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Michael Lohan

I Booked Lindsay on Letterman

2/16/2011 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has revealed HE is the mystery person who booked Lindsay Lohan on "Letterman" this week ... and tells TMZ he only signed her up after getting the green light from Lindsay herself.

Lindsay Lohan Letterman

In case you haven't heard -- Letterman had to issue a retraction this morning, explaining Lindsay would not be doing the "Top 10" bit on Thursday as they had announced yesterday -- after Lindsay tweeted that she NEVER agreed to do the show.

Letterman's people released a statement explaining how someone "purporting to be a friend of Lindsays" reached out to them and made the booking ... but Dave's camp didn't reveal the name of the friend.

But Michael says he was behind it -- telling TMZ he got the idea after Dave cracked a joke at Lindsay's expense during Friday's "Top 10" ... and Lindsay was into it. 

Michael says Lindsay "knew full well" about the booking ... they even discussed transportation from the L.A. studio, where Lindsay would be doing the bit via satellite.

Michael insists everything was going smoothly  -- until Lindsay's reps got wind of the appearance and shut it down.

Now, Michael tells us he's pissed -- adding, "Anything positive that I bring into her life ... [her people] try to nix it."



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Michael Lohan is pure poison. He tried to make this deal and make some money out of it for himself. Lindsay is a lot of things but she's not stupid. This guy lies ALL THE TIME, he's trying to justify what he did by laying the blame on Lindsay and her management team.

He's responsible for trying to pay Dawn Holland off and the other story he told Radar that a witness had come forward is BS, he is a crook of the worst kind because he blames his daughter at every opportunity.

He should leave Lindsay alone now and no doubt Lindsay is distancing herself from him for about the sixth time.

btw, I'm not Ali or any of the Lohans, get over your paranoia. There are people who will defend Lindsay the same as haters hate.

1344 days ago

why is she there ?    

boycott any show she goes on that includes you letterman <
Lindsay Lohan Top Ten

10) I was too busy umm working………. yes I was working to return the necklace I allegedly stole to the store.

9) I was really getting my hair done the night I missed curfew at Betty Ford, I was at a bar because my hairdresser is also a bartender.

8) YES America the black kid was really driving.

7) I thought the US Judicial system was based on GEORGIA RULE!

6) If anyone see’s my twin sister Annie Parker from the Parent Trap please tell her I want my career back I think she took it with her when she went back to London.

5) Does this coke make my nose look fat?

4) I failed my drug test last year because I chew the same brand gum Paris Hilton chews honest!

3) My SCRAM went off at the VMA’s because I was sitting next Scott Strapp the lead singer of Creed.

2) Hey where did my freckles go?

1) I should be charged with a misdemeanor because I saw a similar necklace to the one I “barrowed” in a gumball machine being sold for 25 CENTS!

Posted at 10:24 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by Jay

1344 days ago



Whatever show Lindsay appears in people will watch...even you.

1344 days ago


Guess the Letterman show doesn't care about there ratings

1344 days ago


Brilliant idea, Dad. I'll go on Letterman and make a huge joke of my predicament, then go to court and and try to convince the judge that I take my situation seriously. That'll work!!!

Is anyone shocked that Lindsay's judgment is so flawed?

1344 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

$5 to watch LL hold Nicole's head underwater for 3 minutes
$3 to watch LL kick Susan back across "the pond"
$3 to watch LL make Normal Person finish her high school education

That's all I got for her.....

1344 days ago



Look around, then think about it.

Who really cares about YOU?

1344 days ago


michael lohan is a 100% douchebag, this is what he wants to do, to control lilo, manage her, dictate what she does, who she sees, he wants lilo under his thumb and come home to daddy. His obsession with lilo is unhealthy and he wants to use her to line his filthy pockets. He arranged the deal, who was the person who said they were a 'friend' of lilo? who else has this s***bag michael lohan enticed into his fake scam?

lilo has a manager, she doesn't need this fraud in her corner.

1344 days ago


Spoiled brat Lindsay Blohan will not bring any big ratings.

1344 days ago


FUTMZ- I actually see Lindsay making a great sidekick for the Miz on WWE. Hes the biggest heel ever, and adding Lindsay might make him even more hated.

1344 days ago


douche michael lohan doesn't care about lilo, he cares only for himself and how much money he can make from her. how can this girl get on with her life when she has a guy like that for a father?

his contribution to her peace of mind is zero, he's adding to her stress. lilo has a court date next week and HE tries to set up the letterman show? his is outta his tiny filthy dirty mind, no way would lilo agree to this, if he said it was raining outside, i'd have to go check myself, he's a corrupt person

1344 days ago

john smith    

Michael don't try to make any deals for Lindsay. Lindsay,Dina, Holley and her agents made a smart decision not to let her appear on Letterman.

1344 days ago


""Someone purporting to be a friend of Lindsay's reached out to the show yesterday, allegedly on her behalf, and booked her to appear."

Okay that makes sense seeing as her dad thinks he's a friend of hers.

1344 days ago


""Someonethat masturbates to Lindsay reached out to the show yesterday, allegedly on her behalf, and booked her to appear."

1344 days ago


"Michael don't try to make any deals for Lindsay. Lindsay,Dina, Holley and her agents made a smart decision not to let her appear on Letterman.

Posted at 3:18 PM on Feb 16, 2011 by john smith"

Oh okay, it was her Nicole (Dina?) and Sitting Bull (Agent?) that weren't really friends of hers spouting all over the internetsphere that she had an appearance on Letterman when she didn't.

"Clearly, this person was not authorized to make commitments on her behalf," the statement continued".

Letterman never ASKED her to appear they had some toady offer her up. Now you, John Smith, are trying to say they offered and the 'smart' people turned the offer down. Dream on.

1344 days ago
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