between the arrest and the indictment to cover the fact that Sneddon had raided Jackson's attorney's investigator's office and found the videotape of the family praising Jackson. That was attorney-client priviledge and Sneddon knew it and claimed he didn't. You know you should really be more upset that a prosecutor will go to the lengths that he did with falsifying evidence and everything else and no one has done anything about that. Because if they can do that to Michael Jackson -- they can surely do it to someone as narrow minded as you!

1308 days ago


Posted at 7:27 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by jm50

Thanks for this post. It is just pointless to say anything to James. He/She is very closed minded on all things MJ. You can provide all the facts you want and yet He/She believes what they will. Hasn't figured out yet that the molestation charges (which were false) have nothing to do with the upcoming trial where Conrad Murray is charged with the Homicide of another.

1308 days ago


James, who said it matched 'exactly'?, keep buying the junk the media feeds you, guess not 'exactly' enough to pursue a criminal case huh? Would you just take the money as well if it were actually true that your son had been molested? The civil settlement didnt prohibit them from pursuing a criminal charge. They didnt, enough said. The jury in the Arvizo case were not forced, there wasnt any actual evidence period. The Arvizos just happened to be a honest to goodness wholesome family right. Grow up. Stick to reality.

1308 days ago

a total fan    

Whether Michael was an addict or not is not the point here. The point is that CM was negligent in his care for Michael. I am no doctor even I know that propofol does not produce sleep, so why was Murray administering the drug for the purpose of sleep? plain and simple...for the money.

1308 days ago


James -- Michael Jackson did file a civil suit for extortion against Evan Chandler. Sadly, he had to file the case in the same county court as his civil claim against him. Do you really think prosecutors were going to give his extortion claim any time when they are trying to get a grand jury to indict him (which by the way, 3 grand juries were convened and not one of them indicted him in 1993). Please listen very carefully - the civil case is different than the criminal case, do you understand that? Do you get the difference between civil and criminal. Do you get that the Chandler's could still have proceeded with the criminal case, but once the received the money the chose not to participate in the criminal case. Do you get that? You want to call me a moron, but I'm concerned that you are lacking mentality yourself. When the parties agreed to settle, he agreed to drop the extortion claim.

1308 days ago
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