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'Anna Nicole' Opera -- The Fat Lady May Sue

2/17/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead says Anna Nicole Smith's Estate is threatening legal action over the opera titled "Anna Nicole" ... TMZ has learned.

Anna Nicole Opera Musical

The opera --- playing now at the Royal Opera House in London -- is about Anna's life, and features a very large woman with big boobs loosely resembling Anna.

Larry tells TMZ the producers never contacted Anna's estate or him.  They also didn't offer Larry an advance screening.  Larry says the opera is like "a sleazy tabloid."

Birkhead says the estate is now weighing its legal option.

And, Larry adds, "If [the producers] are not careful, they'll get more than diet pills in the mail."



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Why does anyone owe you anything Larry?? All you are is the father of her baby you have no rights to anything she does or doesn't make in her death....leave it to her estate, moron, greedy flaming homo.

1347 days ago


I am very angry England,took a sleazy approach to the Anna Nicole Story,I quess there are a lot more money hungy sleazebags in this world,then I ever believed,A woman who only wanted to be loved before she died, enjoy your money,my prayer is you reap what you sew a thousand fold.

1347 days ago


The fact that the actress is very large leads me to believe that it is a parody, so he's screwed in trying to get money from it. Parodies are protected according to the Supreme Court.

1347 days ago


Since I don't have inside info I can't say if he's right or wrong. I could understand if he thought he was doing it to protect his child.People DO have a way of letting negativity spread to the innocent.

1347 days ago


FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! If they want to make a movie called "fat slut on drugs" its the right of any american to do so!!! Will ferrall made a movie about a president we just had portraying him as stupid and inept. SNL had a reoccuring skit with sadam hussain portraying him as a warmonger who loves furry animals, Bill clinton as a womanizer and janet reno as a dude. You portray ANA nicole smith as a druged up whore and they can get sued??? WHAT!!! F$%K the USA and the lawyer Israels who run it!

1347 days ago


Her life was a sleazy tabloid because of her, not Larry. He tried to get her off drugs and thankfully he is the one now raising their daughter. He's maybe been photographed four times since Anna's death. Jeeze leave the guy be...he's not hurting anyone and seems to be keeping his daughter as his number one priority.

1347 days ago


I see Batty Bev still lives and breathes. Yes, how dare ANYONE take a sleazy approach to Anna's life, what with her such a morally upstanding citizen and all! Poor Anna, she only wanted to be loved - by as many men (and woman) as possible before she died. How many potential fathers did the child have again?

1347 days ago


Why bother?? - Probably be closed in a week!

1347 days ago


I just came back from the Royal Opera House - the opera (NOT a play or a show) is a brilliant success.

Larry Birkhead is not mentioned anywhere in the show - Anna tells Howard he isn't the father, but the subject of who is the father is never addressed.

The opera is only scheduled for six performances (this is common for opera productions - they don't do open-ended runs like Broadway shows). All performances were sold out well before tonight, and there were at least 100 people lined up at the box office hoping that someone would be returning tickets.

1347 days ago


He should. It's disgraceful.

1347 days ago


Larry Birkhead is a Gold digging piece of Work and that poor baby should never have been given to that broke over the hill crappy photographer in the first place. Who is he to say anything about someone performing something in Anna Nicoles name, he is Nobody, but a money grubber for Annas money anyways ! Anna should have had papers drawn up to prevent the Parasite from getting that cute little innocent baby of Anna Nicole. Howard Stern should have custody of the Baby, I believe he actually cared about Anna ,she married him didn't she ?? I think the CPS should investigate Larry Birkhead a total Gambler and loser... Give that Baby to someone who actually will Love her and not use her for personal gain !! Creep ...

1347 days ago


This CHARACTER needs to be made to understand LIVING OFF ANNA's Name AND their CHILD is a Disgrace. How does HE have ANY SAY in a thing relevent to Anna aside from their daughter? This is a prime example of how a s***bag like this uses a tragedy for fame and money. NO ONE outside of KENTUCKY would give a **** about this guy otherwise...Sad Society we live in

1347 days ago


I am laughing so hard at all the anti LB comments! heeheehee

1347 days ago


"Larry says the opera is like "a sleazy tabloid."

What a Howard K Stern and Larry behaved and conducted themselves was a tabloid - absolutely a hoot and he has the balls to say that opera is a sleazy tabloid.

1347 days ago


"Uh, Larry. Her life was a sleazy tabloid thanks to you.

Posted at 11:55 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by LA you're on the line"

I agree with this comment and I'm not anti-Larry and I will credit Larry for trying his best to stay in the spotlight.

1347 days ago
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