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Pharrell's Goosestepping

Sparks Fuhror at TMZ

2/16/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the most INTENSE debate we've had in a long time -- that video of Pharrell Williams busting out a goosestepping Nazi-esque salute got things seriously heated in the TMZ newsroom.

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Pull your pants up you dumb ass.

1347 days ago


Umm no I have seen N.E.R.D. four times in concert.. his hand is cut off in the video and if you showed it he is doing the star trak symbol.. This is such a lame story.. I'm bored tmz step up your game!

1347 days ago

keeping it real    


1347 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

NAZIS!!!!!!! I AM OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!

1347 days ago


as a black man...i think the jew has the upper hand here on deciding who's supposed to do it and who isnt....

so you're right harvey...

1347 days ago


Really, Harvey wins this Jews have the lead on this one, I found it more offensive that big girl thinks Jews cant comment I dunno cause HE's White maybe and "YOU" people have rights when the rest of us dont?...who's the racist now telling us we dont get a pass...RACIST!!!!

1347 days ago

casting couch    

Harvey is CORRECT.

1347 days ago


hell no harvey is not right jesse james or whatever his name is had nazi memomrabilia and didnt the chick he cheated with had WP tattooed on her where as pharell did a dance similar to the nazi goose step. and since when are jews are the only people able to say what is nazi racist stuff last I checked they were not the only people that died in the holocaust and why are people not associated w/ the holocaust not allow to say which one was being racist or what racism is towards jews b/c we did not go through it.

1347 days ago


so now a dance that is almost like the nazi goose step is worst than a pic of a dude in nazi outfit doing the zieg heil chick he cheated w/ had white power tatted on her ex wife said he was racist and dad or some dude cant remember right now said he collected nazi memmrabilia is not rascist at all? Yeah ok!

1347 days ago

loving jew     

This not a Nazi salute, Hitler and Fascist saluted with right arm only. During the performance the guy made motions with his left arm. If he studied as hard as you said during your program he would not made such an obvious mistake. On the other hand you should have prepared better research on the subject before you say any think or you sound foolish.

1347 days ago

A black Nazi? Absurd.

1347 days ago


Who is that dumb bitch on the TV show that claims she has more standing on the subject than Harvey?

Fire this racist bitch. She's shrill.

1347 days ago


Note To Harvey Levin:

First, that step is a Russian marching move--one that Billy Joel used on stage numerous times while touring in the past, without you or anyone else making accusations--and I believe that Joel is Jewish, thus he would know the difference between Nazi marching, and Russian marching--Russia having been a U.S. ally in World War II. Also several Asian armies march in that style.

And number two, the Star Trek sign that Pharrell is showing, was placed in Star Trek by actor Leonard Nimoy, a Jewish man, and is a time-honored sign of faith from the Jewish religion according to Mr. Nimoy--so you should get your facts straight. Pharrell has been flashing that sign for years, in relation to the name of his record label.

I don't even like Pharrell, but he should sue TMZ for a half a billion dollars over this intentional, poorly thought-out, and unwarranted, slander. Really, after I was done with you, you and your entire staff would be lucky to still own your houses...if you came at me like this!!!! Before recklessly reporting such a thing, you should have asked Pharrell's reps exactly what he was doing...and why. In is called investigating, rather than speculating. The fore makes you a real journalist, the latter, however, makes you a fool who is risking a major lawsuit.

1347 days ago


Who is that dumb bitch on the TV show that claims she has more standing on the subject than Harvey?

Fire this racist bitch. She's shrill.

Posted at 9:07 PM on Feb 16, 2011 by skip
did we watch the same video she never claimed she had more standing than harvey and why isnt she or anyone else allowed to voice their opinion b/c there not jews that ridiculous and how is she racist?

1347 days ago


@ zip thanks I was going to say the same that russians and asians also use it as a marching move.

1347 days ago
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