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Paris Hilton's $375,000 Birthday Gift

2/16/2011 2:55 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Paris Hilton got one hell of a 30th birthday present from her boyfriend Cy Waits last night -- a brand new $375K bright yellow Lexus LFA.

Cy Waits

The world is a safer place knowing Paris can go 203 mph.



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A $375,000 Toyota? Who in the world would want that?

203 is way to fast for a car that can go out of control at any time without the drivers control.

1352 days ago


wait...this pathetic whore is STILL making news????? who would give this STD-ridden hillbilly a car like that?!?! puhhhleeezzzzz...some1 send her back to the trailer park she was spawned from!!!!!!

1352 days ago


Well I guess if you sell enough cocaine you can BUY whatever you want...even an over priced slot car.

1352 days ago


Hey people....A Lexus is just a fancy Toyota, nothing more... Now if he gave her a brand new Maserati, Lamborghini, OR a Ferrari or Bugatti (million + cars) then I'd be impressed!...But hey, a Lexus?

1352 days ago

Hot Blooded    

I don't think people are upset because she bought herself a "nice" car, so much as the fact that her IQ is room temperature, at best, and she's making more money than most of us ever will.
I'm certain if somebody worked for their money and bought themselves a nice car nobody would care.
But Paris Hilton never worked a day in her life, was born into money and is only famous for a leaked sex tape. Just like those Kar-Trashians, she parades herself around like she's some sort of legitimate celebrity. All the money in the world can't buy you class...

1352 days ago


This bitch is so arrogant, self centered, entitled & vapid that she actually had her birthday party filmed for theatrical release, because she think the whole damn world revolves around her & EVERYONE wants to know what she does. God, I cannot stand this stupid wh*re...

1352 days ago


Amazing. The exact amount it would take to save my home from foreclosure - as we speak. A home that, as 19 year old kids, we built. Still married to this day, having taken care of ALL our folks through illness and death. Just drives home the point of the widening gap between haves and have nots. No sour grapes here, honestly, just marvel at the inequity of life. Even then, not jealous - it is what it is. But would honestly like to see GRATITUDE for the abundance. That's all.

1352 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

With any luck, she'll kill herself with it.

1352 days ago


That car is nice. I'm not a fan of Lexus, but that's clearly quality. I don't begrudge her for her success. There are plenty of people who have had embarrassing details about their personal lives displayed in a public-forum and don't have the wherewithal and media savvy to make a career out of it. I do hope she does something positive with her life in this next decade.

1352 days ago


My cousin knows Paris and said she is a really sweet person. She's very ditzy, but very nice at the same time.

1352 days ago


And, next month, she gets to make the first payment?

1352 days ago


I heard he opted for the 10,000 dollar option too for her. A full mini bar inside the Glovebox

1352 days ago


jealousy is a sin.......... congrats paris, nice ride

1352 days ago

carries big bucks only    

lmfao! a Lexus? they bought her a glorified Toyota?! what a ****ing waste!

1352 days ago


To all those calling this a glorified Toyota, the LFA is currently considered to be the most technologically advanced cars in existence. A lot of car guys would say only the outrageous Bugatti Veryon tops this supercar.

1352 days ago
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