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Whoopi Goldberg -- Sorry, New York Times

2/16/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg made an odd apology -- on The View -- for putting the New York Times on blast for omitting her from an story about African-American Oscar winners ... but she also took time to throw one last jab.

Whoopi Goldberg Apology Video
Whoopi said she was sorry she called the NYT article "shoddy reporting" ... but reiterated she "personally" felt it was wrong that several actors -- including herself -- were not mentioned.


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artie help    

this guy is a witch, how else can you explain her past romances with frank langella , ted danson, and her successful career, STFU and consider yourself very lucky you hemaphroditic jerk-off.

1344 days ago


Seriously, could someone just put a cork in that big fat flappy mouth? NO ONE CARES about your little daily dramas....

1344 days ago


she is such a sour puss. she was kewl in the jumping jack flash days but now she is annoying.

1344 days ago


Hollywood? What was the last movie she was in? Whoopi who????

1344 days ago


I liked her always, but in this case, have some class and say less - that's a much better option.

1344 days ago

Molly's Mom    

She is a loud mouth racist sow.

1344 days ago


Rant and rave for this and that. Did this woman ever put the crack pipe DOWN?

1344 days ago


Oscar - Hollywood Squares - Equal billing with a reality show wank plucked for her inane views.

Whoop, you should probably just drop the whole thing at this point as the more you go on the more people are reminded of that period when Hollywood was desperate to give that statue to anyone black. How's that Gooding guy doing these days?

1344 days ago


Whoopi deserved to be recognized for her Oscar win in the New York Times article. She was right to speak her mind. Whoopi has always stood her ground. The producers of The View probably told her to apologize because her words were against the New York Times. I can't see Whoopi apologizing on her own for something she felt so strongly about.

And people, it's fine to express your views, but please leave racism out.

1344 days ago


Maybe "Woopsie" should just get over herself...and while she's doing that, perhaps take a remedial- reading class.

1344 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

She is so disgusting. She is a High School Dropout but thinks she is so smart. She had a daughter when she was 14 years old. What happened to that daughter? I can't watch The View, because Whoopie is SO ugly, she hurts my eyes. Yep, she is the dumbest and ugliest woman (?) on this planet. It's time for the old hag to retire.

1344 days ago


She is just like Oprah. All about her all the time...only with a fatter mouth!

1344 days ago


Obviously she was FORCED to say she lame, she gets more annoying by the day. She can't read her cue cards without stumbling, is slanted towards Blacks way way too much and refuses to dress/act like a woman! Isn't part of her job to be entertaining? Whoopi...get a grip, Hun! I'm your age and I still feel like a female, don't give lazy, ugly, overweight women the feeling it's ok to look bad. Work on your outside and your insides will feel much better! Just looking at her you get the impression she is not a happy woman...poor dear!

1344 days ago


She shared her opinion and I'm proud of her!!! She's an millionare and an Oscar Winner, you nasty commenters who's working at McDonalds part time could kiss her ass!!!

For Jackson's news go to:

1344 days ago


The article was about Oscar winners of colour from the year 2002 to present, not people like Whoopi who won prior to that. . Whoopi, the drop-out, can't read.

1344 days ago
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